Diet Face

 Eating large amounts of liquid, vegetables, fruits, as well as the exclusion of fast food - the basic principles of weight loss diet face
 Every woman knows its weak points. Someone has to remove a couple of centimeters in waist, someone - to do more elastic buttocks. Many women dream to make your face thinner and more elegant, because it is on him first of all pay attention.

Special diet for a person does not exist. Subject to any diet extra weight will go all over the place, and from the face - first.

Who needs a diet for a person?

Double chin adds attractiveness of the face, and making it older than his real age, so get rid of excess fat and tighten the facial contour dreams of every woman. Thus, a diet for a person is to reduce calorie intake and the exclusion from the diet of those foods that trigger facial puffiness. Since the skin on the face is thin, and vessels are located in close proximity to each other, then at the slightest violation of the circulatory or lymphatic stagnation under the eyes immediately appear bags and puffiness, which deforms the face contours.

Under the influence of these unfavorable factors, even the most elegant and thin little face looks full and puffy. Therefore, a diet to lose weight a person must include low-calorie foods that are useful for our body.

The main principles of weight loss diet face

Actually, the diet for a person is in compliance with the four basic rules.

Rule 1 - adjust the diet. The first diet for the person involved a review of the diet. Simple carbohydrates are necessary to minimize. Sweets, pastries and sugar quickly processed by the body and converted into fat, which is manifested not only overweight on the body, but on the face. In addition, the feeling of fullness from these products disappear quickly, causing the desire to eat one more serving of these tasty, sweet and soft biscuits, washed down with her cup of tea or a tasty sweet chocolate. When a diet to lose weight a person is totally unacceptable. Ice cream should be replaced with yogurt or fruit jelly and butter biscuits and pastries - honey and crackers or homemade biscuits.

Animal fats in a diet for a person should also consume as little as possible. Of course, completely exclude them from the diet is not recommended, as they are necessary for normal functioning of the body. You can simply replace the pork beef, fish or poultry, and cheese and fat-free milk drink. All products to be baked in the oven or cook for a couple, so they retain all the nutritional properties, while remaining low-calorie.

Rule 2 - exclude fast food. Diet slimming facial involves a complete rejection of fast food, convenience foods and sugary soda. These products violate the metabolism and affect the appearance and health. Various food additives, spices and salt contained in these foods, the body is filled with toxins and impurities that not only promotes the appearance of swelling in the face, but also blackheads and pimples.

Rule 3 - Eat as many vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should make up almost half of the total diet dieting face. You can eat them raw or boiled, as a separate dish or as part of a side dish. They maintain the water balance of the body, deliver the body the necessary nutrients and normalize digestion. Teach yourself at every meal to eat any fruit or vegetable. Fiber creates a feeling of satiety and stimulates peristalsis, which means that the remnants of undigested food will not rot and ferment in the gut.

Rule 4 - drink plenty of fluids. Lack of water in the body contributes to rapid dehydration, leaving skin more quickly "wear out." Weight loss diet must include the person drinking about two liters of fluid per day. It should be non-carbonated mineral water, citrus juices, green tea. As a result, your face will become more attractive, sleeker and thinner.

Diets for cleansing facial skin

In addition to weight loss many women face disturb various defects of the skin such as acne, pimples, etc. Often these defects indicate the presence of certain diseases, but more often than all the problems can be solved through proper nutrition and dieting to cleanse the skin.  Low carbohydrate intake - based diet to cleanse the skin

For example, the redness on the cheeks look very unattractive. Women often try to disguise them with powder or foundation, without giving importance to what products are included in their daily diet. But in order to get rid of the redness on the face, just a diet for a person and to exclude from your diet various meats, too spicy food, spices and drinks.

Acne and pimples on the face are concerned not only youth. According to recent studies in humans, diet dominated by dishes from potatoes (eg roasted potatoes, french fries, etc.) often appear particularly acne and pimples on the face. But none of the inhabitants of New Guinea spots were found. Why is that? It turned out that their diet is dominated by protein-rich foods, fruits and vegetables, while foods rich in carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice, bread, pastries, is virtually nonexistent. Thus, it appears that a diet to cleanse the skin of pimples and blackheads should be in the low consumption of carbohydrates. It is recommended that all simple carbohydrates are replaced by sophisticated, for example, instead of white rice to prefer the brown crude and white bread be replaced with whole grain.

Peeling skin - is also fairly common problem. Many women trying to keep your weight under control, virtually eliminate fat from your diet. It is for such a poor diet, and you have to pay the face. It is known that in the use of less than 20 grams of fat a day, the body begins to experience a shortage of vitamin A, the main purpose of which - to protect the skin from premature aging. This leads to the fact that the facial skin becomes dry and starts to peel, wrinkles appear therein.

Diet face from peeling must include fats in the diet, as they are necessary for the body and skin. Include in the diet for a person nuts and salads refuel and sunflower oil. But do not get carried away too, everything is good in moderation.

But to get rid of the inflammation and wrinkles on the face, while nutritionists recommend a diet for a person to eat a lot of fish, because she is the best source of these fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. They minimize the inflammatory processes in the body that lead to clogged pores, causing the appearance of cracks, wrinkles and acne scars. In addition to salmon, tuna, mackerel recommended included in the diet almonds, hazelnuts, and flaxseed.