Harm diets

 Quickly lose weight without harm to health
 According to a survey conducted by researchers from the UK, one in three women of our planet more than once complied with any diet, and one in four women adhere to a certain diet for more than two times. Diets devoted a huge amount of books, and the number of diets themselves up to twenty-eight thousand. Modern diet therapy originates from the distant past. Ancient nutritionists gave recommendations for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. They believed that the harm and benefits of diets vary from individual to individual. The human body needs all foods, but their number and the ratio should vary according to the constitution, age, climate and habits. The human body is not harmful to the diet treatment. Therapeutic diets are used in almost all the great healers (Avicenna, Paracelsus, Hippocrates).

Harm and benefits of diets

Choosing the right diet allows you to lose weight, feel better and cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. However, when choosing a diet most people do not take into account the metabolic, genetic characteristics, mode of power in the family. Before starting the diet is necessary to check the status of all organs and body systems. Otherwise damage may be irreparable diet.

When a person complies with any diet, the body starts a peculiar system of protection .  Protective body's response to nutritional stress manifests itself in the reduction of energy consumption .  Moreover, this reduction of 40-45% is due to respiratory function, heart and metabolism .  Harm diets is that when a person returns to his usual diet, the body begins to store calories with a vengeance .  Nutritionists call this phenomenon "yoyo effect" .  And the greatest harm on diet based on the use of a particular product .  With this type of diet can get rid of the extra kilos in a short period of time .  However, after such a diet often occurs a sharp increase in body weight .  And again dialed fat primarily deposited near the internal organs in the abdominal cavity, rather than between the skin and the muscles on the hips and the sides .  Fat of the areas of accumulation able to seep into the bloodstream and liver, and enhance the blood concentration of LDL .

An important diet can cause damage, and nervous system. Incorrectly chosen diet can lead to a loss of the ability to think clearly. Offbeat diet can cause the development of neuropsychiatric disorders.

British psychologists tested 60 healthy women on memorization, speed of reaction and attention. The first type of test was carried out after a hearty feast, and the second - following a strict diet. The test results turned out to be a feast after a 20-30% better than the results of the test conducted after a strict diet. Psychologists have concluded that the greatest harm to the diet is that the human body perceives it as stress. And different types of stress the body has the ability to adapt and resist them more and more. Therefore, to constantly adjust the weight with the help of short-term and strict diets can not.

Diet without harm to health

Many are concerned about how quickly lose weight without harm to health. Diet without harm to health should be based on the principles of a healthy diet. The diet should be sufficient lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. About two-thirds of the diet must be nuts, fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, cereals and dairy products of fermentation.

To lose weight in a healthy way in the preparation of the diet must be considered an occupation of every individual. With intensive physical activity in the diet should prevail vitamins and carbohydrates, while intellectual - proteins. For the harm of diet was minimal, in the diet should not be sweet, fatty and fried foods.

 Harm and benefits of diets depend only on the correct diet
 To lose weight in a healthy nutritious diet should be reduced by ten to fifteen percent with a variety of food and enough exercise.

Suffice it to sound and humane diet is considered a diet on blood groups. It is enough nutrients. When you diet without harm to health can be used with the use of a vegetarian table eggs, dairy products and seafood. You can also stick to a separate food.

Consumption of raw fruits and vegetables leads to bloating. If diet comprises proteins that are affected kidney. If you only eat mushrooms and nuts, then disrupted liver. Eating grapefruit or orange juice on an empty stomach leads to the release of bile. If you feel unwell during the diet is necessary to return to the familiar for the body diet.