5 kg diet

What methods are considered the most popular and effective among those who want to lose through diet 5kg? There are both  Feature 5 kg diet
 Popular Diet (Japanese buckwheat, kefir, English), and special diets. When selecting a special diet takes into account individual characteristics of the organism. When choosing a diet to lose weight by 5 kg or more should not be forgotten that the extra weight should not disappear due to the loss of muscle mass and water, and by burning fat cells. To lose with diet 5 kg or more, it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons, as well as features of the organism.

Pros and cons of dieting to lose weight by 5 kg

At the "1200 kcal diet" diet is necessary to make in terms of caloric content of products by 1200 calories a day. The diet can include all products, except for soft drinks, juices, fatty meat. To lose with this diet 5 kg or more, you must carefully calculate the calorie content on the weight of each product. 1200 calorie diet is considered one of the most effective and safe diet. During this diet weight loss occurs without much effort.

Mediterranean diet can be followed for life. All food should be steamed, baked in foil, and salads dressed with olive oil. You can eat fruits and vegetables, lean meat, cereals, pasta. For the loss of a diet of 5 kg or more should be excluded from the diet of sweets, flour products, white bread, meats, fatty roasted meat. Weight loss is pretty slow, but the lost weight is usually not returned. The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the best. It is useful for the cardiovascular system (reduced risk of atherosclerosis).

Dr. Atkins diet is based on eating large amounts of protein and fat. Dr. Atkins believed that the extra weight accumulated because of the carbohydrates. This diet for weight loss of 5 kg or more consists of an introductory, main stage and the stage of weight maintenance. You can use olive oil, fatty fish, pates, eggs. You do not eat sugar, pasta, potatoes, bread, flour products, sweet fruits and sweets. With this diet you can lose 5 kg without the unpleasant feeling of hunger. However, this diet is not suitable for kidney disease. During the diet must also take vitamin complexes, since such a diet the body receives insufficient amounts of vitamins.

Mono-diet - a diet that is based on the use of a single product. Buckwheat mono-diet is the most popular. To lose with this diet 5 kg, you must have exclusively selected product. You can drink pure water, herbal tea. Wheat, rice or buckwheat diet is perfectly cleanses the body of toxins. However, mono-diet does not satisfy the human body needs nutrients. When you return to the nutritious food dumped kgs usually very quickly returned.

Montignac diet consists of stages of weight loss and weight stabilization phase. According to the diet, you can eat foods containing fats and proteins or carbohydrates and proteins. It does not eat food containing carbohydrates and fats at the same time. The glycemic index foods shall not exceed the norm. Montignac method allows to obtain a sufficient amount of food and not feel hunger. To use this diet to lose 5 kg, you need to constantly calculate the glycemic index of foods.

Diet cardiologist  Menu 5 kg diet
 Arthur Agatsona consists of three stages. To lose during the diet 5kg, the first step is to completely abandon the carbohydrates, but you can eat fish and meat. In the second phase in the diet can add the so-called useful carbohydrates (brown rice, bread from wheat flour). The third step is to weight stabilization.

You can eat beef, vegetables, eggs, chicken, cheese. Salads need to bite balsamic and olive oil. You can not eat pasta, rice, white bread, sweet fruits, potatoes and sugar. This diet allows one to easily lose weight and not gain it in the future.

Popular Kremlin diet is based on the rejection of carbohydrate. Calorie foods are calculated in units (per unit should take one gram of carbohydrates). To lose with this diet 5 kg, can not eat potatoes, porridge, sweet fruits, rice, flour and confectionery products. You can eat a variety of foods, snacking, but calorie foods shall not exceed 40 conventional units. The diet is contraindicated in cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the digestive tract.

Quite common and popular diet Protasov considered. With this diet as much as possible using dairy products and vegetables. Vegetables and fruit can be eaten at any time in unlimited quantities. The weight starts to drop from fourth to fifth week of the diet. Diet is contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Kim Protasov diet severely restricts the intake of essential human components.

The Japanese diet is designed for two weeks. It involves a complete rejection of salt. To reset using the Japanese diet 5kg, can not eat sugar, salt, flour and confectionery products. Eliminates alcohol. It is not recommended to stick to such a diet for more than two weeks. During the Japanese diet can gradually wean from the excessive use of salt.

Diet minus 5 kg per month

Diet 5 kg a month based on the five meals. At the same time between meals is necessary to try not to make long breaks. Poultry and meat should be stewed, boiled or baked on the grill. From fruit should be preferred citrus and green apple. Need to drink at least two liters of clean water a day. You can eat dairy products and fresh juices. Diet minus 5 kg per month helps to lose weight, protect against loss of muscle mass at the same time does not cause hunger. The diet for one month is 5 kg or more will help to clean in the event that combine diet with exercise. An hour of intense aerobic exercise to lose 5 kg in a month. Just jogging or walking will not do. You must choose a run with acceleration, cross-country running, cycling, swimming.