Diet for blood group 1

1 Diet for blood group is the best option of healthy eating and  Features diet for blood group 1
 selection menu to effectively reduce weight.

Features of diet on blood group

The American scientist and physician James D'Adamo has developed a special power supply system in which the products are divided into useful, bad, and neutral species. He identified the impact of food on the human body, which is depending on the blood group. As a result of research scientist it has been found that the power associated with the cell structure of the body, and the products for each group to reduce allow both blood and body weight gain. This system became the basis of the power of European and American Dietetics.

Nutrition for blood group avoids unhealthy foods and cleanse the body of toxins. The composition useful diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled beef and lamb stew, rye bread, green tea and herbs. It should limit the use of pickles and flour, as well as the need to eliminate from the diet of alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, coffee, spices and ketchup, black tea, beer.

Useful food for blood group 1 should be balanced and varied, and it should not include foods rich in carbohydrates. People with the first group of blood should eat foods that do not slow down the digestive process. The positive effects on the body will decoctions of wild rose, tea with ginger and mint.

In drawing up an individual diet for the first group of blood must be borne in mind that when it is subject to exclude some products containing large amounts of vitamins, so it is better to replace the securities counterparts.

The process of transition to food for blood group should be gradual, so that the body did not feel stress, and digestive system running smoothly.

People with first blood group, who want to lose weight, you must eat more meatless products and seafood, as well as to drink plenty of fluids (green tea, herbal teas, mineral water without gas, etc.). An important aspect of the diet for blood group 1 is to strengthen immunity medicinal tinctures and decoctions of herbs.

Menu diet for blood group 1

People with first blood group are leaders by nature with strong character and aspiration for good results in life. The strength of these people are the digestive and immune systems, and to the weak side can be attributed to the complexity of adaptability to changes and harmful environmental influences susceptibility to inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, problems with blood clotting and increased acidity. Proceeding from these factors, the power necessary to form the group 1. The blood supply system should consist of foods and beverages intended to improve the efficient metabolism and protein content.

The main products of the diet for the first group of blood are seafood, beef, fish, vegetables and fruits, greens, rye bread. It should limit the use of cereals, legumes and corn, as well as rare to have citrus, potatoes and wheat products. It is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet of flour products, pickles, ketchup, sage, spices and spicy dishes.

for improvement  Menu diet for blood group 1
 the state of the digestive, urinary and cardiovascular systems should be consumed seaweed, iodized salt, cod liver oil, spinach, broccoli and kiwi.

The composition of the diet for one blood group includes special nutritional supplements, and vitamin K, calcium and pancreatic enzymes.

A prerequisite of healthy nutrition and effective weight loss is through regular physical exercise to improve metabolism and strengthen muscle tone.

Recommendations slimming diet for blood group 1

Nutrition for blood group is not only directed at purifying and strengthening the body, but also is an effective program for weight loss. In order to gradually reduce excess weight and increase muscle mass needed intensive sports, especially cycling, jogging, aerobics, swimming and skiing.

People with the first group of blood, suffering from metabolic problems should be excluded from the use of wheat, corn, lentils and beans. To eliminate irregularities in the functioning of the thyroid gland should avoid eating cabbage and oats.

The composition of the diet for the first group of blood should include products to improve clotting and yeast food should be avoided.

Vitamin complexes and dietary supplements can help strengthen the immune system in the process of losing weight, but preparations containing aspirin and ginkgo biloba can not be used because they thin the blood.