Diet for the lazy

What is the Diet for the lazy

 Diet for the lazy water
 Most diets usually involve food recommended intervals, eating certain foods, the portion size restrictions. However, not everyone can observe these requirements: one due to insufficient patience, while others - because of objective impossibility to comply with the recommended mode. In such cases, the best way of weight loss diet to become lazy on the water.

The principle of this diet is quite simple: the manifestation of hunger need to drink two cups of water, and only then, after 20 minutes, you can start eating. In addition, the diet for lazy suggests another limitation - during a meal and two hours after it is prohibited to drink any liquid. According to reviews, the diet for lazy, despite its apparent simplicity, allows you to reset to 3-5 kilos in one week.

operating principle

The same effect is due to a simple diet for lazy? In fact, it is quite simple:

  • Used water can substantially reduce the feeling of hunger, whereby during mealtimes could be enough of its fewer.
  • Water promotes blood thinners, which entails accelerated metabolism, which in turn promotes more rapid lipolysis.
  • After drinking two glasses of water greatly reduced desire to drink carbonated and sugary drinks, which represent one of the main enemies of the slim figure. Also weakening hunting "drink tea" and "kofeynichat" which in turn reduces the likelihood of the use of these drinks with their traditional satellites - sweets, cakes, cookies.
  • Water in sufficient quantity allows you to activate many functions in the body, making a person get rid of the usual fatigue becomes more energetic and agile. All these changes will contribute to a more active lifestyle and, consequently, finding the strength to exercise.
  • The diet allows for lazy learn to distinguish thirst from hunger that so many people are confused, thereby sentencing itself to overeating.

Alternative Diet for the lazy

 Diet for the lazy can reset to 3-5 kg ​​per week
 Too many people do not consume nearly throughout the day ordinary water, preferring it to juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee, so even the thought that at one time you need to drink two cups of water, frightens them. In this case, you can use another simple diet for the lazy, the menu is as follows:

  • Breakfast - no restrictions. However, be aware of your goals and try to prefer high-calorie foods less nutritious counterparts. For example, sweet coffee and the shop is better to replace juice with green tea and fruit fresh, sausage - meat turkey, regular sugar - cane.
  • Lunch - first courses on fish or chicken broth, boiled, stewed or steamed vegetables, lean meats, fish and seafood. From vegetables it is recommended to give preference for broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, celery, green. It should be, if not to abandon, or at least reduce the number of dishes in ketchup and mayonnaise, replacing them with a useful analogy - sauce made from olive oil, soy sauce or low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner - cheese, cereals, low-fat cottage cheese, salad, fruit.

Prerequisite for the lazy diet - a ban on food after 18.00. As the reviews, Diet for the lazy is very easy to implement, however, and the fantastic results it promises - 3-5 kg ​​per month. However, this is the pace of weight loss, nutritionists consider optimal.