Food for weight loss

Wishes to lose weight believe that to achieve the desired result can only be the refusal of the majority of food and switching to a diet, which prevents the use of many of your favorite dishes. In fact it is not. Just for weight loss should pay more attention to the calorie content and composition of meals, and for cooking diet to choose only healthy and natural products. Some diet foods are not inferior to many familiar dishes.

Recipes dietary foods for weight loss

 Buckwheat - a dietary meal diet
 Today there are so many recipes for dietetic foods. Each recipe uses foods permitted for weight loss. Dishes slimming relieve hunger and stress. They saturate the human body all the necessary nutrients. If the recipes regularly use dietary dishes for cooking, the process of weight loss will be gradual and painless.

If losing weight is very useful to use porridge. For breakfast, you can cook buckwheat porridge with milk. To prepare the porridge need two hundred grams of milk and one hundred grams of buckwheat. One hundred grams of this dish will contain about 150 calories. Porridge to eat without salt and sugar. To improve the taste, you can use dried fruit and honey. You can cook millet porridge. Millet before cooking wash under running water. Cooked porridge can sprinkle with grated cheese. Calorie meals will be about 160 calories per hundred grams.

When losing weight should not forget about the first diet foods for weight loss. Dietary soups provide saturation for a long period of time, effectively satisfy hunger. Meatless soup with mushrooms - quite an interesting recipe for a low-calorie dishes. To prepare the soup, seven or eight potatoes, one carrot, one head of onions, 50 grams of dried mushrooms, a small amount of vegetable oil, spices (pepper, salt). Mushrooms presoaked for two to three hours. Then boil and washed. Chop and fry in sunflower oil with the chopped carrots and onions.

At this time, crush boil and mashed potatoes. The potatoes can add a small amount of mushroom broth (to the consistency of thick cream). This also introduce zazharku archery, mushrooms and carrots. Add salt and pepper to taste. One hundred grams of dietary food accounts for 92 calories.

Food for weight loss can be made from dietary meats. For the preparation of braised veal take 500 grams of meat, 100 grams of vegetable oil, 100 grams of red wine, 200 grams of onion. To taste add salt, pepper, herbs thyme, basil leaves. Recipes for weight loss is extremely easy. Veal cut into pieces and stew. When the meat is tender, add to it chopped green mint and thyme, chopped onion rings, chopped basil leaves, a small amount of water. Veal stew for another 15 minutes and pour wine.

Casserole of zucchini and eggplant - another interesting recipe for weight loss. Casserole can be served on the table as an appetizer, as a separate dish, and as a garnish. To prepare casseroles take 400 grams of eggplant, 600 grams of onions, cup sour cream, one egg, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, pepper and salt to taste.

Eggplant presoaked for 20-30 minutes in salted water. Vegetables, cut into slices and lay alternately on a greased baking sheet. We send in a preheated 200 ° C oven. While vegetables are languishing in the oven, sour cream, salt and eggs, beat with a mixer until smooth. Once the vegetables are browned, pull them from the oven and pour a mixture of sour cream and eggs, then we bring a casserole in the oven until cooked. One hundred grams of dietary food for weight loss has about a hundred calories.

For dessert you can cook berry cocktail. Mix 250 grams of low-fat yogurt, one-third of a glass of milk and half a cup of frozen or fresh berries (strawberries, currants, raspberries). All the ingredients are placed in a mixer and whisk well. Since this cocktail sufficiently dense, it is better to have a small spoon from the cup.

Almost all recipes for weight loss dietary dishes involve cooking products for a couple, stewing or roasting. Such processing techniques are considered the most useful.

 Food for weight loss - vegetable salads.
 Vegetable salads are also considered dietary dishes. When losing weight they should definitely include in the diet. To prepare salad slimming take a package of steamed couscous grains, three tomatoes, a glass of water, an onion, a bunch of parsley, a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of olive oil, the juice of half a lemon.

Groats pour warm water and leave for ten minutes before the swelling. Tomatoes cut into small cubes, chopped onion and parsley. After the cereal absorbs all the water, gently stir it with a fork. Then add the vegetables and herbs, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, season with salt to taste and pepper. Lettuce (and other meals for weight loss) is particularly tasty, if before serving it cool in the fridge for an hour.

Terms of use of dietary foods for weight loss

When you eat meals to lose weight it is necessary to exclude from the spices, prepared foods, products containing a part of flavors and colors.

Food should try to eat small portions, with her well chewed. It is better to eat five or six times a day in small portions, twice a day, large portions.

The need to eat lunch most portion of calories. From dinner should be abandoned. If supper is difficult to give up, it is better to have dinner three hours before bedtime. Dinner should be light and low-calorie.