Spa slimming

 One of the main advantages of baths slimming is to improve the condition of the skin
 There are many ways to improve the figure. You can choose any one that will appeal. In addition, no one bothers to successfully combine these methods. If you want to lose weight, get rid of stretch marks and cellulite, be sure to pay attention to a method such as a bath for weight loss. There are many recipes for weight loss home baths, some of which will be discussed in this article.

Efficiency baths slimming

According to reviews, the bath is very effective for weight loss at course of their application. Some month after regular use getting rid of 10 extra pounds. But to achieve such an impressive result, one bath is enough. It is recommended to combine them with restrictions in food, namely - with the exception of fatty foods and baking.

Significant benefits in baths slimming is to improve the condition of the skin - it becomes soft and fresh, smooth, stretch marks are almost invisible or disappear altogether. The skin is tightened considerably, becomes elastic. All these effects are often slimming bath tubs also called for rejuvenation.

General rules of how to take a bath for weight loss

  • Spa slimming should be taken in a sitting position, while in the water around the waist;
  • If you experience any discomfort or palpitation should stop taking a bath;
  • At least one hour before taking a bath, and an hour after it is not necessary to take food;
  • According to reviews, the bath for weight loss, like any other, should not be taken during menstruation and during disease.

Take a bath for weight loss is possible only in the absence of contraindications, which are a variety of cardiovascular diseases. If you have any chronic diseases it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Soda baths slimming

Soda baths are well-deserved popularity. They not only effectively eliminate the excess weight, but also help to relax the muscles. Soda baths for weight loss is an excellent tool for relaxation, especially after intense exercise. At the end of a working day also does not hurt to take a soda bath - it will help to relieve fatigue and to get rid of negative emotions that have accumulated during the day.

Soda bath helps to cleanse the lymphatic system and to intensify its activities. She also has a softening effect on the skin of the body and face. The skin becomes smooth, soft and tender after taking the first bath with baking soda.

Soda baths slimming effectively help get rid of inflammatory and allergic reactions are beneficial to the nervous system, have a pronounced anti-cellulite effect.

However, be aware that the positive effect of slimming bath with soda have only under proper nutrition. When excess food consumption Bathrooms soda will not help get rid of excess weight.

Contraindications for slimming baths with soda is diabetes, various chronic diseases and high blood pressure.

The water temperature for soda bath should not exceed 38 degrees. The bath should be added about 200 grams of baking soda and wait until it is completely dissolved.

Turpentine baths slimming

 Turpentine baths slimming have a general tonic effect
 Turpentine baths have three varieties: white, yellow and combined.

White turpentine bath slimming stimulate the capillaries of the skin and internal organs, it produces a general tonic effect. During the reception, the white turpentine bath one feels a slight tingling sensation on the skin. Bath cleanses the body of impurities, accelerates metabolism, raises blood pressure. Together, these effects help to get rid of excess weight.

Yellow turpentine bath for weight loss helps get rid of salt and calcium deposits in the joints, lowers blood pressure, washes away the remains of dead cells and has a beneficial effect on the body. Yellow turpentine bath increases sweating, so it will be especially useful for people with obesity and overweight. According to reviews, slimming bath with turpentine promotes a strong loss of body fluids, so as to avoid dehydration, after it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids.

For mixed turpentine baths using the white and yellow emulsion. Mixed bath for weight loss have a high fat burning effect, but it is necessary to start with low doses of turpentine. Before you start taking turpentine baths slimming, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

To make turpentine bath, you need to dial the bathroom water and cook Turpentine emulsion. Water temperature should be a little lower than 36 degrees, and the duration of the procedure should not be long - 5-15 minutes. The effect of the adoption of turpentine baths will be noticeable after about 15-18 of these baths are recommended to take in a day. After the bath should take a shower and lie down under a warm blanket for one hour.

Take a bath for weight loss with turpentine it is not recommended in heart failure, myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, stroke, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

Salt baths for weight loss

For salt baths best sea salt, as it contains the greatest amount of sodium chloride. Sea salt has many useful properties, as it contains:

  • Bromine has a calming effect on the nervous system, helps in the treatment of skin diseases;
  • Potassium, which helps cleanse the cells from the decay products;
  • Magnesium preventing allergic reactions, improving cellular exchange;
  • Iodine promotes the excretion of cholesterol and has antimicrobial activity;
  • Calcium strengthens cell membranes.

Thus, slimming bath with sea salt to help improve the skin, improve skin tone, make it taut, fresh and supple. In addition, the salt acts as a stimulus to the nerve endings of the surface layers of the skin, which stimulates the metabolism. The saline solution helps cleanse the body of toxins, strengthens the immune system and calms the nerves.

Before taking salt baths for weight loss is necessary to cleanse the body scrub and rinse in the shower after a bath since the saline flush is not recommended. To prepare the bath must take 0, 1-1 kg (depending on the desired effect) of sea salt and dissolve in the water. Please note that the upper half of the body should be above the water, or could be in trouble with the pressure.

The optimum temperature salt bath for weight loss - 35-39 degrees. More hot baths have expressed a relaxing effect, and the colder - toning. Should take a bath for 10-20 minutes once a week.