Fast diet

Fast diet - a special diet and a diet that promotes rapid weight loss. How  Features fast diet
   Generally, quick diets are used for a short period (up to 5 days).

Fast diet: pros and cons of rapid weight loss

In the conditions of modern life a person is in a constant state of stress, depression. The intense work schedule, violation of sleep and rest, poor diet, lack of adequate physical activities contribute to the deposition of fat and as a result lead to overweight. Fast diet helps control weight at small deviations from the norm.

The main advantages of fast diets are:

  • The smallest psychological stress for the person - the shorter the diet, the less a person is experiencing stressful period;
  • Easy compliance - usually quick diets are based on fasting (moderate consumption of products) or cleansing, rather than requiring a special menu;
  • Quick results - quick loss diets offer from 2 to 5 kg;
  • Effective cleansing of the body.

Choosing one of the fast diets, need to give priority to the most restrictive diet. By choosing fast diet should be approached with full responsibility. Keep in mind the state of the organism, chronic diseases and predisposition to them. So, quick diets are not recommended for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with gastric ulcer history, immunocompromised.

The main disadvantages of fast diets are:

  • An imbalance of vitamins, macro- and micronutrients;
  • Reduced efficiency;
  • Difficulties with the normalization of supply after the release of the diet;
  • High risk of reverse weight gain after the diet;
  • Discomfort in the stomach with a diet.

Light diet for quick weight loss

The right approach to the choice of diet will help you choose a light diet for quick weight loss. Typically, to achieve the most rapid effect is possible with a thorough cleansing of the body and a significant reduction of food consumed.

Before you choose a method of weight loss and the most appropriate diet, you need to properly install the causes of excess weight:

  • Overeating lately;
  • The lack of physical activity;
  • A significant change in the diet (the transition from seasonal fruits and vegetables "autumn-winter" type of food).

Also lead to overweight certain diseases: hormonal imbalance and dysfunction of the endocrine system, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes. The diet will not only help to cope with the extra weight, but also relieve the disease.

At the heart of the lungs quick diets for weight loss are products that can start natural processes of cleansing the digestive tract. So one of the easiest and fastest unloading diet is kefir diet, designed for 3 days. The diet contains fresh, raw fruits and vegetables (1 to 5 kg per day) and yogurt (1 liter per day).

Another principle  Menu fast diet
 quick and easy weight loss is based on fasting. Such diets last for 1-2 days. The diet may be completely absent tough food. So, one of the most easy and quick diets is on the juice diet (juice instead of eating a meal, tougher version of such a diet is the use of water instead of food).

Any diet is only of recommendation character, so any diet can be modified according to the needs of the body. So, without breaking the calorie diet, anyone can pick up those products that are most accessible in a given period. Fast diets are quite gentle to the body. Nutritionists recommend periodic discharge to cleanse the body. Quick easy diet will not only cause the body in tone, but also to normalize weight.

Diets for quick weight loss: how to prepare for weight loss

Diets for quick weight loss requires careful preparation. In no case can not be uncontrolled diet. Before selecting one of the diets is necessary to properly prepare the body for a new diet to minimize stress.

For right choice of diet is recommended for a week to conduct a food diary, adhering to the traditional diet and mode. Analysis of the results will help to understand what diet regimen is the most restrictive of the body, as well as to identify the causes of excess weight.

Before starting the diet is recommended to conduct two days of unloading, making it easier to prepare the body for a new principle supply. Complete diet is also recommended one day discharge.

Fast diet usually recommends strict dietary restrictions, which can lead to an imbalance of vitamins. It is recommended during the compliance period to make a quick diet complex vitamins. This will prevent fatigue, irritability, constant hunger, disability, and help the body to better adapt to a new diet and nutrition.

The best diet for quick weight loss: the menu by day

How to choose the best diet for fast weight loss? The optimum would be that a diet that best suits the rhythm and lifestyle. Also, selection of the best fast diet should be based on the proposed menu. All products must be available. It is best to comply with the diet, which does not introduce new products in the diet, unusual for a man. This may cause such side effects as indigestion, allergic reactions.

The best diet for quick weight loss offers tasty and balanced menu for 3 days (weight loss of up to 3 kg)

  • 1st day - low-fat yogurt. Breakfast requires 100 grams of yogurt, cheese, whole grain bread. Dinner - 100 grams of boiled chicken, whole grain bread, yogurt. Dinner - 100 grams of fat-free cottage cheese, yogurt;
  • 2nd day - vegetable. Breakfast - stewed vegetables, cheese, whole grain bread, green tea. Dinner - 100 grams of boiled chicken meat (fillet of sea fish), salad, bread, green tea. Dinner - steamed vegetables, bread, tea.
  • 3rd day - mixed. Breakfast - yogurt, cheese, bread. Lunch - meat, salad, yogurt. Tie Dinner - yogurt.

Quick weight loss diet: user reviews, recommendations nutritionists

The best quick diets are the most popular. They allow you to effortlessly get rid of a few extra kilos. Quick weight loss diet reviews can be found on the Internet, do not recommend to comply with often. If, after one of the best fast diets weight is dialed again, in this case it is better to consult a doctor to undergo screening and detection of diseases and disorders in the body, provoking weight gain.

Quick weight loss diet, which provide reviews of getting rid of excess weight, are not always effective. Fast diet aims minor correction weight. Get rid of excess weight with the help of one of the best fast diets unlikely. If there is a serious problem of excess weight, it makes sense to adopt a more gentle and long-term diet that will allow the body to rebuild and cleanse yourself of toxins, toxins and, consequently, to burn fat.