Diet for blood group 4

A group of people with a group of 4  Features of diet for 4 blood group
 Blood in the world and is the smallest according 2012 depending on Rhesus 5% (AB (IV) Rh-) and 0, 4% (AB (IV) Rh +). According to research by the American naturopath doctor D'Adamo, who led the study of the connection required diet and overall health with blood, it was marked by a special sensitivity of the digestive tract in this group of people. Also, people four blood groups characterized by:

  • Too tolerant immune system;
  • Quick and easy adaptation to a changing environment and conditions of supply;
  • Intelligent way to relieve tension and stress, which is accompanied by the release of creative energy.

On the basis of these observations are the basis of nutrition and diet for 4 blood group should be venison, lamb, low fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

The basic rules of weight loss on blood group

According to the theory of Dr. D'Adamo, not all products are equally useful or harmful to people with a different blood group. As a result of his observations, a table for the blood group diet, which describes foods that promote weight loss. It contains a core list of products whose consumption can effortlessly get rid of excess weight.

Strict rules on the use of these products as part of the menu for the diet for blood group is not present, but they most often recommended in the diet for quick weight loss and persistent.

Thus, for weight loss on blood group enough to carefully study the list of specially useful products and use them as often as possible in their daily menus.

Menu diet for blood group

According to the table on the blood group diet, the products contributing to weight loss for those four blood groups are:

  • Green vegetables, tofu (soy products) and seafood that accelerate metabolic processes in the body;
  • Any kind of dairy products, as they contribute to the improvement of insulin secretion by the pancreas;
  • Kelp, which, like dairy products, improves insulin;
  • Pineapples, which have a beneficial effect on digestion, stimulating the motor activity of the intestine.

From the diet for four blood groups should exclude products which contribute to the accumulation of excess fat and consequently weight gain. among them:

  • Vegetable beans (vulgaris), corn, and buckwheat, which can lead to a weakening of insulin and, as a consequence, hypoglycemia;
  • Red meat, because it is poorly absorbed and tends to accumulate in the form of fat. In addition, doctors say its toxicity to the intestinal tract;
  • Lima beans slows metabolism;
  • Wheat slows down metabolism and prevents the loss of calories during exercise.

Furthermore, in the preparation of the diet for four blood groups it is recommended to use the data characterizing the individual food groups. Thus, particularly  Eating a diet for 4 blood group
 useful products are:

  • The edible snail, albacore tuna, sea bass, salmon, rainbow trout, sturgeon, mackerel, pike, cod, sardines (seafood);
  • Rabbit, lamb, turkey meat (meat and poultry);
  • Olive oil (oils and fats);
  • Yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, goat milk, goat cheese, low-fat sour cream, cheese "Mozzarella" (dairy products and eggs);
  • Beans spotted, dark and red beans, red beans, soybeans, green lentils (legumes);
  • Peanut butter, peanuts, sweet chestnuts, walnuts (nuts and seeds);
  • Pure rye bread, cakes of rice, wheat bread, bread made from sprouted wheat, rye crisps, bread made from soy flour (bread and pastries);
  • Oat bran, oatmeal or flour, puffed rice, millet, wheat, "spelled", rice bran (grains and cereals);
  • Sweet potato, eggplant, broccoli, celery, collard and cauliflower, beet leaves, leafy vegetables, parsnips, cucumbers, beets, parsley, garlic, tofu, yams (vegetables);
  • Brown rice, flour from sprouted wheat, rye, oat and rice flour, polished rice (grains and pasta);
  • Grapes, pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, cherry, kiwi, figs, gooseberries, cranberries, plums (fruits and berries).

From juice while dieting for 4 blood group recommended to prefer cabbage juice, cranberries, celery, grapes, papaya, carrots, cherries. There is also a very useful drinks include coffee, green tea and herbal teas from Hawthorn, ginseng, ginger, strawberry leaves, burdock, alfalfa, chamomile, licorice, rose hips and echinacea.

Furthermore, not only during the diet for four blood groups, and every morning is recommended to drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon, which improves intestinal function and helps to cleanse from toxins accumulated during the night.

Among the products, the use of which is recommended to limit, allocate beef, duck, bacon, beans, olive oil, flounder, salmon, whole milk, pumpkin seeds, bananas, buckwheat, avocado, radishes, pomegranates.

The main recommendations for diet, with 4 blood group

The meat is not very useful product for people with 4 blood group, but it should include in your diet in small portions, preferring lamb and rabbit meat and red meat and chicken can be only in exceptional cases.

Seafood, especially fish (flounder feed), snails and crayfish are very useful in the diet, and weight loss.

Fermented foods in the diet for four blood groups can eat in unlimited quantities. In addition, they reduce the weight of this group of people they help to increase blood insulin.

Because oils for weight loss on blood group is better to give preference to olive oil. And fruits and vegetables are good almost all, except radish, avocado, corn, oranges, mango, banana and pomegranate.

Physical activity during a diet for 4 blood group

During the diet, as well as after its completion, for people with 4 blood group is not recommended to choose sports that are important competition and the struggle for speed. In addition, heavy loads should be alternated with exercises Eastern techniques of rejuvenation, such as yoga.

As a general rule, in order to maintain good physical shape enough to exercise 20-30 minutes a day, alternating load power aerobics and stretching exercises, and flexibility. Also be aware that people with 4 blood group for sports and recreation are not recommended excessive overload.