Diet 4

Therapeutic diets 4 (Table 4) is prescribed for colitis in the acute and chronic form, enterocolitis, in the early stages of acute gastroenterocolitis, as well as dysentery, typhoid and intestinal tuberculosis.  Nutrition for colitis and dysentery - Diet 4
 Diet helps reduce fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines, to stop the inflammatory process and restore disturbed functions of the digestive tract, as well as to translate his work in a more gentle treatment. Diet 4 assigned physicians to reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates in the diet of the patient. A diet formulated to ensure that supply of food that will not cause thermal or mechanical irritation of the digestive system, but also will enhance the secretion of bile. When food is cooked diet 4 or steamed. To the food easier to digest and quickly digested, it is ground or mashed.

Energy value of the diet in the table 4 should be about 8583 kJ (2050 kcal not more). Of these fats should not exceed 70 grams (50 g butter), proteins - 100 grams (about 70% of animal proteins), carbohydrates - 250 grams (40-50 g sugar). Sodium chloride in the diet should be no more than 8-10 grams, and a free liquid of at least 1, 5 liters. During the diet is very important to comply with bed rest. The food in the diet should be 4 in the form of heat to five or six times a day.

Excluded and recommended products in the diet 4 (table 4)

When diet 4 allowed the use of thinly sliced ​​and fried crackers of two hundred grams of wheat bread, biscuits nesdobnoe. Banned fresh and rye bread, pastry products, cakes, pancakes.

Permitted use of boiled noodles, rice, semolina, herculean, pureed buckwheat porridge, cooked in fat-free broth or water, as well as in the form of steam puddings. It is impossible in the diet 4 has barley, barley porridge, beans, pasta casseroles.

Allowed the use of low-fat varieties of veal, beef, rabbit meat, turkeys, chickens. Meat previously degreased, tendons and fascia removed. Meat cooked boiled water or steam meatballs, dumplings, meatballs. In the beef for the hamburgers instead of bread, boiled rice is added, and then pass it through a fine grating grinder three or four times. Of cooked meat cooked souffle. During the diet 4 (table 4) in cooking is prohibited to use fatty species and varieties of meat, fried and stewed meat piece, smoked sausages.

Soups in the diet 4 cook on low or non-fat fish meat broth with rice or semolina, mashed or boiled meat, meatballs and quenelles steam, egg flakes. It is impossible to use for a given diet milk soups and soups of broth and fat c vegetables, pasta.

The menu may include diet 4 dishes lean fish species (a quenelle, meatballs, hamburgers). Fish dishes can be boiled in water or steamed. You do not eat salted fish, fatty fish species, canned, caviar. Permission is granted daily to eat one or two eggs. Eggs can be boiled boil, prepare them to steam scrambled eggs, add a variety of dishes.

The ready-made meals can add a small piece of butter (5 g). For cooking you can not use cooking oils and animal fats.

In Table 4, the diet is prohibited to include dairy products. You can only eat pureed fresh or freshly calcined cheese.

It is impossible to have a therapeutic diet 4 berries and fruit in its natural form, as well as fruit drinks, dried fruit, jam, honey and other sweets. From dogwood, blueberries, quince, pear, wild cherry can prepare jelly and jelly. Sugar can be added to food in a limited amount (less than 50 grams per day). Vegetables can be eaten only in the form of decoctions, added to soups. Appetizers, spices and sauces from the diet are excluded.

Drinking is permitted tea, cocoa water, coffee, non-acidic juices of fruits and berries, diluted with water. Allowed the use of a decoction of dried blueberries, dogwood, rose, quince, black currant. You can not drink the cocoa and coffee with milk, cold and carbonated drinks, grape juice, kvass.

Sample menu diet 4

Menu 4 diet might look like this:

  • First breakfast: oatmeal, boiled in water, freshly grated cheese, tea with one teaspoon of sugar;
  • lunch: apple puree;
  • Lunch: beef broth with rice grains, meatballs, steamed semolina porridge, pudding.
  • snack: unsweetened broth of black currant;
  • Dinner: omelet steam, buckwheat porridge, boiled in water (mashed), tea.
  • jelly before bedtime.  Sample menu diet 4

General characteristics of the therapeutic diet 4b

Therapeutic diets 4b designate an exacerbation of chronic intestinal diseases and acute intestinal diseases at the stage of improvement. 4b diet helps to reduce inflammation and normalization of the digestive system. With this type of diet prohibited foods aggravate fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines, liver and annoying dramatically stimulating the secretion of the pancreas and stomach. Diet 4b involves a six-or five-single food. Energy value of the diet diet 4b shall not be more than 2600 kcal. Of these proteins should be 100-110 grams for fat - 80-90 grams carbohydrates - 350-400 grams, 8-10 grams of salt and half a liter of free liquid. According to chemical composition and therapeutic value of the energy value of the diet 4b is not complete, but it has slightly increased the amount of protein.

Recommended and forbidden products and dishes diety4b

When diet 4b allowed to use the dried or yesterday's white bread flour first or higher grades, dry cake, biscuits. Banned rye bread, puff or rich products, wheat bread, wholemeal.

It is recommended to use low-fat fish soups, broth or vegetable broth. Banned milk soups, soups with legumes, rassolnik, cabbage, beetroot, hash.

Are permitted to eat low-fat and low-fat types and grades of meat .  Therapeutic diets 4b prohibited and fatty meats .  It is not allowed the consumption of goose or duck meat, a variety of sausages, smoked products, canned .  In the diet, you can add cutlets, dumplings, meatballs of lean varieties of fish .  It is forbidden to use salted, smoked, fatty fish, canned food .  The dishes you can add milk, cream, sour cream .  You can eat acidophilus, yogurt and other fermented milk drinks .  Allowed the use of curd paste, fresh cheese, pudding, mild cheese .  Allowed good boiled porridge .  When cooking porridge in the water you can add a third of the milk .  If you are allowed to eat diet 4b fresh and ripe tomatoes (50-100 grams per day) .  Recommended to eat sweet and ripe fruit, pre-peeled (up to 100 g per day) .  Recommended sauces vegetable broth or meat broth weak .  Allowed fruit sauces, milk sauce .  The meals can add dill, parsley, cinnamon, vanilla, bay leaf .