Bonn soup

 Bonn soup
 Brief description diet

Diet Bonn soup is considered safe in terms of the functionality of the internal organs, and in terms of mental state: the amount eaten soup is not limited to, in and of itself it is well saturated. Also allowed are some additional products, and with a varied menu is still easier to bear diet.

Bonn soup diet are allowed to eat only during the week. Such a diet can get rid of 4-8 kg.

Menu soup diet at Bonn

It is important for compliance with this diet is a soup recipe Bonn.

To prepare the soup, you need to take a half a kilo of cabbage, cauliflower 300g, 170g of carrots and greens or roots of celery, 150g of white and green onions, 300g of tomatoes, garlic 20g, 1, 5 liters of water, 100 g of olive oil, two dry red pepper pods, one tablespoon of ground cumin and coriander, curry, two bay leaves, one teaspoon of soy sauce, parsley, cilantro, ginger.

First, a bit of olive oil fried whole onion, spices are added to it and the whole extinguished. The onions add chopped celery, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower florets and everything is filled with water. Now it is possible to add the remaining components. Brewed soup until the vegetables are tender.

Cooking soup can and without frying: just combine all the vegetables and boil until tender.

The key to this recipe is the cabbage soup Bonn. The second product is the nutritional value - celery, although it is not to everyone's taste. There are positive reviews of Bonn soup, which was excluded celery. The effectiveness of this diet is not affected.

Also, hot pepper can be replaced by sweet bell or reduce its amount, and spices can be added to taste what I enjoy. The main thing - do not add salt.

As already mentioned, the Bonn soup diet has permitted at the first attack of hunger, and in any quantity, so nutritionists advise to take on the road or at work thermos with this soup.

Alcohol, sugar, bread, soft drinks in the diet at Bonn soup prohibited. You can drink coffee, tea, non-carbonated mineral water.

These are the foods you can eat with the Bonn soup diet for a week:

The first day of the diet: fresh fruits. Excluded are melon, watermelon, bananas;

Second day: vegetables, green is better. They can be eaten raw, boiled or baked form. Excluded corn, red bean, pea. In the evening you can eat one or two baked potatoes, seasoned with vegetable oil.

Third day: various vegetables, fruits, except bananas and potatoes.

Fourth day: 3 bananas and a liter of yogurt.

Fifth day: chicken - half a kilo of fish or lean, tomatoes - 6 pieces.

Sixth day: green vegetables and meat.

 Key in Bonn soup recipe is a cabbage
 Seventh day: vegetables, unpolished rice.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bonn soup diet

This "liquid" diet is easier to bear than the common mono-diet. The optimal combination of products, the gradual introduction of the second day carbs diets allow run metabolism, lose weight without harm to the mental and physical health.

The disadvantage of the diet can be called a specific taste and smell of Bonn soup for weight loss because it contains a large number of spices and celery. Nutritionists insist on mandatory inclusion of celery soup recipe Bonn because it cleanses the body, increases the overall tone. But, as already noted, some successfully manage without him, so if absolutely unbearable, try to lose weight without this product.

Soup Diet can not be used for a long time, it is considered to be the result of the rapid, but short-lived. Weight loss is mainly due to the elimination of water, so, judging by the reviews of Bonn soup, a good result can be achieved by repeating the diet from time to time, and adding a regular sports load.

As with any weight loss when starting a diet at Bonn soup, make sure beforehand that the contraindications to the use of products on which the diet is not, as well as pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, because of which the soup diet and related dietary restrictions can cause harm.