Fasting at home

Fasting in the home called a voluntary abstinence from any food.  Properties starvation at home
 Voluntary termination of a meal for a fixed period of time leads to surprising changes. Fasting includes the reserve forces of the body begins to break down harmful deposits. Because the body are derived salt deposits, toxic metabolic products. During fasting, the liver is reduced supply of glycogen metabolism slows down, there is dizziness and weakness. Then, the human body goes to the endogenous (internal) power supply due to the accumulated fat cells. Those who got rid of the extra kilos with the help of fasting at home noted his amazing results. This feeling of youth and lightness, improved nail and hair, get rid of snoring.

Varieties of starvation

There are several kinds of fasting. With full (water) fasting can be used only water in unlimited quantities. This kind of fasting is suitable for the treatment of various diseases, as well as for weight loss. To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to use distilled water. Out of the Water fasting is necessary to very carefully, under the supervision of specialists. Absolute (dry) Fasting is an absolute rejection of the use of fluids and food. Dry fasting should last no more than three days. Starvation at home is not desirable to apply. It is best to practice this kind of fasting in sanatoriums and health complexes.

For the duration of food abstinence may be a one-day (daily), a three-day, five-day, weekly (seven-day) and long. When the daily fasting allowed to use only water.

The three-day fasting in the home can be used to restart and body cleansing. 3-day fasting among the most optimal period of fasting.

The methodology of the three-day fasting is different from the one-day food abstinence. Prior to the 3-day fast at home it is advisable to consult with a specialist. 3-day fasting is possible even during pregnancy and lactation. During the three-day fasting on the internal power supply body goes only partially. Do not start a three-day fasting, not having spent several times one day.

Weekly food abstinence is aimed at cleansing the body and cure of various diseases. Prolonged fasting may last up to a month. This kind of fasting should be carried out exclusively in spas and specialized complexes. When any kind of food abstinence is useful to keep a diary of starvation. In the diary of fasting is necessary to write down their feelings and objective evidence of change in the state.

Pros and cons of fasting

The unquestionable advantages of fasting include health benefits resulting from activation of the body's defenses. The process of fasting has a positive effect on the endocrine system, the body's metabolism. When food abstinence evaporate salt deposits of the spine and joints. Fasting not only cleanse the body but also activates all the processes at the cellular and molecular level and tissue.

By cons food abstinence include the need for regular practice of purification. Individual starvation at home will not lead to the desired result. Before food abstinence is required prior preparation. It is important to study the method of fasting and gradually increase the duration.

Cycle starvation at home

Before fasting is very important to clean the intestines to toxins are not absorbed and does not poison the body. To clean the bowel used laxatives and enemas. Popularizer of starvation Paul Bragg noted that the start to the food abstinence is possible without pretreatment. However, modern man just need a preliminary purification. Poor quality of food and the level of environmental pollution lead to severe bowel. Poisons accumulated in the digestive tract, can get into the bloodstream. For two or three days before the start of fasting is best to go to the dairy and plant foods, excluding from a diet bean and meat. Clear the intestinal wall will roughage. All of this will ensure an easy transition to starvation, well-being and effective weight loss.

It is important to get out fast. The classic way out of starvation is considered a liquid intake and digestible food. The food should be administered in small portions. First, in the diet should be given pureed vegetables, salads, and then porridge and meat dishes. For the first meal better suited fruit and vegetable juices, diluted with water. Bragg outlet recommended to eat tomatoes, warmed in warm water and peeled.

Incorrect starvation at home can lead to poisoning of the body, disruption of lipid metabolism, as well as to loss of muscle mass.

Cycle fasting for 5 days

Fasting for 5 days before the first day should take a laxative.  Options fasting at home
 For this purpose 60 g of magnesium sulfate dissolved in 100 ml of hot water .  The resulting solution is taken orally in the form of heat .  The next day, we must do a cleansing enema, and then take a ten-minute shower or bath .  Then lightly salted water should be washed nasopharynx, brush your teeth and tongue with a soft brush .  Then rinse your mouth and throat solution of baking soda and potassium permanganate .  After water procedures necessary to carry out self-massage or massage the overall oppressive to light reddening of the skin .  After the massage - compulsory exercises and a walk in the fresh air .  The day when the food abstinence should be filled physical and mental labor, positive communication .  The blog fasting is necessary to record changes in the indices of pulse, temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate .  The effect produced by fasting for 5 days at home, must be secured proper nutrition during recovery .

Lunar calendar starvation

Lunar starvation to seven days should be performed only in the second or fourth phase of the lunar cycle. In the lunar calendar of fasting stated that during this period there is a natural cleansing of the human body. Food abstinence is better to start a week so that most of the days of famine were in the second and fourth phases of the lunar cycle.

By the calendar fasting more than 14 days should be planned so that the output of the famine coincided with the beginning of the lunar cycle. It considered ineffective starvation in the first and third phases of the lunar cycle. During this period, the body sends a bad toxins. Daily food abstinence is best done in the 11th day after the new moon, and in the 11th day after the full moon.