Actor's Diet

Acting diet - one of the varieties of fast diets that allow for a relatively short period of time to reduce weight. Actor diet in any of the available variations are a sequence of one-day mono-diet. Such diets are classified as fast, are not recommended for long-term compliance. Efficiency acting diet - up to 5 kg for 5 days. There are variations of this longer diets designed for a greater weight loss.  Acting diet - a quick way to lose weight

Actor's Diet: The basic principles of weight loss

Like any other diet for weight loss, acting diet is designed to reduce weight, the acquisition of aesthetic appeal, improving body tone. The main essence of the actor's diet is to severely restrict the range of products authorized for use, and the amount of food consumed. During the diet allows to combine up to two products per day, with limited use of one of them is compensated by others.

Actors diet is difficult to attribute to the category of health diets, as in fact the body is subjected to starvation and shortages of certain macro and micronutrients, vitamins, fats, for a certain period. That is why the diet is relatively short acting. This diet is recommended to comply with not more than 4-5 days.

The basic principles of weight loss diets are acting in a significant restriction of food consumed, reducing the number of calories consumed, cleansing the body. So, fast diet involves fasting day, milk, protein, wine and fruit days. The name of days, the type of products authorized for use on a particular day diet. In each of these days, the amount of water drunk strictly limited, which contributes to "drying out" of the body, and achieving a greater effect.

Acting diet is contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, immunocompromised, after previous surgery, viral and bacterial infections, acute exacerbations of chronic diseases during pregnancy. Acting diet requires careful preparation. When a diet of this type is necessary to closely monitor the reaction of the body, and immediately stop when a diet:

  • Dizziness;
  • Weakness;
  • Heartburn;
  • Nausea;
  • Skin reactions;
  • Sleep disorders.

Diet actor: 5 days, menu variation permitted Products

Acting diet allows a very limited range of products for consumption, including:

  • Rice - it is better to give preference to the crude, wild, unpolished rice. Rice boiled before use. For best effect, it is recommended not to bring the rice until tender;
  • Dairy products with low fat - yogurt, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Dietary meat - chicken, turkey (without skin), rabbit meat, veal. The meat is boiled until tender;
  • Hard cheese, low-fat and spices;
  • Fruit - raw, fresh, juicy. Basically, during the diet recommended apples, pears.

When acting diet (5 days) We recommend the following drinks:

  • Tomato juice - acting in compliance with the diet is better to prefer fresh tomato juice, which store more nutrients and vitamins;
  • green tea;
  • Wine;
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice;
  • Water (to a limited number).

During the actor's diet greatly limits the size of servings consumed, it is prohibited to use salt, sugar and other spices to enhance the flavor and aroma of dishes.  Cottage cheese and yogurt - food the second day of the actor's diet for 5 days

Menu acting diet 5 days as follows:

  • 1st day - discharge. On this day, the menu consists of rice and tomato juice, it should be to make a choice: either to eat in unlimited quantities to supplement the diet of rice and 1 cup of juice or to give preference to an unlimited number of fresh juice, adding it 1 cup of cooked rice. Water and other products are eliminated from the diet;
  • 2nd day - milk. This day allowed dairy products, but it should give preference to only two. The classic combination of food the second day of a diet is considered to be acting in the low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt, it is recommended to set limits up to 1kg of cheese and yogurt to 1 liter;
  • 3rd day - the meat or protein. On this day the basis of the menu of boiled meat. However, you must also choose only one kind of chicken, veal, crawl. Meat cooked without salt and spices;
  • 4th day - wine. In some variations acting diet that day is the last. On this day, it used red wine (up to 700g) and hard cheeses. Although many sources and are recommended to use the cheese in unlimited quantities, nutritionists are of the opinion that the amount should be limited to cheese 200g. Many doctors agree that the wine should be replaced by freshly squeezed orange juice, which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. Keep in mind that orange juice can significantly change the acidity of the stomach. Water and other products (except cheese) are prohibited.
  • 5th day - fruit. On this day the basis of the diet are juicy fruit: apples, pears. Avoid bananas, melons. Most sources recommend not to restrict the amount of fruit on this day. However, this may lead to indigestion, given the diet of the previous day.

Actor's Diet: reviews, recommendations nutritionists

Actor diet reviews which are very diverse, it is difficult attributed to the healthy diet. Proper weight loss involves a balanced diet reduced calorie, maintenance of water, vitamin balance. Acting contrary to the norms of a healthy diet weight loss, suggesting the exclusion of sufficient fluid intake to the body. Also, the diet can lead to imbalance of micro- and macronutrients necessary for normal functioning of the body.

When acting diet reviews will help determine the diet. So many reviews say that the actor's diet is an inefficient way to reduce weight. With a diet of this kind is necessary to consider not only the calorie consumed product, but also the amount of food consumed. The main reason for the low dynamics of weight loss, subject to acting diet is excessive intake of authorized products. This suggests that the permit to use the products in an unlimited number is false.

Nutritionists recommend the use of acting diet very carefully. This diet requires a proper exit. After compliance with this diet is not recommended strongly to return to normal diet. After acting diet should adhere to proper nutrition for fixing the results. So, it will be enough to eliminate fatty, fried foods, and reduce calorie daily diet to 1500-1700 calories for men and 1100-1300 calories for women.

Acting diet - extremely poor way to reduce weight among the many available and effective techniques.