The American diet

 American diet - one of the most popular in the world
 The American diet is one of the most popular weight loss systems in the world. This diet is presented in several versions, each of which has its own characteristics, but they are characterized by simplicity and efficiency.

The American diet 1

This diet is designed for 13 days, during which you can not eat fresh bread, alcohol, salt and sugar. This weight loss system is aimed at accelerating the metabolism, so to change the proposed composition of the products is prohibited. Throughout American diet is necessary to drink daily approximately 1, 5 liters of warm boiled water. Within two weeks of strict observance of the menu diet can lose 5 to 10 kg overweight. It should be noted that almost all discharged kilograms leave during the first week, whereas the second week, daily weight loss of only 100-150 g

Menu American diet 1

first day. For breakfast, it is recommended to drink black coffee. At lunch that day American diet includes tomatoes, spinach, and two hard-boiled eggs. For dinner should eat a piece of boiled meat and salad, drizzle with lemon.

second day. Black coffee with biscuit American diet offers that day for breakfast. Green salad and a piece of boiled meat should be eaten for lunch, and a piece of ham and yogurt - at dinner.

the third day. B is the same as the previous day. For lunch should eat celery, fried in a small amount of vegetable oil, 1 tomato and 1 piece of fruit of small size. At dinner that day should be eaten piece of cheese, 2 hard-boiled eggs and a cup of grated carrots.

fourth day. At breakfast - a cup of black coffee. Lunch is similar to dinner the previous day, with the only difference that the two eggs are replaced by one. At dinner that day the developers of the American diet recommends eating fruit salad.

The fifth day. At breakfast - black coffee. The lunch menu is limited to low-fat fish. For dinner, the day offered a cup of grated carrots, sprinkle with lemon.

The sixth day. In the morning for breakfast - black coffee and biscuits. The dinner allowed to eat a large piece of chicken, and dinner - 1 egg and a cup of grated carrots.

The seventh day. At breakfast - biscuits, but the usual coffee in this day should be replaced with tea without sugar. Lunch is the same as the previous day. Dinner - conventional as no diet, but the number should be moderate.

On day 8 of the American diet menu is repeated in reverse order. If you can not include in your diet celery, lettuce and spinach, all these products can be replaced by an ordinary cabbage. It is also permissible to drink a glass of tomato instead of tomato juice. The American diet is characterized by ease of compliance, as all products can be consumed in unlimited quantities, but at the same time, eat a lot of unsalted food fails.

The American diet 2 - "roller coaster"

For any diet sooner or later, the body begins to get used to that manifested stop losing weight. To the body does not start to save calories, but continued to get rid of the extra kilos, you need a permanent change in the amount of calories consumed, it will not slow down metabolism. It is this theory based diet "roller coaster."

Full cycle diet "roller coaster" of three weeks, during which a specific pattern must be changed calorie diet. Under this scheme, the first 3 days - 600 kcal / day, for the next 4 days caloric needs increase by 300 calories per day - 900 calories, over the next week - 1200 kcal / day last week - as the first. According to reviews, the diet "Rollercoaster" is quite complicated to comply with, since there is always the feeling of hunger. But on the other hand, the same responses characterize this diet as a very efficient: for the whole period - minus 4-7 kg, without exercise, minus the 8-9 kg during exercise.

Developer diet "roller coaster", Martin Katan, says that he is personally managed by adhering to a power supply system, lose 31 kg.

Sample menu diet "roller coaster"

The developer of the diets do not provide for restrictions on food, but it should be useful to give preference to food, which will not only be satisfied, but also to bring the maximum benefit to the body.

 Approximate diet day diet "Rollercoaster" - 600 calories
 The approximate date of the diet to 600 calories. As a breakfast for a small piece of rye bread and a cup of unsweetened tea. For lunch, you can pamper yourself 100 grams of beef and boiled rice. Salad can be made from fresh cucumbers and radishes without refueling. At night you can eat one egg and a glass of low-fat yogurt.

For the day, providing 900 kcal diet, you can use the following menu. Breakfast is suitable grain bread, green apple and a little sweetened black tea. For lunch - 100 grams of pasta, salad, fish. In addition, you can drink tea with a little sugar. For dinner fit one small banana, 100 grams of cottage cheese (low fat), boiled egg.

Menu 1200 kcal may, for example, include the following products. At breakfast - 200 grams of oatmeal, rye bread, a cup of tea with a spoon of sugar. As dinner fit 200 grams of boiled chicken meat and 100 grams of buckwheat can be a small piece of butter. For dinner you can eat a fruit salad. Between meals may be "snack" - a banana or a cup of yogurt.

As the most difficult period in the diet "roller coaster" reviews allocate the first three days, when coping with the feeling of hunger more difficult.

An important moment in the diet is almost complete rejection of fat, which contributes to weight loss, but at the same time is bad for skin and hair, so it is important in this respect is not to overdo it.

The American diet 3

This weight loss system can be called the most loyal of all American diets. It does not involve a long and exhausting starvation, counting calories, or use of well-defined products. Compliance with multiple rules allow for two weeks to lose about five kilograms:

  • Do not eat after 17:00. If after the specified time, hunger still will have an effect, it is recommended to mute using unsweetened hot tea.
  • Drinking lots of water. A sufficient amount of fluids during the day will clean the body of toxins and flush out toxins.
  • Unsubscribe from fatty foods. If unable to resist the temptation, the developers of the American diet is recommended after eating fatty foods immediately seize it with a piece of pineapple and grapefruit.
  • Within two weeks, should not eat pepper, salt, grease, oil, vinegar and alcohol.

3 The American diet is useful not only for the normalization of weight, but also for the recovery of the body, so it would be quite superfluous to make such a system power supply part of their lives.