Diet 8

Soviet nutritionist Michael Pevzner developed  Features diet 8
 Menu therapeutic for patients with different diseases. Diet number 8 - a system of supply for the treatment of obesity. Diet 8 test of time and still successfully used in hospitals. Independent use of diet No. 8 is safe enough, as it is balanced in its composition and is suitable for most patients with varying degrees of obesity. However it is better to be examined by a specialist before starting treatment diet 8.Vozmozhno need a blood test, an electrocardiogram pass.

8 Principles of diet for obesity

8 The aim of the diet for obesity is weight loss, correction of lipid metabolism, restore water and electrolyte balance .  Diet Menu 8 contains 100-110 grams of protein, 80-90 grams of fat, 120-150 grams of carbohydrates daily .  Protein should be of both vegetable and animal .  Fats getting better due to plant food .  Sugar and confectionery excluded .  Acceptable non-nutritive sweeteners used (aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin) .  Energy value of the diet number 8 is 1600-1870 kcal per day .  In the context of the Endocrinology Department may reduce calorie per day up to 1200 .  Under this system, the salt supply in the food when cooking is not added .  It is possible to use 3 grams of salt per day for ready meals .  Diet 8 characterized by limiting carbohydrate, animal fat, total caloric intake .  The diet increases the amount of dietary fiber .  Preferably boil, stew, bake, not fry food .  The temperature of the dishes on the table when submitting regular .  During the day, it is necessary to provide 4-5 meals in small portions .  Dinner will take place 4 hours before bedtime .

Diet 8 for children

Unfortunately, almost 5% of Russian children are overweight. In general, the cause of childhood obesity is overeating. In this population is very limited use of drugs and surgical interventions for the treatment of this disease. Therefore, mainly in the treatment of obesity is a proper diet and lifestyle changes. Diet 8 for children is used for several decades. It allows to reduce daily caloric intake by 20-30%. Of course, we can not too sharply limit the child's menu. Food should be varied, rich in vitamins and trace elements. First of all, reduced calorie achieved by eliminating the confectionery and fatty foods. Children sweeteners used with great caution.

Which products should be excluded

Diet Menu 8 exempts products from wheat flour, butter and pastry, rice, semolina and oat cereals, pasta, beans, salt and pickled vegetables, oily and spicy appetizers, fried eggs, grapes, bananas, dried fruits, spices, mayonnaise, and all sugar confectionery. Limited number of potatoes, beet and 200 gram per day. Not recommended to eat fatty or sugary dairy products, also can not be fatty meat, fish, sausages, canned food.

What foods you can eat

Every day, you can eat up to 150 grams of bread from wheat flour, 250-300 grams of vegetable soup with a little potato, 150 grams of meat or low-fat varieties of poultry or 150 grams of fish or seafood, 200 grams of fat-free yogurt, 1-2 eggs, porridge buckwheat or pearl barley in a small amount. It is important to use a large amount of vegetables. The recommended diet menu 8 all kinds of cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, turnips. You can use unsweetened fruit and eat up to 400 grams per day.

Sample menu diet 8 a day

First breakfast. Low-fat cottage cheese 200 grams. Salad with vegetable oil. Tea without sugar.

Second breakfast. Orange.

Lunch. Vegetable soup 250 grams. Boiled meat 120 grams. Buckwheat porridge crumbly 100 grams.

Snack. A cup of yogurt 1% fat.

Dinner. Fish boiled 120 grams.  Diet Diet 8 for children
 Fresh vegetables.

This is about the menu can be changed to your liking, considering the prohibited and permitted on the diet products.

Reviews of diet 8

8 Diet for weight loss has been used for over 50 years. Despite the new trend in medicine, the basic idea of ​​reducing the body weight remains the same: to lose weight, you must consume more calories than you get from food. 8 Reviews of diet doctors are always positive. This is the only diet that combines a high balance, safety and efficacy. 8 Diet for obesity remains the most popular in hospitals of medical facilities. Also interesting reviews about diet 8patsientov, including on the Internet. Positive reviews 8 point advantage diet for health. But there is a negative evaluation, emphasizing its character is very strict and severe famine in its observance. Unfortunately, diet 8predlagaet abandon many favorite foods. Its observance requires a certain mental attitude and focus on long-term outcome.

Results diets 8

The purpose of this system is the improvement of the power of the body and weight loss. If you stick to a diet for weight loss 8 for 6 months, it is possible to achieve significant results. Since the loss of body weight should reach 5-10%, and more precisely by adipose tissue. In the metabolism of fats in the meantime must occur improvements - total cholesterol can be reduced to normal. Losing the extra kilos reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. If prior to treatment, patients have elevated levels of blood sugar, as appropriate pre-diabetes (impaired glucose tolerance), after 6 months of therapy, diet 8 probability of full normalization of carbohydrate metabolism. Along with the overweight and the numbers should decrease high blood pressure. In cases of mild hypertension correction may be back to normal.