Diet angel

 Angels Diet allows you to lose up to 8 kg in 13 days
 Diet angel called a diet based on the alternation of food with high content of protein and vegetables with fruit.

Under the ban - fats and carbohydrates. Result diet angel as promised nutritionists, it is designed - the loss of 8 kilos in 13 days, a feeling of lightness in the body (hence the name of the diet), and consolidation of achieved weight for a long time.

More about the principles of the diet of an angel

Judging by the reviews, the diet angel is well tolerated due to increased protein and split meals (diet involves eating food every 2, 5:00, about 6 times a day) - so hunger does not cause discomfort.

Ideal diet menu angel to those who can not and does not like to eat breakfast, but got used to dining after work. Here, unlike many diets may be, for example, have a cup of herbal tea and eat only one egg for breakfast.

Diet angel provides separate food: proteins separately from vitamin food. Salads, vegetables, fruits are used without filling in the form of sour cream, mayonnaise or sauce, lemon juice is allowed only.

The amount of sugar and salts is limited. For this reason, the menu diet angel does not include bananas, grapes, dried fruits, apricots, persimmons. Excluded and potatoes - because of the increased starch content.

Coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks, juices, jellies, compotes, tea, black, green prohibited. Permission to drink mineral water and pure (non-carbonated), herbal tea. Most of the good reviews about the diet angel came from those who drank the liquid is not less than one and a half to two liters a day - so the body of toxins and the body heals.

Largely positive diet angel depends on lifestyle. It is desirable to combine a limited menu with exercise, so the weight is guaranteed to leave.

Menu diet angel

1st day

  • The first meal: two boiled eggs, herbal tea or water.
  • Second meal: water or tea, grapefruit.
  • Third meal: beef, steamed, tea or water.
  • Fourth meal: two apples, tea / water.
  • Fifth meal: boiled fish, water or tea.
  • Six meals: orange, water.

2nd day

  • The first meal: cheese, boiled egg, herbal tea or water.
  • Second meal: vegetable salad with lemon juice, tea or water.
  • Third meal: beef steamed, water / tea.
  • Fourth meal: two apples, water or tea.
  • Fifth meal: boiled fish, tea or water.
  • Six meals: Orange and water.

3rd day diet Angel

  • The first meal: 50% fat cottage cheese, water or tea.
  • Second meal: grapefruit, tea or water.
  • Third meal: steamed chicken fillet, tea / water.
  • Fourth meal: steamed vegetables, water / tea.
  • Fifth meal: boiled fish, tea.
  • Six meals: an apple, water.

4th day

  • The first meal: scrambled eggs for a couple of 2 eggs and tea.
  • Second meal: vegetable salad, water / tea.
  • Third meal: beef steamed, water / tea.
  • Fourth meal: two apples water / tea.
  • Fifth meal: steamed chicken (fillet), water / tea.
  • Six meals: orange, water.

5th day

  • The first meal: a boiled egg, low-fat cottage cheese, water / herbal tea.
  • Second meal: grapefruit, water.
  • Third meal: salad vegetables, water / tea.
  • Fourth meal: boiled fish, water / tea.
  • Fifth meal pear, water.

6th day diet angel

  • The first meal: low-fat cottage cheese, tea / water
  • Second meal: any fruit, tea / water.
  • Third meal: steamed beef, tea / water.
  • Fourth meal: kiwi, water / tea.
  • Fifth meal: chicken steamed tea.
  • Six meals: orange, water

7th day

  • The first meal: scrambled eggs for a couple of 2 eggs, herbal tea
  • Second meal: grapefruit, tea / water.
  • Third meal: beef steamed, water / tea.
  • Fourth meal: steamed vegetables, tea / water.
  • Fifth meal: fish boiled tea.
  • Six meals: an apple, water  The diet is based on the alternation of angels foods high in protein and fruit and vegetables

In the following, the remaining five days of the diet recipes angel randomly repeated.

In this example, the menu diet angel first meal takes place in 8.00, the last - in 20.30. The intervals between meals - 2, 5 hours.

To consolidate the angel with diet results, it is recommended to repeat after two or three weeks.

Out of the diet should be cautious, there is no particular limitation, but the new food should be eaten in small portions.

Reviews of the diet angel say also that in addition to reducing the weight of an improvement in the general condition and operation of the digestive tract. In view of the fact that the diet of carbohydrates and no fat at all chronic diseases, it is desirable to consult a doctor for advice, a resolution to follow such a diet.