42 Weeks Pregnant

At 42 weeks of gestation from fertilization time it passed 40 full weeks. By all standards, the normal duration of pregnancy is 37 - 42 weeks. If the time it exceeds 42 weeks, then talk about perenoshennosti.  The weight of the baby at 42 weeks of pregnancy - more than 3, 6 kg

Changes in the body of the fetus at 42 weeks' gestation

At 42 weeks of gestation all the organs of the fetus ripe to complete the work outside the womb. In this period the child is already quite large, the growth of its range of 52 to 54 cm and a weight of 3600 g and more.

If the end of 42 weeks of gestation have genera, there may be signs of fetal perenoshennosti.

The skin of the baby after birth, it becomes like parchment, dry and stiff to the touch, with a lot of cracks and creases. In areas near the folds of the joints of the cracks in the friction sometimes appear traces of blood. Leather has long lost syrovidnoy lubricant has a protective function, so it is very sensitive to any damage.

The tips of the nails on the hands of these children as long as the nail bed, they extend beyond the edge of the phalanx. The bones of the skull of the fetus at 42 weeks' gestation, dense enough, and the head while passing through the birth canal is configured worse, making it difficult childbirth. It may be reduced by a large fontanelle and very close small fontanelle.

In the body of the fetus has accumulated a sufficient amount of adipose tissue, so the form of the baby at birth round.

The brain continues to develop, its bark between neurons are formed closer ties. At 42 weeks of pregnancy oxygen entering through the placenta mother, barely enough to meet the needs of the brain in it.

Changes in women 42 weeks' gestation

Because of reducing the amount of amniotic fluid and lowering the presenting part of the stomach of a pregnant become smaller in size. Woman on the movements of the baby in the womb determines its activity. Perturbations should be celebrated regularly in strength they became more intense, but with somewhat less frequency than before.

A pregnant by this time greatly increases and heavier breasts, areola become darker. From the nipples periodically appear first drops of colostrum.

Swelling in the legs in the evening is now concerned almost all pregnant women, normally in the morning they go. At 42 weeks pregnant women often experience pain in the legs, sometimes in the pubic symphysis.

Tactics in the event of a threat perenashivanie pregnancy

 Approximation birth 42 weeks pregnant accelerate drugs
 Absolutely reliable criteria that bear the pregnancy, difficult to identify. Often, it is talking about it, if it lasts 43 weeks or more, and the result is the fruit born with signs perenoshennosti.

It happens that a prolonged pregnancy, without perenashivanie fetus. This happens if the woman's menstrual cycle prior to delivery was 30 days or more if from generation to generation in a family of children born in the later stages, pregnancy or the baby has matured enough and gained weight, and now is catching up. If the 40 weeks of the cervix looks immature, it is likely to be delayed childbirth.

The doctor, who was watching a woman during pregnancy, take a decision on further tactics of behavior - what to do at 42 weeks' gestation. He comes from indicators of health of the fetus and there is a threat to his health. Signs on US perenoshennosti are thinning and expressed the signs of aging of the placenta, the amniotic fluid meconium particles and their lack of flakes vernix.

If the 42 week pregnancy is not birth, then their approach accelerates drugs, and in some cases require surgical delivery (cesarean section). Stimulation of natural childbirth cause hormonal agents, but before that it is important to prepare for the opening of the cervix.

Cesarean urgently do if the fetus has developed acute hypoxia, such as placental abruption, prolapse of the umbilical cord loops or swallowed amniotic fluid or meconium in the respiratory tract.