Water Diet

What is a water diet

 Water diet is based on the use of large amounts of water
 Water diet is based on the use of large amounts of water. The role of this clear liquid in a person's life is hard to overestimate, but few know about the effectiveness of a water diet for weight loss. Lack of water in the body causes not only the early appearance of wrinkles, dry hair, dull skin, headaches, constant fatigue, digestive disorders, and obesity. The thing is that people are often difficult to distinguish hunger from thirst, and this in turn leads to the consumption of food in quantities exceeding the real needs of the body.

As evidenced by reviews of water diet drink a day is enough for about 2, 5 liters of water to lose weight without much effort. Naturally, sports, non-fat and high-calorie foods will accelerate this process, but this is not the main condition.

Water diet regime

Start your day with many nutritionists recommend a glass of plain water, it will adjust the body to wake up at the same time fill the stomach. Before going to sleep better not to abuse the liquid, drink water should be at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Water diet involves the use of water for 20 minutes before meals and at 1, 5-2 hours later. The need for compliance with time periods due to the ability of water to dilute the gastric juice, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of digestive enzymes, which, in turn, complicates the process of digestion and promotes the postponement of fat stores "for later". For this reason, drinking water should be either on an empty stomach or after a large part of the food eaten is already digested. Observing intervals, water to drink whenever there is hunger.

To water diet for weight loss had the maximum effect, you should perform the following recommendations:

  • Water should be at room temperature. Some "experts" believe that drinking cold water effective for weight loss, because the extra energy expended by the body to ensure that its heat. However, in reality the situation is different: cold water slows the metabolism, which leads not to a decrease in weight, but to increase it.
  • It is necessary to give up tea, coffee, wine, soda, beer, as these drinks have a diuretic. Acceptable use slabomineralizirovannoy water without gas, which does not disturb the digestion, but at the same time will provide the body with plenty of nutrients.
  • It is forbidden to drink water during meals, especially during the absorption of flour products, as this may lead to a set of extra kilos.
  • According to experts and reviews, aquatic diet is best to begin to implement the summer, because this time of year the most intensified work gonads, thus reducing the load on the bladder in the derivation of fluid from the body.
  • Drinking water should be slowly, in small sips, consumption at a time of several glasses of fluids is contraindicated.

Daily rate, which should drink water during the diet is calculated in the following form: 40 ml of water multiplied by the weight. Under a volume of fluid is meant only clean water, drinking tea or coffee, as well as sports and intense heat recommended indicators suggest an increase in a big way.

Water diet for weight loss, like any other, is designed for a certain period, and after 2-4 weeks of compliance with such fluid intake recommended 3-4 weeks break. This is especially true of those people, the recommended daily  For a month via the aquatic diet, you can lose 7-10 kg
 rate greater than 2, 5 liters.

Advantages and disadvantages of a water diet

Water diet reviews suggest an effective way to combat obesity - a month permanently "burned" from 7 to 10 kilograms. However, the positive aspects are not limited to, the results of a water diet appear to improve the condition of the skin, normalize blood pressure and bowel, the absence of headaches and fatigue, a sense of vitality and increased efficiency.

To the volume of the stomach dropped and he has learned to be satisfied with small portions of food, enough water to stick to the diet for one month. Rush to prolong this diet is not necessary, because it can harm the body in the form of edema, high blood pressure, excessive load on the kidneys and bladder. One downside of the drinking regime is leaching from the body of a large amount of nutrients, the situation can be corrected taking mineral and vitamin complexes containing calcium and sodium.