Effective Diet

Everyone knows that the core of any effective diet are just two components factor - eat less and exercise more. As simple as it may sound, in practice, it is usually quite difficult to lose weight.  Effective diet must include exercise

The most effective diet for weight loss may include a variety of products, but as a rule, there are some general tips to help reduce weight faster and keep the result for a long time.

Tips for effective weight loss nutritionists

Nutritionists advise during follow any most effective diets to follow a few simple rules that will help to lose weight the most effective and painless. To do this:

  • Drink plenty of water or other low-calorie beverages. Because people often confuse thirst with hunger, eventually instead of a glass of clean water consumed calories. If the taste of plain water do not like, then it is possible to add a few spoonfuls of citrus juice. You can also replace the water for any fruit or herbal teas;
  • Deciding what to effective weight loss should be added to the diet, and not excluded from it. Nutritionists advise to start with increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables, especially seasonally. This allows you to keep the usual amount of food intake and dietary diversity, and the fruits and vegetables will gradually replace the excess amounts of fatty foods, in addition to the weight loss that will help improve the health and well-being;
  • There's only when you really have the feeling of hunger. It is recommended to control the feeling of fullness. Do not leave the dining table with a tired and bloated stomach. The stomach is small, similar to the size of a fist. This is worth remembering, before putting himself serving food. This helps to stick to compliance with reasonable portions to control feelings of hunger and satiety;
  • Be legible during the evening snacks. The greatest danger is the food habit, such as cookies or chips in front of TV. Part-time, most often associated with rest and relaxation after a working day, so at this time it is best to eat low-calorie snacks;
  • Schedule longer walks and family picnics. The easiest way to comply with an effective diet, reviews, away from home, where it is easy to succumb to the temptation of snacking.

Nutritionists believe that smaller meals throughout the day helps to better control of appetite and weight and, consequently, effective weight loss. Therefore, the main meal should add 4-5 light snacks desserts, preferably consisting of fruits.

Protein brings a feeling of fullness more quickly, so the diet is effective, reviews should include proteins, more than carbohydrates or fats. Adequate protein helps maintain muscle mass and helps burn fat while maintaining a sense of satiety. In the diet effective weight loss diet should include healthy protein sources - yogurt, nuts, cheese and beans.

Often, in order to avoid ordering pizza ready enough to take care of, so you can quickly prepare healthy meals at home. For this it is necessary to have always been in the refrigerator, frozen vegetables, canned beans, meat products, of which half an hour is possible to prepare useful and easily digestible food.

Other components of an effective weight loss diet

The most effective diet in addition to proper diet should include psychological factors and proper exercise.

According to many nutritionists, overeating, in most cases associated with stressful situations, when food plays the role of comforter. In the event of stress, psychologists recommend not to eat, and to turn its attention by reading a few chapters of the novel and listening to music, or enjoy oriental practices deep breathing.

Another important component of the most effective diets for weight loss is physical activity. This is psychologically important to consider them as a punishment that is an internal negation and rejection, and focus on the fact that exercise increases the inner energy, improve mood and sleep. This will help develop a positive habit of being active not under duress, and for effective weight loss.  The psychological factor - an important component of an effective diet

Failure to follow an effective diet

When choosing an effective diet for weight loss should know that quick diets, which in addition to the grapefruit or cabbage soup does not provide anything to lead to rapid weight loss, but to keep the achieved results will be very difficult. Therefore, if the aim is not to lose weight for a particular celebration, and reduce weight permanently, you should choose other effective diet designed for a longer period.

One of the major errors in losing weight is to set unrealistic goals. So, if you ask for - to reduce weight by 10 kg for a week, then to nothing but frustration, it will not. Realistic goal is an important factor in effective weight loss. So before you start to follow a diet, it is best to consult with a nutritionist, who based on individual characteristics and preferences to design an appropriate diet.

Another common mistake when losing weight is skipping breakfast. Mistakenly believe that this is the easiest way to reduce the number of daily calories, but as a result of hunger will have to reduce snacking at work and an increase in food for lunch. According to many nutritionists, daily breakfast helps maintain proper digestion and a healthy weight.

Also in compliance with the effective diet, reviews should not be weighed to monitor weight daily. This often gives rise to frustration and feelings of frustration. If you have a goal to lose weight in a month, it should weigh no more than once a week, which will be noted positive results and give the faith in their own strength.

Another mistake is to buy sweets "for the future." Typically, in stressful situations, or even for minor disturbances tempted to eat something sweet. Therefore, psychologists advise in the preparation of the list for shopping is clearly to limit yourself to the list of products. This will quickly readjust psychologically and excitement do not eat biscuits and fruit.

Also during the effective diet should not engage too much exercise, but rather prefer aerobic classes. It may be walking or jogging, cycling or swimming. Thus it is necessary to find such a class, which will bring the greatest pleasure, and not lead to fatigue.