Fasting 7 days

 Fasting allows 7 days to take energy from the fat tissue
 Fasting - this is a wonderful way to not only clean your body, but also lose weight. The system enables fast 7 days with a lack of receipt of energy substrates used as the source of energy supplies excess adipose tissue.

Paul Bragg - the founder of starvation

Paul Bragg is very fully and deeply developed a system of fast 7 days. It reflects his experience as a physiotherapist and the man who with the help of a cleaning starvation could get rid of the serious problems with their health.

His system of 7 days of fasting is known around the world and is supported by more and more new cases of successful weight loss and disease. Bragg himself to old age practiced fasting 7 days three times a year, and remain very active and alert.

Bragg encouraged his followers to reduce the amount of single servings, especially in the afternoon when the metabolism slows down, or even better - to completely abandon the dinner. He saw the tremendous health benefits in the rejection of salt and recommended as a food seasoning used garlic and herbs.

General principles 7 day fasting

Survive without food for a week once normal untrained person seriously. What is important is a gradual approach and to introduce a system before fasting for a week, you should accustom the body to withstand a gap in one day, and then in 3 days. Only after such preparation starvation 7 days, from the reviews, you can move comfortably enough.

Fat stores in the body are the source of energy in the absence of receipt of energy substances from the outside. But if without food the body can do a week, then there is no water. She is involved in vital metabolic processes, so during fasting on water a day 7 days be sure to drink 2, 5 liters of fluid.

The circuit construction of the 7-day starvation diet

System fasting for a week has 3 stages:

  •   Entry into starvation;
  •   Actually, self starvation;
  •   Out of starvation.

On the first day 7 day fasting is necessary for breakfast drink only one cup of hot water, and all day to drink about 2, 5 liters of warm water. Evening enema cleansing be done with room temperature water (to 1 liter).

On the second day of fasting seven days, according to reviews, the mucous membranes are very sensitive, and even a toothbrush can cause injury. Therefore toothbrushing recommend using only water and own fingers. During the day it is allowed to drink only clean warm water. In the evening, repeat the cleaning enema. Third day should be undertaken as well as the second.

 In 7 days fasting is included only after training
 Out of fasting on water 7 days starting from the fourth day. On this day, you can use the juice with no added sugar, are best apple, tomato or prune. To this juice is diluted with water in 1: 1 ratio with the expectation that the total amount of fluid is at least 2, 5 liters of fluid. To exit from starvation are not suitable juice with orange color - carrot, orange, pumpkin, and others. When intolerance juice, they can be replaced by a decoction of oatmeal. The diluted juice drink in 9 stages. With 5 days of the juice can not be diluted with water, and a six in a diet for lunch added any gruel (without salt and butter), or boiled vegetables.

For the trained people who have repeatedly held hunger 7 days, there are his other scheme, which differ from the release of starvation. According to reviews, 7 days fasting is not for all people, you must have good health to withstand a week without eating.

Return to normal diet should be gradual both in terms of food and the variety of dishes. Fasting for a week can change the old tastes, after people feel the true taste of food without salt and preservatives are no longer attracted to fatty and fried.