Diet for weight gain

 Diet for weight gain for men
 The lack of weight as unattractive as the extra weight and body fat. As with the excess, lack of weight is bad for health and almost always the cause of the hidden disease. Gain weight by using the special diet, eating foods with a high caloric value.

But before you apply the diet for weight gain is desirable to undergo a medical examination, to identify the cause of the sharp and sustained weight loss, start the appropriate treatment. After some time, it will be noticeable natural increase - an average of one kilogram per month, and a proper diet is the way.

Proper diet for weight gain

Noticing pathological thinness and decide on weight gain is important not to make a common mistake: just increase the amount of food consumed. This is firstly to be insufficient, and secondly, this approach is fraught with problems with digestion and thirdly, can come aversion to eating.

The right will increase the caloric content of their diet gradually - adding each day by 200-300 calories. It is also important to increase the number of meals - up to four or five times per day. Fractional power small, but high-calorie meals better impact on the physical and mental health.

General rules for the diet of weight gain: 30 minutes before the meal is recommended to drink 250ml of juice from vegetables or fruits, while drinking with meals is highly undesirable. It is also not recommended after a meal in sports. The diet should prevail proteins and carbohydrates: beans, various cereals, cooked exclusively on milk, pasta, white bread, you can use honey and sugar, fruits and juices. It is worth to use vitamins during weight gain.

You can increase the caloric and usual favorite dishes. For example, a casserole of vegetables, pasta and any other side dish can sprinkle with grated hard cheese, salad with sour cream well. In general, this product is required to be included in the diet for weight gain - it significantly increases calorie dishes.

Sample menu diet for weight gain

 Diet for weight gain for women
 Below are examples balanced menu. You can use this diet for weight gain for men and women.

Menu №1

For breakfast you can eat oatmeal, boiled in milk with honey, raisins, nuts, white bread with cheese, butter, coffee with milk.

At lunch - meatballs and pasta, fruit juice.

For lunch - soup on a meat broth, boiled potatoes with butter, fried fish, vegetable salad with sour cream, juice of fruit.

Snack. Milk and cookies.

Dinner. Buckwheat with milk and candied fruit or dried fruit, tea, sugar, white bread and butter.

Menu №2

For breakfast you can prepare milk porridge of millet grains, vegetables, eggs, white bread and butter, cocoa, cooked in milk.

At lunch, you can eat bread and butter, sausage (alternative - boiled or baked with spices solid piece of meat), yogurt, juice.

For lunch, you can eat meat soup, chops and macaroni and cheese, sweet compote.

For a snack, you can prepare a salad of vegetables, season it with sunflower or olive oil and grated cheese.

At dinner - an omelette with cheese, ham and tomatoes, milk and honey.

Menu №3

At breakfast - potatoes stewed with meat, buns and butter, coffee, milk.

At lunch - cereal with milk or oatmeal.

For lunch - pea soup with smoked meat, salad and sour cream, cake or cookies with tea.

As a snack, you can take a fruit salad, seasoned with sweet sour cream or yogurt.

For dinner you can cook goulash, rice porridge, eat a sandwich with butter, drink sweet tea.

Given the fact that the menu contains dairy products, fatty meats, before use of such diets should consult a physician to exclude pathology gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, furnace. With the doctor's permission, except for vitamins, you can take medication to stimulate digestion, improve appetite.

The principle of dieting for weight gain for men a little different - you need to gradually increase the caloric content of the daily menu, which should form the basis of proteins, carbohydrates, fats: seafood, fish, meat, eggs, beans, cheese. In addition, weight gain diet for men should also be accompanied by physical activity - to make the right increases muscle mass, attractive form.