10 kg diet

Gain weight  Features 10 kg diet
 gradually, gram for gram every day. One day, looking at himself in the mirror, getting on the scale or looking into the eyes of a loved one, you know - it is necessary to lose weight. When the desire to lose weight and parameters realized the ideal weight for ourselves, we should think to the choice of a way to deal with excess weight. It should be understood that the weight gained gradually, you must also reset slowly, so that the body had time to regroup, without the stress and disruption.

Traditionally from the extra kilos all start to get rid of the spring. After heavy winter feasts and forced restriction of motor activity during the winter usually accumulates to 10 kg overweight. And come out in the spring sunshine, removing winter clothes, everyone wants to slim and attractive. So you must go on a diet, 10 kg of excess weight are able to deliver significant discomfort.

To determine the optimal time to lose 10 kg, the diet should be selected according to the following individual features:

  • The source and the desired weight;
  • Body style;
  • Gender and age;
  • Blood group;
  • Features of metabolism;
  • Household features (especially the work life, having a family and children);
  • Food preferences.

Diet: lose weight by 10 kg in 10 days

Sometimes to lose weight quickly is essential: turputevku on vacation, special occasion photos. Choose a diet - 10 kg for 10 days. We recommend in this case, the simplest of food packages, but difficult for strict adherence to the so-called extreme diet. It should be remembered that recourse to extra weight loss is possible only in extreme cases, this should be done occasionally and in good health.

Diet - lose weight by 10 kg in 10 days:

  • Buckwheat diet. During the day, only buckwheat porridge, cooked without salt and sugar, 1 tablespoon allowed. tablespoon of vegetable oil (preferably olive) to 1 liter. 1% yogurt per day. Sometimes it may be 2-3 pieces. dried fruits (apricots or prunes), a glass of water with a spoon of honey, coffee and tea without sugar;
  • 10 days on the cabbage. Only fresh cabbage, salad without seasoning with 1 tbsp. olive oil during the day. For dinner, boiled fish or lean meat in a small amount, a glass of kefir 1%, 2 liters of fluid per day;
  • 10 days the cheeses. Cheese any varieties not more than 80 g per day, 20 g per meal. Besides cheese per day are allowed to eat 4 medium tomatoes, cucumber 2-3, 100 g of boiled lean meat. From vegetables allowed cabbage, carrots, radishes, eggplant, peas, asparagus. Drinking water or green tea without sugar to 1 liter per day;
  • Mono 10 days. Every day - a new product from the list, in any order:
    • Three boiled eggs and any vegetables;
    • Boiled fish in any amount;
    • Cottage cheese and yogurt with honey;
    • In any number of boiled chicken;
    • Boiled beef, veal soup;
    • In any number of any fruit except bananas and grapes;
    • Boiled potatoes in their skins, yogurt;
    • Kefir and any vegetables;
    • Cottage cheese and yogurt.
    • On the 10th day of any of the previous nine diets to choose from.

Salt and sugar should be excluded from the diet for all 10 days of the diet.

Subject to any of the many other diets to lose weight 10 kg is quite realistic. But be aware,  Menu 10 kg diet
 that compliance with such a diet can cause fatigue, nervousness increased to a nervous breakdown, dizziness, temporary loss of consciousness, worsening general health, sleep disturbances. In most cases, a diet "to lose weight by 10 kg in 10 days' hard lost weight very quickly returned to the transition to normal diet and lifestyle.

Diet 'of 10 kg for a month »

Any of a variety of diets, "10 kg in the past month" to better comply with the basic rules of supply and do not harm your health.

The most popular and proven diet "of 10 kg per month":

  • Kim Protasov. The first two weeks of raw vegetables, cheese and yogurt in a small amount, three apples and a boiled egg a day, tea and coffee without sugar. On the third week added boiled lean meat, fish or poultry. Such a diet contributes to a comprehensive cleaning of the body and normalize metabolic processes;
  • Maggie or egg-citrus. Eggs are a source of essential trace elements, and citrus fruits - Vitamin C in combination with other vitamins, helps to activate metabolism and stimulate the breakdown of fats. Supplementing the diet of foods selected to enhance the chemical reactions of the body's processing of fat cells;
  • Duc. The combination of coarse fiber receiving food, drinking plenty of fluids, and dosed physical load;
  • Counting calories. Any products in any combination, but the total number of calories per day should not exceed 600-650 kcal.

By following any of the diets "10 kg per month," to enhance the effect of massage can be used to amplify the microcurrent stimulating blood and lymph drainage, as well as cosmetic procedures, improves skin elasticity and prevents stretch marks.

The primary goal of any diet "of 10 kg per month" - set to the correct food, give your body a boost to normalize not only weight, but also health.

Diet for weight loss of 10 kg in six months

Diet for weight loss of 10 kg, according to nutritionists, optimally should last at least six months, in this case, the body is rebuilt with a new diet without stress, and the probability of the return of weight gain is very low.

In observance of these simple rules, food is the foundation of any weight loss diet "10 kg in six months":

  • Unsubscribe from flour. In an extreme case, a bit of black and grain bread instead of sweet pastries - dark chocolate and fruit;
  • Give up sugar. Allowed to replace the sugar a little honey or sweetener;
  • Unsubscribe from fatty, spicy, fried food. Any products are boiled or steamed, sometimes baked;
  • Include in the diet of large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables (except potatoes, bananas, grapes, figs, dates);
  • Tightly breakfast, eating daily diet of carbohydrates in the morning and in the evening the protein products of at least 4 hours before bedtime;
  • Do not mix the carbohydrate and protein foods in one meal;
  • Do not drink carbonated drinks and juices with added sugar.

Following these simple rules of diet, 10 kg, dropped for six months, guaranteed return. The body will gradually adapt to the new weight, formed during that time will improve the dietary habits overall health, condition of hair, nails and skin thanks to a balanced supply of nutrients.

Having set himself the goal of becoming slimmer, do not trust promises "to lose weight instantly." Thanks to the miraculous pills, various teas, acupuncture treatments, or fasting to lose weight of course you can. But to pay for such an emergency weight loss have their own health. Standard formula of weight loss methods - minus ten plus fifteen.

The task of any well-designed diet - 10 kg lost weight in conjunction with the purification of the body and the restructuring it on a correct diet, which will further maintain a healthy weight.