Salt-free diet

Salt-free diet was created in the first place, for a variety of health problems: high blood  Features a salt-free diet
 pressure, dilatation, edema, and for treatment of cellulite.

Sol is an indispensable ingredient in cooking, but excessive use results in fluid retention that slows metabolic processes in general. Salt-free diet does not require a complete rejection of salt, but only limited in its reception. Salt-free diet for weight loss due to output allows the body to get rid of excess fluid from the extra 3-4 kg.

Sol, as well as many trace elements and substances needed by the body. It contained sodium displays an overabundance of calcium in the body. But in the modern diet, unfortunately, the amount of salt than the required level. Daily consumption of chips, sausages, bread and so on. It leads to the accumulation of large quantities, which not only violates the metabolism, promotes fluid retention, but also harmful to the organism as a whole.

Contraindications to the use of salt-free diet

The effectiveness of salt-free diet for weight loss many nutritionists questioned. According to them, returning to normal diet, lost weight usually come back. The results of the studies have repeatedly shown that people are excluded from the diet completely salt, strange as it may have an increased risk of various cardiovascular diseases. This is primarily caused by the lack of sodium in the body. So do not fanatical "sit" on a salt-free diet. Not recommended for salt-free diet to lose weight during the hot period of time. Contraindicated its implementation and at high physical exertion.

Salt-free diet for weight loss: Recommendations

By following this diet are allowed to pickle food, but it should be done not in the cooking process, and when it is ready. Menu salt-free diet involves frequent meals in small portions, so-called split meals. During the day, eat slowly, and fractional. In the food can add garlic or onion, so it does not seem too sweet and tasteless. But gradually the salt-free diet for weight loss gives a person a new taste habits -no usual amount of salt makes food more flavorful and delicious.

The products from which you need to give in a salt-free diet for weight loss:

  • Smoked, fried, oily and spicy food: meat and fish;
  • Pickles and marinades;
  • Confectionery;
  • Sausage, hot dogs and products containing large amounts of salt.

Products used in salt-free diet menu:

  • Wheat and rye bread;
  • Vegetable broth;
  • Broth from meat and low-fat varieties of fish;
  • Raw and cooked vegetables;
  • Fruits, dried fruits and berries;
  • Dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, low-fat milk;
  • Kissel, tea.

Salt-free diet Sample menu for one day:

Breakfast: tea with milk, cottage cheese and rye bread;

Lunch: one baked apple;

Lunch: Potato soup with mushrooms, salad of tomato, a piece of charlotte with apples;

Afternoon snack: a decoction of rose hips and a slice of bread with jam;

Dinner: boiled potatoes, leaf salad dressed with yogurt, cottage cheese with fruit.

Menu salt-free diet for 14 days:

Day 1-3: used  Use salt-free diet
 during the day chicken without skin -500 g;

4-6 day is used throughout the day 500 g lean fish;

7-9 day on the water preparing porridge of buckwheat, oatmeal or barley to your liking + honey. The porridge is allowed to add a bit of skim milk;

Day 10-12: any vegetables from 1 to 2 kg, but exclude potatoes;

Day 13-14: any fruit from 1 to 2 kg, except bananas.

During a low-salt diet for 14 days is recommended to drink the mineral water, at least 1, and 5 l of teas with honey.

Salt-free diet Pugacheva

Its basic principle is a complete rejection of salt. The day for the normal functioning of the body requires only 5-8 grams of sodium chloride. The bulk of the salt appears when urinating, but the surplus postponed. Excess salt leads to edema and high blood pressure.

Salt-free diet Pugacheva allows a short time to get rid of 3-4 kg of excess weight. During it is not necessary to completely eliminate the salt, enough to use in the diet of salted dishes. Subject to this diet for the day you need to eat small meals several times a day, leaving the table with a slight feeling of hunger.

In the month should be excluded from the diet smoked pickles and spices. The menu also salt-free diet Pugacheva should be no jam, sugar, pastries, various cereals and pasta.

Recipes salt-free diet

All recipes are based on a salt-free diet for a couple of cooking food or boiled. During cooking, salt is added. The daily amount of meat consumed should not exceed 100 grams of wheat or rye bread 200g, beets, carrots and potatoes should be consumed in limited quantities. Alcoholic drinks during the salt-free diet can not consume. Recipes salt-free diet involves the use of the following products:

  • Low-fat varieties of fish;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • Eggs;
  • Beans;
  • dairy products;
  • Various teas.

Salt-free diet is considered to be curative. During her of the body are derived from excess water, causing edema. Well reduced weight and overall health is much improved.