Diet 12

Therapeutic diets 12 assigned to restore the normal functioning of the nervous system. The table diet  Features of diet 12
 12 is completely excluded food, stimulating the nervous system (acute and fried foods, alcohol, coffee). The essence of the diet is to limit the quantity of common salt, fats and carbohydrates. The number of products, rich phosphate salts increased. This milk products, legumes, liver.

Chemical composition and caloric content of the diet of the table number 12

The daily ration of the diet 12 should contain at least 350 g carbohydrates and 70 g fat (30% of vegetable origin), 80-90 g of protein (60% of animal origin) and about 6 grams of salt and 1, 5 2, 5 liters. Diet This diet involves eating five times a day. Energy value of the diet 12 can be from 2300 to 2400 kcal.

Recommended and excluded products in the diet 12

The table diet number 12 can include the dried diet bread, cookies, cake .  Low-fat veal, beef, rabbit, turkey, liver and tongue can be eaten baked, boiled, and also as cutlets and meatballs .  Allowed the use of low-fat varieties of fish (perch, pike, cod and seafood) .  Allowed dairy products - yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, sour cream .  When diet 12 eggs cooked scrambled, can be included in the diet in limited quantities (up to two units per day) .  During this diet are allowed from any cereal grains, as well as soups and puddings with cereal .  You can not eat vegetables sharp .  The food allowed carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage, squash, beets, tomatoes .  Sweets for this diet can be any .  In the diet, you can add fresh fruit, dried fruit, honey, sugar, sweets without chocolate .  You can prepare the sour cream, tomato, onion sauce .  From drinks recommended green tea, various juices from fruits and vegetables, herbal teas .  Food should be prepared in butter, vegetable oils .

With a diet of 12 have to give up all puff pastry. Do not eat sausage, canned food, convenience foods, fatty meats, fried fish or salted, canned fish, caviar. During the diet is better to completely abandon the use of onions, garlic, cucumbers, sorrel, radishes, radish. Excluded from the diet horseradish, pepper, mustard and hot sauces. Banned black tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate.

Sample menu diet 12

On the B 12 in the diet you can eat two boiled eggs, milk porridge, herbal tea. At lunch, you can drink a decoction of rose hips and eat cake. Lunch might consist of soup with potatoes, meatballs and boiled meat with bean puree and stewed fruit. At lunch you can drink juice or a decoction of rose hips. For dinner, you can cook a casserole or pudding, baked fish with potatoes in cream. Drink tea. Before going to bed should drink milk or yogurt.

Recipes dietary table 12

Recipes dietary table 12 may include all required for this type of diet products. Products should be well combined with each other. Only then the nutrients will be absorbed efficiently.

Salad with sour cream and allow to satisfy hunger to saturate the body with vitamins. To cook it you need green and juicy lettuce. Leaves need to be washed, a little dry, cut and put in a salad bowl. They add 50 grams of sour cream, a little salt, then add the finely chopped dill or parsley.

Useful components  12 Diet Menu
 eggplant caviar diet during 12 fill the human body with the necessary energy. To prepare eggplant caviar is necessary to remove the stalk and bake them in the oven at 150 ° C until done. Then cool, peel and cut the eggplant into small pieces. Thereafter, eggplant and carrot (25 g) and tomatoes (100 g) should be about half an hour to extinguish. Salt thickened mass, cool and put in a salad bowl.

For garnish you can cook potatoes. Clear 100g potatoes, chopped, cook over medium heat or steamed. The water was drained, add the potatoes salt, milk (50 ml) and cook until tender. The potatoes are ready to add a small piece of butter. You can sprinkle with chopped dill dish. There are hot.

In table 12 dietary recipes must include cabbage, because it helps to bring the body of a man harmful substances. You can cook the cauliflower in cream with herbs. To do this, it takes 300 grams of cabbage, wash, chop and boil in salted water. Then add the cabbage lettuce (10 g), sour cream (15 g) and green (5 g).

The table number 12 diet should definitely include dishes with beans. Beans should be soaked before cooking for three to four hours.

Beans can be put out with prunes. For this purpose it is necessary to boil in water until soft, then add the chopped prunes (50 g), sour cream (40 g), butter (20 g) and salt. Simmer until cooked beans.

The diet in the diet can include 12 and beets, as it normalizes blood pressure. Very useful baked beets. For its preparation should first boil the beets until soft, peel and cut into slices. Take a small carrot, clean it and wash, rub on a grater, add a little sugar and mix. On a greased baking tray with butter to put the pieces of beetroot, and put them in small layers of carrots. The oven until cooked in a preheated 120 ° C oven. Before serving each slice beets pour sour cream.

For dessert you can prepare jelly on the basis of cherry juice or apricot mousse. For the preparation of the jelly should be mixed with 200 ml of water and 100 ml of cherry juice. Boil, add sugar (40 g) and dissolved gelatin (6 g). The resulting gel should be left for 10-15 minutes and then poured into molds. Each portion can be decorated with cherry jelly and put in the fridge to solidify.

To prepare the apricot mousse apricots pitted need to boil, and then the fruit with the broth through a sieve. The resulting mass is put diluted gelatin (4 g), sugar (12g), citric acid (0, 1 g), cool. The mass is then whisk, pour on the forms and put in a cool place.

Recipes dietary table in the diet can supplement №12 pumpkin. It contains many useful for the body components. 150 grams of pumpkin peel and chop, fry in clarified butter. Slices of pumpkin to put on a baking sheet and garnish with strawberries. Send in a preheated to 120-150 ° C oven. The oven until cooked. Before serving, sprinkle each slice of pumpkin cream.