Diet for Women

 Calories for women depending on age and activity
 Diet for women - is the foundation of a balanced diet, constructed taking into account age-related physiological characteristics of the female body.

Why is there a need for a diet

It is known that overweight women do not arise by chance or overnight. With age, the body's metabolism slows down, and if you eat in the former regime, the probability of gain extra weight is very high. For obese women also predispose sex hormones estrogen and hormonal disruptions after 40-50 years. The same age and often reduced physical activity of people.

Prevent the accumulation of excess weight in women is possible, following the general rules of good nutrition and some of the nuances associated with age-related changes in the body. After all, even if up to 30 years could have almost anything and not gain weight, then after 30 years of such excesses certainly affect excess weight and deposition of fat in problem areas.

General principles of the diet for women

Virtually any diet for women includes both mandatory meal breakfast. He gives strength to the whole day and charges the body with energy. Immediately after waking is better to drink a glass of clean cold water, and somewhere in an hour is breakfast. The daily diet diet for women should be sure to include whole grains, and better do it in the morning.

Many diets for women is based on the principle of exclusion from the diet of carbohydrates. Meanwhile, these substances - a valuable source of energy for the body and brain. The best time to dietary carbohydrate intake for women - morning or afternoon. Among the carbohydrates can be divided into "harmful" digestible and "useful." If the first use should be avoided (sweets, cakes, pastries, white bread, and so on. D.), The latter to include in your diet is necessary.

Optimally, the morning meal on a diet for weight loss for women include cottage cheese as a source of valuable protein, high-quality fats in the form of pumpkin seeds and carbohydrates in the form of grains (complex carbohydrates) and vegetables (simple carbohydrates).

Protein - a critical component in the food composition at any age. If it has not been sufficient, the body starts to use its own muscle protein and internal organs that can lead to their dystrophy. Protein is especially rich in cheese, lean fish, dairy products, seafood.

Fiber - also an indispensable ingredient in the diet for women. Among its useful qualities - excretion of excess estrogen and the prevention of some forms of cancer, it becomes especially important after 40 years. Fiber rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially cabbage different varieties, carrots, greens, beans, apples. We should also mention the bran, which are also very useful for the intestinal microflora.

To cleanse the body and removal of the decay products is very important to drink a day plenty of fluids. For example, after 30 years, the woman should drink per day at least 9 glasses of water.

After 40 years of diet for women should be the norm power. It implies no frills food. It is especially important to make sure that the food contains enough calcium. At this age, there is intense leaching of calcium salts, against which the bones become fragile and break easily. Calcium lot of milk, curd, cheese, yogurt, butter. The day in postmenopausal women need at least 1,500 milligrams of calcium.

Calories for women

We know that to maintain weight is normal calorie consumption should be equal to their arrival. If the body will act calories, it is fraught with obesity in women. No such thing as calories for women - vacillates, it is individual and depends on the degree of activity and age. If the life of a young woman sitting, the day her enough about 2,000 calories, with intense and hectic lifestyle is sometimes required and 2400 calories.

With age, the rate of calories for women is reduced, and sedentary lifestyle woman after 40 years is enough 1800 calories, high activity requires 2,200 calories. After 50 years with sedentary daily calories to 1600 calories is reduced, and the risk of obesity becomes high. When sedentary life at the same age body uses per day to 2,000 calories.  General principles of the diet for women

Diet for Women: What should be excluded from power

From diet diet for women over 40 years should be excluded fatty, fried, smoked, too salty or sweet, spicy food. Meat is desirable to limit to 2 times per week, as it becomes difficult to digest, and that age excess protein in the body is easily converted into fat stores.

There are many facts testifying to the fact that alcohol leads to obesity in women. Alcoholic beverages do not fit the definition of a balanced diet and, therefore, they should be excluded from the diet for weight loss for women.

You should carefully track the component composition of food as fat in the diet is necessary to limit - they should not exceed 30% of the daily diet. For the health of particularly useful fats from fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring), pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, nuts, olive oil and flaxseed oil. They contain beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids. Other sources of fat consumed is not recommended, as they can be a source of excess weight in women.

For the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and obesity in women should be reduced in the diet foods containing large quantities of cholesterol. In the list of the most cholesterol-rich foods, you can add eggs and brains, eggs, mackerel, butter and lard.

It is proved that after 50 years of women is changing the perception of sweet, so quietly sweets in the diet increases. Too sweet fruits and berries are a source of carbohydrate, so their diet for women is also desirable to exclude from your diet or significantly reduce consumption.