Banana Diet

 Banana Diet
 Brief description of the banana diet

Action banana diet is based on eating for three or seven days, only two products - bananas and milk.

Assign a banana diet for weight loss in obesity, but also it can be used as therapeutic: it is included in the complex therapy of hypertension, diseases of the bile ducts and liver, circulatory failure, ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, dysentery and diabetes.

Nutritionists, despite these known high calorie fruit (96 calories per 100g) recommend bananas because they are a source of fiber, vitamins A, E, PP, C, B, minerals - iron, potassium, phosphorus calcium, natural sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose). In addition, bananas have a shielding effect, because a beneficial effect on the state of the gastrointestinal mucosa, well satisfy hunger, and in addition, feed the nervous system and brain. Therefore, reviews of the banana diet mostly positive - a good result can be achieved without complications in the form of depression, disorders of the digestive tract and intestines.

Diet Menu

Developed two options banana diet for weight loss: three days and a week.

Banana diet, designed for 3 days, the most rigid of the two options, allows you to reset 3kg. On day three bananas and relies three glasses of low-fat milk - they can be divided in its sole discretion to three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Those who categorically do not accept the milk, can replace it with one percent yogurt. For a change in one of the three days of the diet may be prepared banana-milk drink which need to drink throughout the day, for which a mixer or blender bananas mixed with milk. Also during the milk banana diet allowed to drink green tea and water in unlimited quantities. Sugar and sugar substitutes is desirable not to use.

Diet for a week gets rid of 7 kg (out of about one kilogram / day). Judging by the reviews, banana diet in this manner is transferred more easily: for a week are allowed to eat 1, 5 kg of bananas per day (specified weight of treated fruits) and drink water or green tea. You can eat bananas during the first hunger pangs. Efficacy diet due to the fact that the day when this ration consumed only 1300 calories. If desired, you can reduce the duration of the diet, it all depends on the desired result.

Bananas contain virtually no important element - the protein, therefore, subject to a weekly banana diet for weight loss, after five days, allowed to eat one boiled egg a day.

Advantages and disadvantages of the banana diet weight loss diet

Milky banana diet thanks to the active flow of potassium is good for the heart. The same  Milky banana diet is good for the heart
 element helps to eliminate toxins from the body - Potassium has a laxative and diuretic effect.

Thanks contain fiber diet during the bowels, and thus stabilize the metabolism and improve the skin condition.

The disadvantage of the banana diet, like any other mono-diet, which it still is, despite allowing milk, is the need to sustain the same type of diet. Not suitable, of course, this diet, and those who do not like bananas, or for some reason can not consume milk and milk products.

Out of the diet should be gradually - over the week is not fat, sweet, eat a "simple" meal: cereal, cottage cheese, fish, more fruits and vegetables.

Only those who are able to properly get out of the diet, positive comments about the banana diet. The majority have experienced a method of losing weight. They noted in addition to weight loss and even improve the general well-being.

Another disadvantage of this diet can be called that weight loss is largely due to bowel cleansing and removal of moisture. The best effect is still a mode in which the fat go away, so the result is a milky banana diet can be called a rapid, but often short-lived.