40 Weeks Pregnant

At 40 weeks of pregnancy from the moment of conception took place 38 weeks, is the tenth, the last month of pregnancy.  Growth of baby in the 40th week of pregnancy - 54 cm

Changes in the fetus

The fruit of 40 weeks of gestation weighing 3400 - 4000 g, the length of it reaches 54 - 55 cm. His organs and systems are ripe for life outside the womb. Looks fetus 40 weeks of pregnancy as a newborn in appearance can identify signs of full-term:

  • Adequate weight and height;
  • Good muscle tone and reflexes;
  • Skin pink, on the feet, it has a transverse striations on the entire surface;
  • Fingernails reach the edge of the phalanges;
  • Ears basically comprise elastic cartilage and easily straightened if they bend;
  • The testes in boys dropped into the scrotum, the girls labia completely cover small;
  • Umbilical ring is located in the center of the abdomen.

The nervous system of the fetus at 40 weeks of pregnancy continues to improve, between the cells of the cerebral cortex form new connections. The adrenal glands are activated the Child, to produce adrenaline and corticosteroid hormones. They help the fetus to survive the stress of childbirth and to adapt to environmental conditions after birth.

Changes in women 40 weeks' gestation

If labor has not happened before, it is likely that they will happen at the 40th week of pregnancy, from this moment you have to be ready for them completely.

Belly up to 40 weeks of pregnancy often omitted, as the fetal head is pressed against the pelvic bottom. The size of the stomach to the 40th week of pregnancy is reduced because of the reduction in the volume of amniotic fluid, are now defined in the bottom of the uterus 34 - 35 cm above the womb. This week, a woman may feel the harbingers of sorts - the symptoms of which can be found on their nearest approximation.

It is highly probable discharge of mucus plug, if it has not happened before. This event indicates the selection by the 40th week of pregnancy vaginal mucus with a consistency that resembles egg whites.

Dedicated to the 40th week of pregnancy rate could increase, but abundant watery discharge similar to the amniotic fluid. If they were, but are no fights, it is possible to test for water in order to ensure that the delivery has not yet begun.

Greenish color and odor discharges by 40 weeks of pregnancy - an unfavorable symptom, most likely, the fruit of the womb is suffering. Since the full-term pregnancy have, the doctor after evaluation of all risk factors may decide to operative delivery or induction of labor.

 Recurring skhvatkopodobnye pain by 40 weeks of gestation - the harbingers of birth
 By precursors delivery also includes recurring pain skhvatkopodobnye 40 weeks of pregnancy, occurring in the abdomen. A woman can also describe them as feeling fossilization stomach, they are pulling character. If contractions become regular, it means that birth very close. The cause of pain by 40 weeks of gestation in the uterus to contract and thereby expand the cervix. Natural childbirth is possible only when the cervix is ​​fully opened, that is enough to make it passed through the head of the fetus.

If a woman gives birth for the first time, the delivery may last no less than 9 - 11 hours, if the re - the 4 - 6 hours. The origin lead to the onset of regular contractions or discharge of amniotic fluid - it is one of the scenarios and develop normal childbirth.

Even if at 40 weeks of pregnancy contractions have not begun, and the first water broke - do not worry. Due to the fact that the contents of the uterus decreased in volume to the top of the uterus is stimulated active abbreviations i.e. contractions. This feature is used to speed up labor when labor is pierced membranes.

A survey of 40 weeks of pregnancy

The condition of the fetus in the uterus, if necessary monitored by cardiotocography (CTG). The need for this may be the case of slowing down his movements, leakage stained amniotic fluid or changes in fetal heart rate.

Exchange card of the pregnant with all the results of research should be a woman always with you.