38 Weeks Pregnant

After 38 weeks of pregnancy the baby in the stomach turns full 36 weeks as long as there was in the fallopian tube fertilization is the tenth lunar month of pregnancy.  The weight of the fetus at 38 weeks of pregnancy - 3, 1-3, 3 kg

Changes in the fetus

The growth of the fetus at 38 weeks of pregnancy is slowing, it has already reached the size of a newborn baby. On ultrasound at 38 weeks of pregnancy it can be seen that the length of it is 48 - 50 cm, weight 3000 - 3300

The baby is ready for birth at any time, but the onset of labor is necessary to achieve a particularly hormonal status in pregnant and formation of the dominant clan.

Even if you know exactly the time of conception, due date with 100% accuracy at 38 weeks of pregnancy can not be predicted. It is dangerous to use tools and techniques that stimulate the onset of labor, alone and without evidence. Upon stimulation process can go completely unpredictable, and often ends with complications.

The fetus at 38 weeks of pregnancy is in contact with the walls of the uterus, decreased amount of amniotic fluid. Their presence in the same volume no longer plays such a big role, and the reduction in water, in turn, reduces the likelihood of loss of the umbilical cord and fetal body parts, his wrong position.

The skin of the child in the womb completely smoothed, it is pink and velvety to the touch on the shoulders can sometimes persist traces of lanugo and in the creases of the skin - a small amount of white grease syrovidnoy. Thanks reserves of adipose tissue in the subcutaneous tissue in the abdomen baby at 38 weeks of pregnancy looks plump and chubby. On his head are clearly visible hair, sometimes quite thick and long.

At the end of the intestine at 38 weeks of pregnancy had accumulated a small amount of original stool, the entire digestive tract is ready to supply the type of restructuring of the body, to the breast-feeding. Several reduced function of the digestive glands to develop enzymes that break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. But this disadvantage is compensated by the fact that the composition of the breast milk contains enzymes that help splitting nutrients therein.

Changes in women at 38 weeks of pregnancy

The body of a pregnant preparing intensively for the upcoming birth, which can be from 38 weeks of pregnancy to begin each day. Major changes are taking place under the influence of hormonal activity.

Changes and placenta - of its vessels zapustevaet, it appears the cyst and lime deposits, and reduced the thickness of the placenta. All this affects her work, so delivery of nutrients to the fetus slows.

The belly at 38 weeks of pregnancy may be slightly reduced in size. The reason for this - a decrease of amniotic fluid and fetal body below the offset in the pelvic cavity. This term is most often a stop of increases in weight, sometimes even pregnant normally loses weight at 1 - 1, 5 kg. The height of the uterus is now defined somewhat lower than before, and is about 33 - 35 cm above the womb.  The length at 38 weeks of pregnancy reaches 48-50 cm

Women are more likely to notice training bout. If they have increased or have become more intense, their appearance appeared regularly or pain at 38 weeks of pregnancy, you will likely begin cervical dilatation, and delivery is about to begin.

Can be released at 38 weeks of pregnancy from the genital tract mucus consistency resembling egg whites. This so-called mucus plug, which fills cervical canal, protecting membranes. If the cervix is ​​beginning to unfold, and becomes wider, the plug can move. Her selection at 38 weeks of pregnancy in multiparous going directly to the onset of labor. Sometimes mucus plug contains a small admixture of blood, this should not be afraid.

Examination at 38 weeks of pregnancy

During childbirth a woman loses a certain amount of blood. Therefore it is very important that this time her blood hemoglobin was not lower than 110 - 130 g / l. At the first sign of labor doctor may perform digital examination of the vagina to determine the degree of opening of the cervix.

Ultrasound at 38 weeks of pregnancy is prescribed only in case of necessity. A more informative for the fetus can be seen conducting CTG.