Diet for a man from the stomach

In recent years, the men begin to more carefully monitor their appearance. The view that the man should be a little nicer monkeys are no longer relevant. Agree that it is next to a beautiful woman perfectly taut will look just beautiful and smart man. But a man with a beer belly hanging no longer in vogue (and were you?). Therefore, the diet for men from the stomach lately become particularly relevant. So let's deal with the most common causes of weight gain in men, how to fight them, and what diet for men from the stomach is better to choose?  Features diet for men from the stomach

Beer - the main problem of obesity in men

A favorite pastime is the vast majority of men drinking beer. Indeed, how can not drink a bottle of beer after a hard day at the company's sidekick. Indeed, so eager to relax, to talk about football, women, cars and talk to other interesting topics. For one bottle followed by a second and then a third. In the beer contains yeast, which contribute to an increase in fat cells, which eventually will necessarily lead to the appearance of a man fat in the abdomen. Beer belly - the only problem for the use of an alcoholic beverage.

The most severe consequences of drinking beer is a disruption of the heart. The beer contains cobalt - a toxic substance that causes a thickening of the walls of the heart and the expansion of its cavities. All this causes reduction of mitochondria and necrosis of the cardiac muscle. Cobalt also causes inflammation of the esophagus and stomach.

In the beer contains female hormones - phytoestrogens, which, in fact, contribute to the emergence of male beer belly. They also lead to fatty deposits on the hips and the development of mammary glands. Female hormones suppress the production of testosterone, the male hormone. As a result, after 15-20 years of regular use of beer in men develop impotence.

From the above men should conclude that beer is certainly good, but within reasonable limits. Otherwise, this overreliance on alcoholic beverage will result not only in loss of male attractiveness, but men's capacity.

Diets for weight loss belly men

To remove belly fat, diets for men, there are many. The main thing, men start to follow these rules, then the path to success is guaranteed:

  • Eliminate from your diet beer, or to reduce the amount to a minimum. According to the World Health Organization, the safe daily dose of beer is considered to be 0, 33 l.
  • If you drink beer, you drink it at least four hours before bedtime.
  • Begin to follow the rules of healthy eating.
  • Engage in some kind of sport.
  • Eat often, but in small portions. Try not to eat more than 2000 calories per day.
  • Every day, drink 2, 5 liters of water. Before every meal should drink one glass of water.

If your goal - to get rid of the hated beer belly, your choice - a diet for men from the stomach. But what kind of man to choose a diet? Losing belly fat can be, sticking several diets. Below are the most popular ones.

Special diet slimming belly men

Special diet for men from the stomach is one of the most benign power systems. Calculated diet for four days, and during the observance of the men, as a rule, do not feel hunger or discomfort. The main rule of diet - healthy diet and rapid weight loss. Diet is very well balanced, so very popular.

So, breakfast is a special diet consisting of oatmeal with fruit. Allowed to drink unsweetened coffee or green tea, eat a small sandwich (200 g of bread to put a small piece of boiled chicken, 1 slice low-fat cheese).

For lunch, it is recommended to eat a small portion of boiled buckwheat or rice, vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil, 300 grams of cooked lean meat (beef, fish, chicken). Drink it all can be a fruit juice without sugar.

For dinner, perfect bun bran, 125 g fat-free yogurt and unsweetened tea.  Diet weight loss diet for men abdomen

An important rule of diet for a man from the stomach: before every meal should drink one glass of water.

Protein diet for a man from the stomach

The protein diet is designed for ten days, and makes it easy to get rid of a few extra kilos. Protein diet involves eating foods rich in protein. They provide prolonged saturation organism that causes male desire snacking between meals. It should be remembered that compliance with the protein diet can cause a decrease in blood sugar levels. This leads to the fact that the body begins to utilize glucose reserves. In turn, it is fraught with the development of various cardiovascular diseases and headaches.

Protein diet menu for men from the stomach:

  • On the first day at breakfast you must eat 2-3 boiled eggs, 300 g of low-fat yogurt, 2 tomatoes, a cup of coffee or green tea without sugar. For lunch, perfect boiled beef with green peas and mushrooms, one large grapefruit, salad vegetables, seasoned with a little oil. Dinner consists of pea soup, vegetable salad, boiled potato and a cup of green tea.
  • On the second day breakfast consists of boiled rice, carrot salad with garlic and 300 grams of boiled beef. At lunch you can eat chicken, stewed with prunes, low-fat yogurt, eggplant salad and walnuts, as well as a glass of milk. Dinner consists of boiled potatoes, chicken livers, vegetable salad and fruit juice.

During the ten days of the diet menu should be alternated. In addition, it is recommended to eat nuts (walnuts, brazil, cashews, almonds, etc.) also need to drink about two liters of water a day.

Diet for press men

If you decide to go in for sports, it is without a basis of proper nutrition you can not do. In order to get a nice relief body is to eat six times a day. Diet for press men is a principle - the more frequently nourishes, the better happens in the body's metabolism. When used for one meal of 300-500 calories burned body fat much faster, and better muscle mass recruited. In addition, it is well coached strength and endurance.

Diet diet for press men consists of 12 major products: beans, nuts, dairy products, herbs and spinach, eggs, berries, turkey, or other dietary meat, unsweetened oatmeal, olive and peanut butter, whole grain bread or bran, muesli, various protein supplements.

At the beginning of this diet to press men better not to drink tea and coffee, but to limit the simple boiled water. And drinking is about eight glasses of water a day. A few days can be gradually introduced into the diet of green tea, low-fat milk and yogurt. Alcohol is better excluded from the diet.