Diet 10

Indications diet (table) 10

Chronic failure  Indications for the diet 10
 1 or 2a circulation step.

The purpose of the diet 10

This diet facilitates the work of the cardiovascular system. It includes products the use of which has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, sparing the kidneys, increases urine output (ie, the amount of urine).

Feature table (diet) 10

Significantly limited salt and water, foods rich in cholesterol. It reduces the amount of fiber in the diet, as well as foods that cause bloating (flatulence).

Excluded are products that excite the cardiovascular and nervous systems, irritating the liver, kidneys, ie extractives.

10 Menu diet enriched with salts of magnesium, potassium, vitamins.

Recommended chemical composition of the diet number 10

  • Proteins: 80-90 g.Iz animal proteins are about 60% vegetable - 40%.
  • Fat: Vegetable fats '70 - 30%, the animals - 70%.
  • Carbohydrates: less than 350-400g.
  • Table salt: no more than 5-7 g.Iz this amount of 3-4 g is given to the patient for podsalivaniya products remaining 2.3 g are used in the process of cooking.
  • Liquid. The total amount of free liquid consumed by the patient should not be more than 1, 2 liters. Here it is necessary to include soups, fruit drinks, jelly, etc.

The total energy value of the diet 10 not more than 2300-2600 calories.

Culinary processing of products in the diet number 10

Meat and fish dishes should be steamed or boiled in water. At steady state is possible in the future roasting or grilling easy.

All dishes are prepared without the use of salt.

Salt enters the ready-meals: bread, bun, etc.

Meals are included in the diet menu 10

1. Bread and bakery products. Allowed salt-free bread, wheat bran (yesterday), white crackers, cookies nesdobnoe diet.

2. cereals, vegetables, dairy or vegetarian soups.

3. Meat. Can be used for cooking lean beef, veal, chicken, turkey meat, boiled rabbit. After cooking you can bake or fry slightly.

4. Fish. The diet menu included 10 lean fish (perch, hake, cod) boiled.

5. Vegetables. can be used  Diet Diet 10
 for cooking carrots, pumpkin, squash, beets, cauliflower, potatoes. Any vegetables can be eaten boiled. Recommended baked potato. Allowed to eat raw tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots. Limit the use of peas, beans, cabbage, because of the possibility of increased gas formation.

It will be appreciated that a number of vegetables contains a significant amount of fluid, which should be considered in a daily amount of water consumed.

6. pasta and cereals. Admitted from any cereal grains, boiled in milk. Pasta any, but is preferably made of durum wheat, without salt.

7. Milk and milk products. With good endurance can be included in the diet of yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, cottage cheese. It is also recommended cooking of dairy products: quiches, cheesecakes, etc. Fatty dairy products (sour cream) should be taken into account when calculating the menu volume consumption of animal fat!

8. Eggs. No more than three units per week. Mainly used for cooking. When elevated levels of cholesterol in the diet include egg yolk is not recommended.

9. Sweet dishes. In terms of pure sugar is not more than 100 g per day. It may be honey, jellies, marshmallows, etc. It's worth noting that many fruits and dried fruits contain significant amounts of fruit sugars. So on the day of consumption of products such as raisins, apricots, grapes, sweet apples, bananas, etc., reduce the amount of sweet.

10. Sauces. Allowed cooking low-fat vegetable, fruit sauce with parsley, dill, bay leaf. Sauces should be not sharp.

Food-exclusion in the diet 10

Strong tea and coffee, alcohol, cocoa, chocolate.

Saturated meat, fish, mushroom broth. Sharp and spicy dishes. Foods that contain large amounts of cholesterol: eggs, animal fat, brains and offal. Absolutely can not pickles, pickles. Limit foods that cause flatulence: bean, radish and radish, sodas and more.

Based on all of the above is possible to make a rough diet menu 10 for the week.

Sample menu diet 10

1 day.

Breakfast: - cheesecake 150 g;

- 150g semolina;

- Tea 200g.

Second breakfast: - Fresh apples 100 g

Lunch: - barley soup with vegetables on the water 150g;

- Slightly boiled or baked meat with boiled carrots - 55g + 150g;

- Apple compote 200ml.

Snack: - apples 100g;

- Compote of rosehip 200ml.

Dinner: - mashed potatoes with boiled fish, 150g + 85g;

- Pilaf with fruit 90g;

- Tea with milk 200ml.

Late dinner: - yogurt 200ml.

Throughout the day you can eat no more than 250 grams of wheat bread, 50g sugar, 20g butter.

It is desirable to simultaneously account for approximately 10 diet menu for the week. This will correct it and do more diverse.

Types of diet 10

Diet 10 used in cardiovascular diseases. There are 3 major of its kind. This separation is necessary for the greater improvement effect of diet.

  • Diet 10 A. It is used in the treatment of chronic heart failure 2b and 3 degrees. When compiling a diet sharply limited salt and liquid, as well as reduced total caloric intake.
  • Diet 10 B. Use of myocardial infarction. Excludes products that cause flatulence, salt, restricts fluid. Includes 3 stages depending on the severity of a heart attack.
  • Diet 10V is used in the treatment of atherosclerosis. The characteristic of this subtype of diet is necessary to emphasize the following: the protein content remains the same, reduced the percentage ratio of animal and vegetable fats in favor of the latter are limited to simple carbohydrates. Enriched diet dietary fibers, products containing polyunsaturated fatty acids.