Diet waist

Diet waist aims to eliminate excess weight in the abdomen and lower back, strengthening the muscles, forming a thin waist, flat stomach and proper relief.  Special diet to reduce waist

Features diet waist

Diet waist helps get rid of excess fat on the abdomen, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, disorders in the functioning of the liver and kidneys. This power system normalizes metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Extra inches at the waist generally occur after eating food rich in carbohydrates and fats. When dieting, waist and abdomen should limit the use of salty and spicy food, as well as to completely eliminate from the diet of flour products, chocolate and potatoes.

Physical exercise, running and drinking plenty of fluids are the basis of the diet to reduce the waist. The daily menu should prevail fresh fruits and vegetables, oatmeal and dried fruit. To achieve a slim waist, flat stomach and strong muscles, you can thanks to regular loads on the press.

Effective diet waist suggests the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as enriching the body with vitamins, fiber and micronutrients.

Proper preparation Diet Menus

Diet waist should be painted on each week counting the required number of calories and amount of fluid consumed. During intense exercise can eat foods high in protein, dietary fibers and vitamins.

Estimated weekly diet menu to reduce the waist can be made as follows:

  • The first day: Breakfast - a cup of tea with milk, croissant, apple or kiwi; lunch - boiled rice, green tea, fresh carrots; afternoon tea - green tea, yogurt; Dinner - boiled fish, lettuce, tea or fruit compote;
  • Second day: breakfast - orange juice, oatmeal or muesli; Lunch - vegetable soup, boiled chicken, green tea; afternoon tea - grain bread, fruit juice; dinner - steamed vegetables, non-carbonated mineral water;
  • Third day: Breakfast - yogurt, a glass of milk; lunch - boiled vegetables, apple, green tea; lunch - porridge, stewed fruit; Dinner - black tea without sugar, banana;
  • Fourth day: breakfast - oatmeal, green tea, apple; Lunch - 3 fresh vegetables, parmesan cheese, tomato juice; snack - a banana, green tea; Dinner - boiled carrots, non-carbonated mineral water;
  • Fifth day: breakfast - scrambled eggs, black tea without sugar; Lunch - broccoli, apple, green tea; snack - fruit compote and kiwi; Dinner - boiled chicken, fruit juice;
  • Sixth day: breakfast - fresh fruit, green tea; Lunch - salad with herbs, banana, fruit compote; afternoon tea - 2 fresh fruit; dinner - 2 apples, green tea;
  • Seventh day - free menu, but no flour products and chocolate.

With strong hunger can have a bite of fruit and vegetables, but do not consume large amounts of grapes and nuts.

During the diet waist weight should be monitored on a daily basis and regularly conduct diagnostic tests, to prevent the development of diseases of the digestive system and exhaustion.  Sample menu diet waist

The combination of diet and exercise waist

Through diet abdomen can eliminate the extra kilos, but to strengthen the abdominal muscles and restoring harmony can be achieved by regular sports training, fitness or yoga, swimming and massage.

Every day, you need to swing the press, to carry out several passes squats and push-ups, and do stretching exercises. Tilted to the side, circular movements waist and jumps to help remove extra inches from the waist, tighten the skin and strengthen the press.

Dancing and aerobics help to improve your posture and make a thin waist. Several times a week you can do classical, oriental or Latin American dances, as well as turn the hoop, and perform static exercises. Belly Dancing is an effective means of achieving a beautiful waist.

Significantly strengthen the abdominal muscles and make the waist fine within 2 months will allow a harmonious combination of diet waist, exercise, physical therapy and body wraps.