Diet for Skin

 Diet for cleansing
 The skin condition depends on what people consume on a daily basis. Skin - is part of the excretory system of the body, and through them all that we use, so no cosmetic procedure or tool will not replace the correct approach to nutrition.

The diet for the skin eliminates food cooked with trans fats, excess sugar and salt. Avoid frequent consumption of fried foods, chips, "fast" food, canned goods and intermediates. Negatively on the appearance of the skin predicts a smoking, alcohol, carbonated sugary drinks, coffee.

Mandatory list of trace elements

Correctly made diet for the skin necessarily include carbohydrates, proteins, fats.

Without carbohydrates a person lacks energy. Useful could be called carbohydrates contained in fruits, vegetables, flour, meal, raw oatmeal, legumes, dairy products, brown rice and basmati rice, buckwheat, nuts.

Without protein is difficult to imagine the process of renewal of skin cells. The diet for the skin and body must be included fish, lean red meat, chicken, eggs, seafood, dairy products, nuts, legumes.

Fats make the skin more elastic, so all diets based on low-fat food is not recommended to follow a long time. The daily diet should be present oily fish, olives, nuts, avocados, olive and flaxseed oil: they contain fats are extremely useful.

It is impossible not to take into account a list of vitamins that are useful for the skin. Any diet for the skin intended to include foods containing these vitamins:

  • A - is responsible for the restoration of the skin, stimulates collagen, increases skin immunity.
  • B5 - helps the skin to recover.
  • C - without the connective tissue is not updated.
  • E - one and the most important vitamins for the skin. It helps delay the onset of age-related pigmentation, promotes healing of the skin.
  • Biotin - the inclusion of micro-nutrient in the diet for the skin helps prevent dermatitis.
  • Magnesium - increases the permeability of the skin cells.
  • Aluminium - without it can not form the epithelial cells.
  • Hardware - provides adequate moisture.
  • Copper - is composed of collagen affects the color of the skin.
  • Zinc - promotes regeneration of new cell growth.

As in any other, in the diet for the skin plays an important role water. Dehydrated skin early aging, looks gray, flabby and tired, scaly and inflamed. For this reason, during the diet for the skin should drink at least a liter of clean water a day (tea, coffee and other beverages, first courses are not counted). As a precaution during a diet for the skin, you can additionally use special moisturizing cosmetics.

Sample menu diet for the skin

On the basis of information about the beneficial substances to the skin, is a sample menu diet for the skin that can provide normal and healthy appearance of the skin.

 Diet for Skin
 first day

Breakfast: tea with milk, ham, boiled soft-boiled eggs, cereal bread.

Lunch: vegetable soup, stew with potatoes turkey meat, carrot salad with lemon juice.

Dinner: rice with boiled chicken breast, tomato juice.

second day

Breakfast: tomatoes, bread and cottage cheese. The juice from oranges.

Lunch: buckwheat, chicken broth, boiled egg, mandarin.

Dinner: fish, baked or boiled, vegetable salad, juice from pomegranates.

The third day of the diet for the skin:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with apples and tomatoes, green tea with lemon slice.

Lunch: vegetable soup, rice and seafood, juice from tomatoes.

Dinner: cheese, bread, ham, fruit salad.

fourth day

Breakfast: bread, cheese, muesli with honey, nuts and coffee.

Lunch: boiled beef and vegetables, soup from a pumpkin.

Dinner: stewed cod with vegetables, juice from the grapefruit.

The fifth day of the diet for the skin

Breakfast: cereal with milk, bread, ham, juice from oranges.

Lunch: mashed potatoes, soup, burgers minced chicken, mandarin.

Dinner: vegetable stew, green tea.

At the weekend, you can repeat the menu of one of the five days of the diet for the skin.

Diet for cleansing

In the event that the recommendations for healthy eating have not been met, and skin problems already, diet can help to cleanse the skin that can alleviate the condition even with psoriasis.

It is impossible during a diet for the skin to use products made with white flour, smoked, fried, spicy, sugar in any form, carbonated soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, tomato juice. Apples, bananas and melon eaten separately from other products.

The focus of this diet is on products containing vitamin B: bread made of rye flour, egg yolk, barley, oats, chicken, almonds, green vegetables, fruits, honey, lamb, beets, fish, turnips, milk, buttermilk, yogurt bran, whole wheat cereals, buckwheat boiled in water.

Before starting the diet to cleanse the skin to prepare the body. For three days it is necessary to use only one of the three products (optional): citrus, grapes or apples. It is also recommended to do cleansing enemas regularly.

After such a cleaning during the diet for the skin should be every day, two or three times a day to drink 1st teaspoon of olive oil, has a slight laxative effect.

In addition, welcomed a regular fluid intake - at least eight glasses a day, lemon juice with honey, fresh from orange, pineapple, pears, grapes, beets, parsley, carrots, celery, stewed fruit, herbal teas.

This mode helps to remove toxins and healthy skin.