Diet "5 spoons"

What is a diet "5 spoons"

Diet "5 spoons" (dining rooms) - a system of weight reduction based on reducing the volume of natural stomach due to restrictions  Features diet 5 spoons
   the amount consumed in one meal.

When excess food entering the stomach expands and increases in size, which leads to a constant feeling of hunger. The food in the diet "5 spoons" is designed so that the stomach is not full and gradually decreases in volume and saturation required for small portions. The size of portions is defined taking into account the recommendations of nutritionists and is 150-200 grams or about 5 tablespoons. The diet involves interval between meals about 3 hours. This power supply circuit, on the one hand, allows to satisfy hunger and provide the body with the necessary energy, and on the other - prevents fat.

Advantages and disadvantages of a diet "5 spoons"

The apparent advantage diet "5 spoons" is the flexibility and efficiency of its supply system, which means eating less and not a limitation of its kind. Therefore, it remains an opportunity to control the ratio of dietary carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Rapid weight gain after a particular diet is because a person returns to the standard feeding behavior, whereas in the diet "5 spoons" there is no need to give up favorite foods, you only need to reduce their consumption of up to 5 tablespoons. Diet allows you to keep the variety and nutrition, which ensures its long-term effect.

The only drawback of the diet "5 spoons" can become crudity diet. Excessive consumption of confectionery or fried potatoes during a diet 5 tablespoons of reviews, delays weight loss. On the other hand, permanent reception low-calorie foods will not be able to compensate for the body's energy expenditure.

A balanced diet for a diet "5 spoons"

In order to ensure proper metabolism, it must be remembered that the daily intake of calories on average 2400 calories for women, for men - 3400 calories. For a diet 5 tablespoons, reviews, desirable individual calculation calories. It is also useful to remember a simple rule: "In the morning - the carbohydrates in the evening - the proteins." In the evening, reduced body's ability to metabolize carbohydrates. At the same time in the digestion of proteins needed energy that the body in the absence of carbs will be taken from fat.

So to compile your own menu should use the following principles of the diet 5 tablespoons:

  • 5 tablespoons or 150-200 grams of food in one step;
  • The number of meals is not limited, but the interval between them should be not less than 3 hours;
  • Morning portion should contain mainly carbohydrates, evening - proteins;
  • Choose food so that it corresponds to the total caloric content of the individual average daily rate;
  • Reduce  Eating a diet 5 spoons
 salt intake. Salt contains no calories because by itself does not affect the amount of adipose tissue. However, it keeps the water in the body, due to which is able to provide a temporary effect on weight gain;
  • Eat sugar from food but not liquids, avoid soft drinks. Tea or coffee drink without sugar.

Drinking water is not limited.

Diet "5 spoons": menu

  • Breakfast 8-00: oatmeal with a piece of butter;
  • Brunch, 11-00: fruit salad;
  • Lunch 14-00: buckwheat porridge with beef, fish or chicken;
  • Snack, 17-00: vegetable salad with low-fat sour cream;
  • Dinner, 20-00: boiled fish with vegetables;
  • Before going to bed: half a cup of yogurt, or a jar of yogurt.

Portions of the proposed menu is 150-200 grams, or 5 tablespoons. Diet allows you to vary the menu options to your liking. Liquids (water, tea or coffee without sugar) is recommended to drink between meals, not to exceed the recommended dietary amount of food consumed.

The weekly menu should include:

  • 1-2 servings of sweet;
  • 1-2 servings of alcohol (not recommended);
  • 2-3 portions of animal fats (butter, egg yolks);
  • About 15 servings of legumes and cereals;
  • About 40 servings of fruits and vegetables;
  • At about 7 servings of complete proteins (meat, fish, egg whites, seafood);
  • 7 servings of low-fat dairy products;
  • 7 servings of vegetable fats.

The daily menu for diet "5 spoons" should be resolved taking into account the weekly consumption rate products.

Reviews of the diet "5 spoons"

Reviews of the diet "5 spoons" confirm that it can be used for a long time. The body receives all the necessary minerals and vitamins, there is hunger, there is a weight loss of 3 kg per week to 20 kg per month. Normalizes the digestive processes and metabolism. According to the reviews of the diet "5 spoons" slimming passes naturally and gradually, without causing harmful effects on the body.

If you have diseases of liver and biliary tract, consult your doctor about the safety of diet "5 spoons."