Diet 14

 14 Diet prescribed for urolithiasis
 Diet 14 refers to a complex of medical diets developed for the treatment of various diseases in which the change in diet is an effective method of restoring health. Diet 14 is used in the treatment of kidney stones in the urinary secretions precipitate calcium phosphate salts (phosphaturia). The main objective of the diet 14 is an obstacle calcium phosphate precipitation of salts in the urine sediment and the creation of conditions conducive to their removal from the body, namely the establishment of acid-base balance toward acidity.

14 Diet Menu

The diet with urolithiasis dominant products are those that are rich in calcium content, acidic taste and restricting alkali valence. Diet 14 fills all the physiological needs of the organism in fats, proteins and carbohydrates, it contains necessary for the normal functioning of the body's energy value and nutrients. In the absence of circulatory disorders with a diet for kidney stones is recommended that excessive drinking and fluid.

Cooking methods varied, but should not be abused fried in sunflower oil dishes. Chemical composition and energy content of the daily diet in the diet 14 are as follows:

  •   The proteins - 90-100 g;
  •   Fats - 100 g, as part of which 25-30% should make vegetable fats;
  •   Carbohydrates - 400 g;
  •   Table salt - 6 g;
  •   Retinol - 0, 6 mg;
  •   Carotene - 8, 4 mg;
  •   Thiamine - 1, 9 mg;
  •   Riboflavin - 1, 9 mg;
  •   Nicotinic acid - 23 mg;
  •   Ascorbic acid - 130 mg;
  •   Sodium - 4, 4 g;
  •   Potassium - 4, 7 g;
  •   Calcium - 0, 95 g;
  •   Magnesium - 0, 4 g;
  •   Phosphorus - 1, 9 g;
  •   Iron - 0, 06 g;
  •   Energy - 2800-2900 kcal.

Recommended foods and dishes for the diet 14

When a diet with urolithiasis recommended for use in foods are:

  • Different flour products and various types of bread;
  •   Animals, fish and vegetable oils (except refractory);
  •   Soups and broths and cooked in fish, mushroom and meat products from cereals and pasta;
  •   Various types of meat, poultry and fish cooked in any way;
  •   A variety of cereals, cooked in water;
  •   Sour milk products and milk, except for fat sour cream filling;
  •   One egg per day, prepared any way;
  •   Green pea;
  •   Pumpkin;
  •   Any mushrooms;
  •   Carrots, cucumbers and zucchini;
  •   Meat and fish meals;
  •   Olives;
  •   Confectionery;
  •   Nuts (walnuts and pine);
  •   Honey;
  •   Sugar;
  •   Watermelons, melons, pineapples, grapes, pomegranates, quinces, pears and peaches;
  •   Sour apples;
  •   Acidic varieties of berries (mulberry, blackberry, cherry, cranberry, cherries, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, dogwood, strawberry, black and red currant, cloudberry, cranberry, mountain ash and medlar);
  •   Raisins;
  •   Compotes;
  •   Jelly;
  •   Meat, fish and mushroom sauce;
  •   Tea and coffee without milk;
  •   Broth hips;
  •   Mineral water;
  •   Birch juice;
  •   Fish oils and vegetable oils (ingestion);
  •   Flask of tea fungus;
  •   Fruit drinks.

 Diet for kidney stones 14 prohibits use of products that contribute to the formation of kidney stones
 Consumption of liquid (water, tea, coffee etc.) Must be at least 3 liters per day, the diet of 4-5 times per day.

Prohibited foods and dishes for the diet 14

When a diet for kidney stones prohibited for use in food products are:

  • Vegetables, dairy and fruit soups;
  •   Various smoked and salted fish (herring);
  •   Yoghurt and cheese;
  •   Fat dairy products;
  •   Egg yolks in a limited amount (less than one day);
  •   Legumes;
  •   Vegetables, especially potatoes and fruits;
  •   Alcoholic drinks;
  •   Fresh vegetables, fruit and berry juices;
  •   Vegetable appetizers;
  •   Pepper, mustard, vinegar, horseradish and adjika;
  •   Cooking meat and fats.

At full recovery and return the patient to normal life the general principles of diet in kidney stones must be respected in the future, especially those points relating to the ban on the diet 14 products.