Vitamin Diet

Vitamin Diet is a useful and effective for weight loss power system, which includes foods rich in vitamins and trace elements.  Especially vitamin weight loss diet

Especially vitamin weight loss diet

Vitamin Diet is simple and easy diet of fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods with added vitamins, which should be consumed daily to 0, 5-1 kg. Typically, this diet is designed for 14 days, which can lose 3-5 kg.

Useful vitamins weight loss diet allows you to cleanse the body, to enrich it with vitamins and fiber, to carry out prevention of cardiovascular diseases and disorders of the digestive system, thyroid function disorders and strengthen the immune system.

From what kind of vitamins in the diet are eating, it depends on the effectiveness of weight loss and health improvement. The major vitamins are:

  • vitamin C, which plays a leading role in strengthening the immune system and increases resistance to harmful environmental influences (orange, lemon, apple, kiwi, etc.);
  • Vitamin A, to maintain a good condition of the skin and for the prevention of diseases of the respiratory tract, urinary and digestive tract (broccoli, seaweed, viburnum, fish oil, etc.);
  • vitamin K, which increases blood clotting and strengthens the musculoskeletal system (cucumber, onion, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, pears, bananas, etc.).

You must also choose which vitamins in the diet are the most actively used in the body if there is a deficiency.

In addition to vitamins, it plays an important role selenium having antineoplastic activity and antioxidant capacity. It is found in fish, corn, cabbage, peas and nuts.

Good feedback received vitamin diet as an efficient power supply system of fractional type, which eliminates the extra body fat, cellulite and reduce hunger.

Diet should be a fraction with small portions of food that should be consumed at intervals of 2-3 hours. Frequent small servings of fruits and vegetables will help get enough and avoid the painful feelings of hunger.

The benefits of protein-vitamin diet

Protein-vitamin diet is a diet alternating products containing large amounts of vitamins and foods rich in protein. Such a diet would avoid weakening the body and digestive problems.

The main advantages of protein-vitamin diet include:

  • good saturation and lack of hunger;
  • no negative effects on the body;
  • High-performance slimming and eliminating unnecessary lipid structures.

Subject protein-vitamin diet should be completely excluded from the menu foods in fat and carbohydrates. You can not eat sauces, condiments, pickles, mayonnaise and sour cream. It should abandon the use of carbonated beverages, alcohol and coffee.

When vitamin diet for weight loss can have a limited number of low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, and often need to drink green tea and non-carbonated mineral water.  Sample menu diet vitamin

Menu vitamin diet

Menu vitamin diet should consist of an alternation of fruit and vegetables with protein products.

Estimated daily menu of vitamin diet might look like this:

  • first day - breakfast: apple and fresh vegetables; Lunch: green tea, oat meal; Snack: a glass of berries; dinner: salad, green tea;
  • the second day - breakfast: cottage cheese, green tea; Lunch: boiled chicken breast; lunch: a cup of yogurt; Dinner: boiled fish or seafood, green tea;
  • Third day - breakfast: fruit mousse; Lunch: vegetable soup, baked eggplant; snack: apple, fruit juice; Dinner: vegetable stew, green tea.

Positive feedback vitamin diet has as a diet designed to improve immunity and normalize metabolism.

Recommendations for weight loss in the diet of vitamin A

Additional requirements to cleanse the body and lose weight when diets are short of vitamin exercise aerobic type.

In order to avoid rapid weight loss, you need to gradually move to vitamin diet to lose weight and to keep a normal weight after the diet should eat mainly cereals, fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy products and fish.

Repeated diet should be carried out after a month break, and allowable weight weight loss over the last month should be no more than 5 kg.

After vitamin diet need to maintain regular fitness walking, jogging and swimming, as well as to strengthen the muscle tone necessary fitness exercises, restorative treatments and massages.