Diet "6 petals"

What is the diet "6 petals"?

A  Diet "6 petals"
 vtorstvo diet "6 petals" credited Swedish dietitian Anna Johansson. The essence of this method of weight loss is an effective combination of mono-diet, compliance with which allows the day to drop from 0, 5 to 0, 8 kg of excess weight. As the reviews, the diet "6 petals" has helped 8 out of 10 women lose weight losing weight by 8-12 kilograms in two weeks.

The essence of the diet "6 petals" is consistent and strict observance of the 6 special mono-diet, each of which corresponds to one day. According to the conclusions of the European nutritionists, any mono-diet is effective only in the first 25 hours. Prolonged consumption of one type of food is not only helps in losing weight, but also can cause digestive problems and cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Therefore, we can say that the diet ", 6 petals" menu which involves use of one product during the day, is an improved and more efficient variation conventional monodiets.

Diet Menu "6 petals"

The sequence of all the mono-diet must be precisely followed.

Fish Day (protein). On the first day allowed to eat only fish of all sorts, including fat. The fact that the mono-diet intended to "lull" the vigilance of the body, providing it with polyunsaturated omega-3. Presenting a healthy fat, these acids are not converted into the subcutaneous fat. In addition, Anna Johansson, introducing the first fish in the diet menu "6 petals", guided by easy digestibility of the product, its low calorie content and the ability to prepare the body for the next mono-diet. Eat fish that day can only be baked, boiled or stewed. Allowed not sharp seasoning, salt (small amount), fish broth.

Vegetable Day (carbohydrate). This day should eat only vegetables, variety to choose from, based on their preferences. Vegetables can be baked, boiled or stewed. It does not involve diet "6 petals" recipes that require cooking. On the day, you can eat about 1-1, 5 kg of vegetables are allowed to add spices, salt, herbs and freshly made vegetable juice consumption. Vegetable mono-diet designed to reduce caloric intake and enrich it with the necessary plant carbohydrates digestion which involves significant energy costs. Since that day the incoming energy is less than the required for life, the body begins to actively use their own fat reserves.

Chicken Day (protein). Diet "6 petals" in its third day involves eating only chicken. Allowed not sharp seasoning, salt, herbs, chicken broth. As in the previous days diet "6 petals", the third day of the recipes may include a cooking, stewing or roasting. All "eaten" within monodiets chicken protein will be used by the body without a trace at strengthening the muscles. In addition, the lack of carbohydrates will tap in the metabolism of fat cells that trigger significant weight loss over the day.

Cereal Day (carbohydrate). Fourth day diet "6 petals" involves eating all kinds of cereals, sprouted seeds, grains, seeds, bran, cereal breads, fiber. Allowed to add salt and herbs, drink kvas. The situation in this day is similar to that observed in the vegetable day the body uses its own fat reserves to get the energy to digest quite hard shell grains. Complex carbohydrates, the use of this day will be used to replenish glycogen, thereby forcing the body re-use subcutaneous fat for energy.

Curd day (protein). On the fifth day diet menu "6 petals" includes not very fat or fat-free cottage cheese, milk is allowed. On this day, the body is able to replenish minerals, as well as a high-quality protein, which will be spent on the conversion into glucose. Once again, the body will have to use their own fat resources, thus helping to get rid of extra slimming kilos.

 Fruity day (carbohydrate). In the last, the sixth day of the diet, "6 petals" are allowed to use raw or baked fruit all varieties are also allowed fruit juices without sugar and spices (lemon peel, vanilla, cinnamon). Products of the day are designed to provide the body with polysaccharides, which also involves the digestion of a huge amount of energy to be taken by the body's own fat reserves.

Seventh Day Diet "6 petals" can be unloading or start all over again, from the first day. During the diet you must drink water, allowed to drink green or black tea, coffee (1-2 cups) sugar.

The psychological aspect of diet

Anna Johansson is convinced that diet, losing weight brings depression and discomfort, is inactive and ineffective. Therefore, all wishing to lose weight, she offered to draw a flower, the petals of which six will meet six days a diet. After passage of each day, at the appropriate petal Anna Johansson offers writing programs dropped, and then tear it with pleasure. This flower, always attached in a conspicuous place, will serve as a kind of motivation for losing weight.

As the reviews about diet "six petals," the most appropriate place for "planting" a flower is a refrigerator door.

Why the effectiveness of the diet "6 petals"?

First, the diet "6 petals" involves the application of rules of a separate food, resulting in incompatible products are not mixed with each other and therefore do not cause fatal damage to the figure.

Secondly, the monotonous diet for the whole day will help get rid of the extra kilos than longer mono-diet - this is due to the peculiarities of the digestive system.

Third, to a large extent their performance diet "6 petals" obliged scheme of protein-carbohydrate alternation that best meets the needs of the body.

Fourth, the fatty component of the diet menu "6 petals" represented only beneficial fats, which are part of chicken meat, cheese, fish. These dietary fats allow balanced diet diet.

Reviews of the diet "6 petals" confirm that the diet is not only fast and efficient, but also a pleasant way to lose weight.

Reviews of the diet "6 petals"

Due to the ease of compliance and performance reviews of a diet ", 6 petals" mostly positive. For more information about the review of our visitors on this diet, you can below.