Lipid-lowering diet

 Lipid-lowering diet - a diet for people with coronary heart disease
 Patients with coronary heart disease who had undergone coronary artery bypass surgery, are at higher risk. As a rule, published in large quantities from the diet of atherosclerosis are not sufficiently effective for those patients who have developed a critical stenosis of blood vessels of the heart and an increased risk of coronary vessels.

The main principle of lipid-lowering diet is to minimize the consumption of carbohydrate and cholesterol. And if patients present even more overweight, you need to take care of reducing caloric intake.

Lipid-lowering diet of a general nature. Consequential amendments doctor can make the different disorders of lipid metabolism. Important role played by a complete rejection of food after 19 hours. But dinner should consist of foods that are rich in fiber and contain no cholesterol (fruits and vegetables).

General rules and recommendations lipid-lowering diet

Subject to the lipid-lowering diet nutritionists recommend to strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • Fasting is strictly prohibited. Of course, many are starving to lose weight and maintain health, but lipid-lowering diet is not provided. It should adhere to proper diet and do long breaks between meals. Otherwise, the body will receive less necessary calories, fats will lay in store;
  • Do you need small, frequent meals. Optimal nutrition is such a scheme: the 3 main meals and 2 extra;
  • Care should be taken when calorie recipes lipid-lowering diet. The average number of calories consumed per day should not exceed 1200 kcal. However, if you have significant physical stress, such as exercise, in this case the amount of calories should be increased. It is better to consult a dietitian;
  • Check the condition of the body. Try to tune in to a positive result;
  • Make the right menu, lipid-lowering diet every day and strictly adhere to it.

What not to include in the menu lipid-lowering diet?

Subject to the lipid-lowering diet is forbidden to eat these foods rich in saturated fats:

  • Fatty dairy products and milk. Banned heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, yogurt, yogurt, milk shake and porridge made with milk;
  • Margarines, and lard, palm oil and coconut oil;
  • Lamb and pork, as well as their products (ham, bacon, bacon, neck, carbonate, ham, various meats, lard and foods to which they can go). You can not eat sausage, cooked sausage, steaks, burgers, sausages, canned meat, meatballs, as well as fatty meat broth;
  • Red meat and poultry skin;
  • Various products (liver, brain, lungs, kidneys);
  • Sturgeon, crabs, crayfish, clams, shrimp, liver, and fish eggs;
  • Confectionery and bakery products from flour (cakes, biscuits, cakes), since their composition contains sugar, eggs and milk;
  • Sugar;
  • Any pasta;
  • Eggs;
  • Roasted coffee beans, cocoa, chocolate;
  • Sweet drinks and alcohol (sweet fortified wine, beer, liquor).

What products should be included in the menu, lipid-lowering diet?

Subject to the lipid-lowering diet every day in large quantities should be consumed the following products:

  • Vegetable oil - olive, sunflower, corn, cotton, rapeseed;
  • All vegetables. In the lipid-lowering diet recipes recommended to include fresh vegetables, as well as frozen and canned (without sugar), dried fruits. Perfectly suited such prescriptions when lipid-lowering diet, like a cold veggie soup and salad;
  • Any green (onions, basil, celery, parsley, fennel, spinach, sorrel, etc.), garlic;
  • Laminaria;
  • Mineral water without gas, fruit drinks and fruit juices without sugar;
  • Saltwater fish (saffron cod, sprat, haddock, ice, cod, hake, sardines, halibut, herring). Perfect for lipid-lowering diet recipes baked fish, marinated and fried in vegetable oil;
  • Oatmeal on the water.  It is strictly forbidden to lipid-lowering diet starve

A limited number (less than two servings per week) with respect lipid-lowering diet allowed the use of such products:

  • Lean beef, and white chicken meat. It is preferable to cook the meat, cooking on the grill or in the microwave. But fry or stew is not recommended;
  • Secondary low-fat chicken broth, or lean beef;
  • All freshwater fish;
  • Buckwheat on the water without oil;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Potatoes, pre-soaked in water for an hour. Potatoes should be boiled. Sometimes you can fry it in a small amount of vegetable oil;
  • Soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, adjika, herbs and spices;
  • Instant coffee and tea without sugar;
  • Bread made from rye flour and bran;
  • Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts;
  • Chewing sugar-free gum;
  • Alcohol, namely: a dry wine, whiskey, brandy, vodka.

Sample menu lipid-lowering diet

The approximate date of lipid-lowering diet diet looks like this:

  • Breakfast: porridge brown rice with 1 teaspoon honey, 1 cup of fresh juice with pulp;
  • Second breakfast: a few rice crackers, 1 cup of skim milk and one large fruit;
  • Lunch: oatmeal, boiled shrimp portion of mineral water and 150 g of fresh pineapple;
  • Snack: a glass of low-fat yogurt and some fruit;
  • Dinner: fish, steamed, and green vegetables.