Fasting on water

 During fasting on the water need to drink a lot of water, it will more quickly purify the blood
 Fasting - this is one of the most extreme methods of influence on the body, including the purpose to lose weight .  Moreover, hunger in terms of medicine is even a stronger restriction of the energy value of food per day .  This so-called "unloading days" (up to 800 kcal per day or less) .  Sometimes starvation is a necessary measure - before or after surgery or procedures .  Various methods of recovery are also sometimes contain recommendations starve .  Remember that this kind of diet is necessary to carefully prepare the body .  There are diseases in which much can not limit yourself to food .  For example, diabetes, gastritis, peptic ulcer, cholecystitis can trigger complications during starvation .  To identify contraindications to fasting, consult with a specialist .  Especially if you intend to stick to a diet more than one day .  It is also important that, after a period of famine begin to eat again it is necessary to gradually .  The time span of water fasting depends on your goals and health .  Normally, the maximum period is 14 days .  For beginners will be enough one-day fasting on water, which is repeated several times in a month .

Fasting on water

Without water a person can do just a few days, while without food - often more than a month .  Methods of starvation on the water involves a complete rejection of food .  The liquid is not limited, but you can drink only pure water .  Thus, the flow of nutrients is reduced to zero .  The body is forced to spend their own reserves .  In the first hours of hunger is spent glycogen - a substance that is the main energy reserve .  Glycogen molecule formed from blood sugar and are accumulated mainly in muscle and liver .  In hunger glycogen enzymatically converted back into glucose and enters the blood .  The liver normally accumulates 100-120 grams of glycogen in the muscles can be up to 1% by weight of muscles .  After the whole amount of glycogen is over, the body begins to use fat tissue .  It then begins the process of losing weight .  Lipids adipose tissue is processed in the liver to glucose and ketone bodies .  And then, and another is used as energy .  The decomposition products should leave the lipid body, as in large doses, they are toxic .  Therefore, the more you drink water during a water fast, the faster the blood is purified and better health .

The results are fast on the water

 Fasting on water requires careful preparation
 Reasons fasting water may be different .  Accordingly, the expectations people have different .  Who wants to lose weight, someone - to feel a surge of strength and courage, someone hopes to defeat the disease or reduce the amount of medication needed .  In relation to body mass starvation is not the most effective method of losing weight .  On average, for the loss of 1 kg requires up to 2-4 days .  In addition, losing weight in the background of a strong calorie restriction, people have a negative effect on the metabolism, the body adjusts to the "thrifty" type of metabolism .  That is, losing weight, you run the risk of further rapid return kilograms and even add relative to the initial weight .  In the end, it turns out that no one has an extra piece will not pass unnoticed for the figure .  However, adherents of starvation on the water in a review, emphasize the need to constantly adhere to the correct way of life and a healthy diet .  Surely, after water fasting is easier to move to the right of your power supply system .  The results of fasting on water can also be a bad state of health, exacerbation of chronic diseases, sleep disorders and headaches .  This may be due to the violation of the rules of fasting (the use of tea, coffee instead of water), and the individual characteristics of the organism .