Butch diet

Butch diet (protein, carbohydrate alternation) - power supply system consisting of micro-cycles with alternating days of protein and carbohydrate food, aimed at burning of subcutaneous fat with maximum preservation of muscle mass. Originally, Butch diet was designed for athletes, but in recent years has become increasingly popular among people who want to lose weight effectively.  Butch diet - protein-carbohydrate alternation

Butch Diet: especially power systems, the rules for constructing microcycles

Butch diet or protein-carbohydrate alternation is a combination of the best qualities of protein diets, contributing to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and power supply systems of carbohydrate, helps burn fat.

The main advantages of Butch diet are:

  • No need to count calories. Butch diet is based on the ratio of protein and carbohydrates in the microcycle no hard limit to the amount of food consumed;
  • Butch balanced diet because the diet in microcycle avoids the side effects of the nervous system: in compliance with Butch diet does not decrease brain activity maintained performance, no lethargy, depression, fatigue, apathy, depression, aggressiveness and irritability;
  • Butch diet diet provides sufficient amounts of carbohydrates to restore the balance of glycogen and maintain the level of serotonin;
  • Subject Butch diet is no physical and emotional exhaustion, which helps to reduce weight without compromising physical activity and health;
  • Acceleration of metabolic processes in the body.

Like any other power system aimed at weight loss, diet Butch guided by standard principles of diet:

  • Moderate consumption products, however, at least 1200 calories per day. When Butch diet to avoid periods of fasting;
  • Daily caloric content of protein, carbohydrate, and mixed feeding should be the same;
  • Adherence to power;
  • Exclusion of "harmful" products.

Speaking of Butch diet, preference should be given the right product. For example, cheese is rich in protein, but the product contains a large amount of fat that the body in the shortage of energy will transform into triglycerides (fats).

Butch diet works as follows: .  The main purpose of food is to start burning body fat as a result of artificially-created energy shortages .  By virtue of alternating protein and carbohydrate food in the diet Butch body does not have time to adapt to a particular food, which increases the efficiency of the system .  Within days, the protein food the body runs out of glycogen (a carbohydrate replacement of the organism, the major storage form of glucose in the cells to create an energy reserve) .  By the end of the protein food burning body fat to make up for energy consumption reaches maximum .  As a result of carbohydrate starvation body can start burning muscle as an alternative energy source .  That's what Butch carbohydrate diet provides day supply to allow replenish glycogen .  Final day cycle - Mixed when included in the diet in equal amounts, and the proteins and carbohydrates .  On this day, it continues the restoration of glycogen and the body is preparation for the next cycle of the protein .

There are many variations Butch diet. However, it should be understood that the overweight, accumulated over the years, can not be eliminated in a week. The best diet for a period of compliance Butch is 28 days, including 7 microcycles for 4 days. The effectiveness of 4-day microcycle proved in practice. In this mode, the body occur optimum transformation. Proper construction of microcycle Butch diet:

  • 2 days supply of protein;
  • 1 day high carbohydrate diet;
  • 1 day mixed feeding.

Butch diet menu, and its variations, the rules of dieting

Subject Butch diet menu and its proper preparation is the main task. The correct calculation of proteins and carbohydrates promotes effective weight loss.  Sample menu Butch diet by day

During protein days supply amount of protein in the diet should reach 3-4 g / kg. The complete elimination of carbohydrates from the diet is not possible, as it will significantly disrupt the balance of nutrients is equally needed by the body for healthy functioning. Accordingly, the amount of carbohydrate protein cycle should not exceed 1 to 5 g / kg body weight.

During high carbohydrate supply amount of carbohydrates in the diet increased to 6 g / kg body weight of human proteins, respectively, are reduced to 1 to 5 g / kg. Day balanced diet involves eating equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates, which is about 2-3 g / kg.

Subject Butch diet menu may look like this:

  • Protein days - cheese, beef, turkey, chicken, tuna, squid, shrimp, eggs. The menu may be present salads, a small amount of whole-wheat bread;
  • Carbohydrate days - oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, fresh and steamed vegetables, dairy products;
  • Day of mixed feeding involves carbohydrates for breakfast (cereal, fruit, milk, carbohydrates), protein for lunch (rice, vegetables, meat or fish) and proteins for dinner (cheese, boiled meat).

Diet Butch: results and efficiency of the power system

Efficiency Butch diet confirmed by professional athletes, who, adhering to a power supply circuit, burn body fat without compromising muscle tissue. When Butch diet results will vary each period of the cycle. Thus, in the days of protein nutrition in the maximum weight loss (up to 1 kg per day). During the days of carbohydrate nutrition and protein-carbohydrate balance weight will increase, however, is the increase in weight due to the replenishment of carbohydrates, water retention in the body. At the beginning of the next 4-day microcycle weight steadily decrease by 1-2 kg. With each microcycle will experience the same reduction in weight that allows you to calculate exactly when Butch diet weight loss results.

Butch diet: reviews and recommendations

Today Butch diet is becoming increasingly popular due to the balance of the diet, lack of psychological and physical stress to the body, effective weight loss due to burning of subcutaneous fat. Butch diet reviews about which positions it as an effective way to lose weight, it is used not only as a diet but as a permanent power system, which requires consultation with a dietitian and the correct calculation of the energy value of the diet. Compliance with Butch diet as a permanent diet requires increasing caloric intake according to the daily energy consumption of man. Butch diet reviews that allow us to determine its effectiveness, is a proven method of weight loss without stress to the body.