Diet 12 days

 Diet 12 days
 What is the diet for 12 days

The duration of the diet for 12 days is defined by name.

A diet of 12 days is an alternation of twelve monodiets .  The prerequisites of this system of weight loss are scrupulous respect of the proposed menu, non alcoholic beverages, salt and sugar, the daily consumption of 1 tablespoon vegetable oil .  The presence in the diet for 12 days of oil determined by the need of the organism in monounsaturated fatty acids .  One tablespoon of vegetable oil will not have disastrous effects for the figure, but at the same time to saturate the body with useful substances .  In the menu, the original recommended to use sunflower oil, however, in a review of the diet 12 days, there are many positive examples of the use of olive oil and flaxseed oil .  A prerequisite is also the use of diet during the day and at bedtime herbal tea, but some experimenters replace it with green tea .  During the diet for 12 days last meal should be no later than 5-6 hours before bedtime .

Over the entire period of the diet for 12 days, reviews confirm the order of 8-10 will lose extra kilos. However, it should be remembered that the power supply system, as well as other unbalanced diet can cause substantial harm to the body.

Menu diet for 12 days

On the first day, kefir, low-fat yogurt are allowed to drink .  On the second day, the fruit should eat 5-6 oranges medium size .  For the entire third day, cheesecake, it is recommended to eat 500-750 grams of low-fat cottage cheese .  Fourth day diet for 12 days, vegetable, involves the use of half-liter cans of caviar squash .  The fifth day, chocolate, sweet tooth will appreciate, as is allowed during the day to eat 100 grams of dark chocolate .  For six days, the apple should eat 1, 5 kg of peeled apples .  On the seventh day of the diet for 12 days, cheese is allowed 350 grams of low-fat hard cheese .  During the eighth day, a vegetable, it is recommended to drink 1 liter of tomato juice and eat a salad with fresh vegetables .  The ninth day of delight lovers of meat - 500 grams of boiled beef .  For the tenth day of the diet, vegetable, salad provided by the use of fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, parsley, dill .  The eleventh day, cheesecake, similar to the third day, with the only difference that the cheese should be consumed is much less - 250-300 g .  On the twelfth day, fruity, treat yourself to 1 kg of fresh plums or prunes 400-500 g .

 Throughout the 12 days of the diet should be aware of increased fluids and herbal tea
 Throughout the 12 days of the diet should be aware of excessive drinking, herbal tea and vegetable oil.

My favorite diet for 12 days

This system is called the acting weight loss diet for 12 days. It consists of four monodiets, each of which lasts three days. If you believe the reviews, the favorite diet of 12 days allows you to lose about 8-14 kg.

During the first three days can be in unlimited quantities to drink low-fat yogurt, over the next three days, you can have any number of apples. From 7 to 9 days 12 days acting diet should eat chicken without skin, cooked your favorite way - steamed, fried or boiled. If desired, you can replace the chicken with fish, but it should be remembered that both types of food should be unsalted. In the last three days it is recommended to drink red wine and cheese stick, at the rate of 1 glass of wine 30 grams of cheese.

Some girls confuses the final stage of the diet, so some of them on their own substitute for the last three days, kefir, other - at a ratio of 1: 1 diluted with water, wine, and others - replaced the wine with orange or apple juice.

My favorite diet for 12 days is a big enough challenge for the body, so to repeat it sooner than 1, 5-2 months is not recommended.