Diet 7 kg

What woman once in my life did not sit on a diet? Agree, such is not much. Yes, in recent years, and men try to keep up, and seek by all means get rid of excess weight. And everyone wants to lose weight quickly and effectively. However, in most cases, trying to record time to throw extra weight, a person does not think about how bad can be a dramatic weight loss. Quickly dumped kgs quickly reappear after discontinuation of the diet. This is at best. At worst, the scales show more plus 2-3 kg. why is this happening?  Diet minus 7 kg in 7 days

The reason is that after the diet the body tries to compensate for compensatory nutrients, plus save up a reserve in case of repeated "hunger." That is why you should choose this kind of diet that will not harm the body, but at the same time will be sufficiently effective. An example of such a diet may be a diet minus 7 kg for 7 days. This diet will effectively restore harmony. Because of its benefits, it is worth noting that in its compliance with the person often experiences a painful feeling of hunger, because the amount of used products are not critically low. An additional advantage of 7 kg diet in its simplicity and low cost. All components in the diet minus 7 kg inexpensive and thus available to the majority.

The main component of the diet is 1% yogurt, to which are added daily to any one new product. Strict sequence receiving products on days 7 kg in the diet does not. You can alternate during the week products in the order in which you want. You will still be able to lose weight with a diet of 7 kg.

It should be noted that this diet in contrast to many other not only causes malfunction of the intestine, but on the contrary, it contributes to the normalization and improves the microflora.

Experts advise before you go on a diet 7 kg for 5-7 days for a short period to observe the fasting days.

Sample menu diet 7 kg

1 day. ½ liter of kefir and 400 grams of baked potatoes. Many people may confuse the presence of potato in the diet. However, this is a very competent course. Eating carbohydrate-rich product that allows slow "enter" in the diet and allow the body to adapt to lower kallorazha food.

Day 2. ½ liters of yogurt and 400 g of 1% or even fat-free yogurt. Already that day the body begins to compensate extract energy from its own resources, ie Simply put, the fat starts to burn. Concurrently, cheese belongs to the diet is the source of the protein and, importantly, calcium.

Day 3. ½ liter of kefir and 400 grams of fruit. It is worth paying attention to fruits and exceptions grapes and bananas. These fruits contain large amounts of fructose! On this day, thanks to the fruit body will get the necessary vitamins and fiber that will benefit the work of the intestine.  Kefir - the main ingredient of the diet 7 kg

In one of the three "fruit" days of the diet, instead of 7 kg of fresh fruit can be eaten dried fruits, but not the whole day.

Day 4. ½ liters of yogurt and 400 g unsalted boiled chicken breast. The day will enrich the diet of vital protein that is essential for the body regeneration processes.

5 day. ½ liters of yogurt and 400 g of fresh fruit. Despite the fact that the sequence of days can be combined to set 2 days in a row of fruit is not worth it. It is better to choose another combination.

Day 6. ½ liter of yogurt and 1, 5 liters of pure non-carbonated mineral water. The choice of mineral water should be made taking into account the existing conditions. The right choice will bring the body the day toxins.

Day 7. ½ liter of kefir and 400 grams of fruit. Diet provided that the last day should be just fruity.

All food, according to the diet minus 7 kg, scheduled to receive in a given day, shall be evenly distributed. The desired multiplicity of reception - 6 times a day. Interval - 2 hours. The food should be from 8.00 to 18.00.

After the release of the 7 kg diet should not just go for the food. It is necessary to gradually expand the diet, avoiding the use of large amounts of starchy foods, sugary, fatty foods and following a diet of 5-7 kg of extra leave.

Do not be afraid that after the 7 kg diet, you can dial 0, 5-1 kg. This is normal, but points out that perhaps you too quickly expand diet.

When a diet to lose weight by 7 kg is very simple. It is enough to listen to our advice!