A diet without fat

During a certain period of time, the use of low-fat food was kind of trend. Modern medical science takes a different view.  Use fat-free products - a diet without fat

A diet without fat: how to avoid mistakes

Proper healthy diet is unthinkable without the inclusion of fat. They are not only useful, but absolutely necessary for all, without exception, a group of cells of the human body. Fat is an integral for the processes of metabolism.

Especially important during periods of fat diet, because they allow the body to experience a feeling of fullness and satisfaction of the meal. In addition, the lack of fat in the diet is a significant risk to human health, because it leads to abrupt changes in blood glucose levels, ie it can cause the development of diabetes. Moreover - a sharp decrease in blood sugar will stimulate the appetite, and thus contribute to weight gain.

Choosing a diet without fat, it is necessary to focus on the replacement of fats - sources of cholesterol fats useful nuts, olive oil and flaxseed oil, oily fish, which is an ideal source of fat for a human body. In addition, of course, necessary to control their daily amount.

 The use of beneficial fat substitutes - important rule diet without fat
 Reviews of the fat-free diet show that its compliance can be called a martyr. The man barely managed to keep himself in power under the proposed system, it is constantly experiencing hunger. Many break down, resulting in body weight often increases. Stoics Those who manage to comply with all the recommendations of the diet, poor quality of life. The few people who managed to survive in the long term, a systemic chronic diseases.

Even more rigorous version of the diet: the board may be too high

Even more damaging is the kind of diet without fat and carbohydrates. Some ignorant propagandists slimming carbohydrates erected to the rank of the most harmful products. In fact, it is carbohydrates are indispensable source of energy and provide power cord.

For all who want to lose weight using this diet there is a reasonable alternative. It consists in replacing the complicated simple carbohydrates: brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread and other products and are ideal sources of vitamin B.