Diet 5

Diet 5 is indicated in patients with various liver diseases:

  • aftercare  Features diet 5
 after acute hepatitis and cholecystitis;
  • in remission in chronic hepatitis;
  • liver cirrhosis without failure;
  • in cholelithiasis and chronic cholecystitis in remission.

It is useful to note that diet 5 may be used for feeding patients without disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

Diet number 5: the purpose and characteristics

5 Diet prescribed to ensure adequate nutrition for liver gently mode. Table 5 diet promotes normal functioning of the liver and biliary tract.

Diet Number 5 characterized balanced content of protein and carbohydrate specific background reducing fat intake (mostly animals). Excluded from the diet foods containing cholesterol, purines, essential oils, and oxalic acid, as well as dishes or fried with a high content of nitrogen extracts.

Table 5 is a diet of boiled, baked or stewed dishes. Milling subject only vegetables with a high content of coarse fibers, as well as certain types of meat. Exclude sautéing and eating cold food.

5 Diet has the following composition and caloric content of the food:

  • proteins - 90-100 g, of which 60% of the animals;
  • fats - 80-90g, of which 30% of the plant;
  • carbohydrates - 400-450 g, with sugar is not more than 70-80 g

The daily amount of salt should not exceed '10 fluid intake is about 1, 5-2 liters per day. Calorie daily diet of 2800-2900 kcal. Optionally, it can include 25-40 g of sorbitol and xylitol.

Diet prescribed number 5 to eat at least 5 times a day.

Table 5 diet: principles of organization

When cooking soups and broths possible use zazharok. Soups are prepared in vegetable broth and refuel cereals, pasta and vegetables.

5 From the menu diet excludes fresh muffins and baked goods, and fried pies. Approved the dried bread yesterday, nesdobnoe pastries, biscuits without cream.

Fatty meats and fish offal, smoked, canned excluded from the diet. Lean meats, fish and poultry are boiled or baked whole or in chopped form.

The diet only 5 include dairy products with reduced fat content. Number of hard-boiled eggs or omelettes steam should not exceed one day. Roasting is prohibited.

Also from the diet  Diet Diet 5
 exclude all beans and mushrooms, while allowed all kinds of cereals. From vegetables banned spinach and sorrel, green onions and garlic, radish and radish, and all the pickles and marinades. The rest of the vegetables and fruits are recommended as part of a diet 5.

Because confectionery settled honey, candy, jellies and marshmallows. There should be no chocolate, cream, ice cream, and black coffee and cocoa. Also eliminate margarine and animal fats. Butter and vegetable oil is added directly to the ready-made meals.

5 Diet - Menu

Sample menu diet 5 might look like this:

  • first breakfast - oatmeal, cottage cheese, tea;
  • lunch - baked apple;
  • Lunch - vegetable soup, vegetable oil, boiled chicken, rice, stewed fruit;
  • afternoon tea - rosehip infusion;
  • dinner - baked fish, mashed potatoes, cheesecake with cottage cheese, tea;
  • bedtime - yogurt.

Varieties table: Diet Diet 5 and 5a n

Diet 5a is a transition from one diet to diet 4 5. It differs from the basic diet is the lack of mechanical irritation of the stomach wall and intestines. To this end the menu diet 5 exclude products with a high content of fiber, and all meat products are prepared in chopped form. The duration of the diet 5a is 1, 5-2 weeks, after which the patient is transferred to table 5 diet.

Diet 5 para exists in two versions, and given to patients with acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis exacerbation periods. Food to take fractional, 6-8 times a day for 200-300 grams at a time. All products are boiled or steamed and served in a shabby semi-warm. As a rule, the average duration of the diet claim 5 is three to seven days.