Detox Diet

Detox diet - a diet designed specifically designed to cleanse the body of harmful substances - toxins. Toxins - are chemical substances that have a negative impact on the body. They fall into the human body of some products: sugar, alcohol, fruit and vegetables produced with the use of pesticides and chemicals, caffeine, water and others. Toxins enter the digestive tract, the gastrointestinal system, lymph, skin and hair and cause development many diseases.  Features detox diet

What is the use of detox diet?

According to numerous reviews, detox diet can remove toxins from the body and relieve the person of toxins. In addition, proponents of detox diets claim that it is effective for weight loss and gives strength and energy, relieves some chronic diseases.

Indeed, the detox diet improves health, but does not guarantee a cure diseases. To clean the body using detox diet should adhere to the following principles:

  • The use of large amounts of water;
  • Minimize caffeine and alcohol;
  • Minimize foods rich in animal protein;
  • Minimizing treated and refined products;
  • Emphasis is placed on the consumption of natural and healthy food.

The main principle of detox diet is to consume as many fruits and vegetables, and oily, canned, fried foods and genetically modified - less.

How does the detox diet?

The human body has its own detoxifying process. The kidneys and liver are routinely perform tremendous work for the removal of harmful substances from the body through urine, sweat and feces. Our body is so constituted that does not formed toxins absorbed into the mucous membranes. However, some chronic diseases, the immune system fails, or simply excessive use of junk food the body's self-cleaning system can not cope with this work. And then begin to accumulate toxins in the body. In the opinion of detox diet not only helps rid the body of accumulated therein harmful substances, but also activates the self-cleaning of the body, establishes the work of many agencies.

Rules precautions and contraindications detox diet

If you decide to try for yourself detox diet, consult your doctor beforehand. Do not exhaust yourself restricted diet for longer than is provided for course diet. Remember that long-term diet can slow metabolism, then get rid of excess weight becomes very difficult. Before you go on a detox diet, make sure that its menu includes all the necessary nutrients.

The main problem of detox diets is that some of them substantially restrict the diet, in connection with which not everyone can stand it. In addition, any weight loss also occurs due to loss of fluid from the body, so it is important to drink a lot during dieting. Otherwise, you can make dehydration and lack of necessary substances.

Please be aware that in certain diseases any restrictions on the menu are contraindicated, so you can not comply with detox diet for the following diseases:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Diabetes;
  • Various chronic diseases;
  • Heart disease;
  • Low levels of blood sugar.

In addition, the detox diet is absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children and the elderly.

Detox diet for 7 days

The seven-day detox diet consists of seven stages, the duration of each - 1 day. Allowed extension of pleasure for 14 days, while the duration of each stage will be 2 days. It is important to observe the terms of detox diet for 7 days, and the sequence of steps:

  • Stage 1 - only liquid. Traditionally, the output of toxins begins with ordinary water. You can add a slice of lemon in the water. You can drink freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables, fruits and berries. Useful celery juices are, peach, raspberry, carrot, beetroot, apples, pears, mango, pineapple. You can also drink green tea and herbal infusions of St. John's wort, fennel, mountain ash, ginger.
  • Stage 2 - the liquid and vegetables. For the detox diet for 7 days will be the perfect fruit and vegetables, which were collected in ecologically clean areas that do not contain herbicides and pesticides. They excrete acidic toxins and stimulates the bowel tissue. A particularly useful apple, pineapple, grapes, mango and watermelon.
  • Stage 3 - added to raw vegetables. The roots contain a lot of useful substances that stimulate digestion. Should eat raw garlic, as it cleans the blood, the leaves of dandelion - stimulates the kidneys and liver, fennel - reduces flatulence and stimulates digestion, parsley - supports liver function.
  • Stage 4 - added to natural rice and boiled vegetables. When cooking vegetables should spend a minimum of time and use a small amount of salt and spices.
  • Phase 5 - Adding nuts, beans, lentils and seeds. Lentils and beans are sources of protein, and pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds impart energy and enriched in saturated fatty acids.
  • Stage 6 - added yogurt and whole grains. Particular attention should be paid to yogurt made from sheep's and goat's milk. It may consume food cereals from whole grain.
  • Stage 7 - added fish. Suitable any fresh fish, rich in saturated fatty acids.

Upon completion of the detox diet for 7 days can be gradually introduced into the diet of other products. Especially careful to be added meat and dairy products. Flour products when leaving the detox diet for reviews to be added in the latest turn.  The first stage of detox diet for 7 days - only liquid

Detox Diet by Julia Vysotsky

The well-known TV presenter and beautiful woman Julia Vysotsky shared her secret slimming: 3 days per month, she observes detox diet that cleanses the body and helps to keep the body in good shape (minus 3.2 kg).

During the observance of detox diet of Julia Vysotsky forbidden to use tea, coffee, sugar, salt, soda, drugs, alcohol, vitamins. The work at the time of compliance with detox diet is also desirable to defer.

1 day detox diet by Julia Vysotsky:

  • Breakfast: 1 cup freshly squeezed juice (except orange), berries or fruits.
  • Second breakfast: a glass of juice or energy drink.
  • Lunch: 300 ml of vegetable soup or a plate of vegetables, steamed.
  • Snack: a glass of freshly squeezed juice.
  • Dinner: 300 ml Bonn soup and salad greens. The last meal should fall to 18.00.

2 day detox diet consists of the same menu. You should only remove the salads, fruits and vegetables, ie solid food is excluded.

3 day detox diet - a way out of the diet. The diet added baked apples for breakfast, the rest of the menu is the same as on the second day.

Julia Vysotsky also recommends doing exercise - such as jogging or rock press.