Exit diet

After the period ended diet have been achieved excellent results, the body was slim and fit, you probably wondering how to get out of the diet to the dumped kgs not returned? Of course, to go back to the old diet dramatically is by no means impossible, as foods rich in carbohydrates to quickly return the lost weight back. Avoid this by knowing how to get out of the diet.  How to get out of the diet? Gradually!

How to get out of the diet: general principles

Output from the diet will depend on the type of diet previously selected, but there are some general principles to be observed in the output of any diet, namely:

1. The amount of consumed fruits and vegetables should be gradually increased in the diet, preferably boiled with a gradual transition to the raw;

2. Gradually add (if on a diet were banned), or increasing the intake of lean meats and fish;

3. Over the past two weeks to add to the daily diet of 200 calories of fat and carbohydrates in the form of dark chocolate, whole wheat bread and fruit (avocados and grapes);

4. Sports with a gradual increase in the intensity of workouts. It is important after the diet is over, do not overload an already weakened body heavy physical exertion. You must gradually, week by week, to increase the number and intensity of your workouts, and you can start with a simple walking, cycling or yoga;

5. The use of at least two liters of water daily, taking into account that this number includes only herbal tea, fresh juices and pure water, other drinks do not go to the expense;

6. It is also important when you exit the diet take a multivitamin complexes, which help the body recover faster and to supply it with the necessary nutrients;

7. Eating is necessary in the concentrated state, preferably while avoiding watching TV, reading books or newspapers, as well as conducting interviews and conversations. Only in this way it will be clear when the body will be full and it will save him from overeating;

8. Eating should be 5 or 6 small meals and one-off, as it will help the stomach digest easily entered the food;

9. Do not eat later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. In cases where there is hunger is better to eat some dried fruit, or porridge made with water;

10. The term of the output from the diet should not exceed two weeks, after which you must switch completely to a healthy and proper nutrition.

How to get out of the diet: monodiet

If you do not know how to get out of the diet based on the reception of a single product (mono-diet), it is necessary to understand that sharply starting to include in the diet of a large number of different products, you should not. The main principle to be followed when leaving the diet of this species - the daily addition of new products only 50 kcal per day.

How to get out of the diet buckwheat diet

After the two-week diet of buckwheat over, the first day out of the diet for breakfast must be hot favorite cereal substitute nonfat yogurt with an apple or orange. The rest of the meals in the day, should continue to consist of buckwheat. On the second day has yogurt instead may use 50 grams of low-fat cheese and low-fat yogurt can be lunch. So over and over again, day after day, in the daily ration are introduced dairy products, eggs of different ways to prepare fruits and vegetables, then fish and meat. After a week out of the diet ends and in the daily diet can be gradually introduced earlier favorite foods, but within reason, otherwise required to return the lost weight.  The term exit from the diet - a week

How to get out of the diet: protein diet

Subject to the Kremlin diet or protein Dukan Diet should immediately accept the fact that out of the diet will be long and will last for six months or more .  The fact that limiting carbohydrate intake diets produce quick results, but how to get out of the diet so as not to gain weight gone by consuming carbohydrates, know not all .  It should be understood that the daily intake of carbohydrates should not exceed 60 grams per day, and if happened overeating, the next day to be unloading .  So how to get out on the protein diet can only be for a long period of time in order to speed up this process, you can enter three times a week, two hours of fitness classes that will increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed up to 120 grams per day .  However, consumption of high carbohydrate foods such as cakes, pastries, and other bakery products, may occur in small amounts once a month and no more .

How to get out of diets: low-fat diet

There are two ways to correct exit from the diet, based on the reception of low-calorie products. In the first case, caloric daily need to gradually increase to 200 kcal by the consumption of carbohydrates to a greater extent than fat. For two weeks, every day must be weighed, if the weight does not come back, it will be possible to consume daily by 200 kcal of carbohydrate foods more. If the weight began to increase, it would have to reduce the amount of calories intake to the former, as long as the body is ready to adding food consumed. The second option is applied when the output from the diet those with diet lost 5 kg or more. Especially hope in this case is not what, stick to a diet because a diet that allowed to lose this weight, have in the future, but once a week is allowed to use 30g of high carbohydrate foods (ice cream, pastries, etc.).