Diet Doctors

It is believed that a diet doctors developed by physicians for patients with severe obesity. Expected result of diet doctors - alternative to surgery.

Reviews of diet doctors

 Diet doctors prescribe to people with severe obesity
 Independently doctors prescribe a diet can be dangerous for health. Wise to abide by it under the supervision of a specialist, or even better - in the mode of a hospital. There are two types of doctors diet - 14 days and 7 days. According to reviews, the diet helps to relieve doctors from 10 to 13 kg.

The diet doctors 14 days: menu

In order to achieve the result, the diet doctors has a low calorie and high severity.

The first day and a half liters of still mineral water should be divided into six stages.

During the second day drinking eight milliliters of skim milk before bedtime and allowed to eat one apple.

Third day diet doctors similar to the first.

On the fourth day of the three-four receptions eat one liter of salad with fresh vegetables: cabbage, carrots and greens fill with one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Additionally allowed to drink two glasses of water or unsweetened tea.

Menu fifth day diet doctors matches the second day.

The first breakfast is the sixth day of boiled eggs and half a cup of tea. At lunch, drink vegetable broth. For lunch eat a hundred grams of boiled meat with a side dish of a hundred grams of canned green peas. At lunch, dinner, and before going to bed to eat one apple.

For Seventh-day drink half a liter of milk and yogurt, eat hundred grams of cheese. Before going to bed allowed one cup of tea.

Eighth day diet physicians, as well as the first, it consists of six separated methods half liters of mineral water without gas.

During the ninth day drink a liter of low-fat milk, and before going to bed eat one apple.

The tenth day is similar to the first.

The diet consists of the eleventh day of vegetable salad - celery, parsley and dill seasoned one tablespoon of vegetable oil and a pinch of salt - as well as two glasses of water or unsweetened tea.

Twelfth day diet doctors corresponding to the nine.

Throughout the thirteenth day allowed to drink non-carbonated water, breakfast consists of boiled eggs and half a cup of tea and a dinner of one hundred grams of fat-free yogurt.

In the fourteenth day as well as the first non-carbonated drinking water - a half liter on six receptions.

The duration of the diet doctors can be limited to the first seven days. Regardless of the course during the period of the diet is required to take an additional multivitamin preparations. A second course of diet doctors assume no earlier than two months later.

Meals at the end of the diet doctors

After the release of diet doctors should refrain from eating high-calorie foods, and the energy value of the diet should be increased gradually.

 Diet Doctors lasts 14 days, but sometimes it cut up to 7 days
 As well as after other rigid low-calorie diets particularly difficult hold weight. If the patient was unable to withstand the doctors diet may even increase in body weight.

Diet doctor - contra

It is obvious that the diet has a number of doctors of medical contraindications. These include some chronic systemic diseases, reducing overall body, food allergies and intolerances individual and blood disease, particularly anemias.

When a diet doctors outside the hospital, especially if certain physical activities or the job of professional activities necessary to comply with especially sleep and rest.