31 weeks of pregnancy

It has been 29 weeks from the moment of conception of the future baby - this is his real age at 31 weeks' gestation. The fruit is already viable in the case of premature births, but the development and maturation of its organs is unfinished.  The length of the fetus at 31 weeks of pregnancy up to 40 cm

Changes in the fetus

On ultrasound at 31 weeks of pregnancy it can be seen that the fetus has reached the length of 40-41 cm and weighs somewhere in 1500

There is a perfection of neural connections in the brain, its mass in this period is about a quarter of the weight of the adult brain. The body of the future baby is developed enough - he opens and closes his eyes, blinks, distinguishes between light and darkness, appeared protective corneal reflex. When the baby is awake, his eyes are always open, the muscles of age to 31 weeks of pregnancy have developed. The iris is formed, but the coloring pigment in it have not accumulated in the proper amount, so the newborn eyes usually gray-blue. Eye color after some time will vary depending on the pigment formed under the influence of light rays.

Nails on the fingers of hands grown significantly by 31 weeks of gestation and soon reached the edge of the phalanges.

The intense pace of the development is the fetal liver at 31 weeks' gestation, she had already produces bile and gradually begins to take on the task of cleansing the blood of the child from the decay products and toxins. The pancreas can produce insulin, a hormone needed for carbohydrate metabolism, but digestive enzymes are formed only after the birth of her next baby.

The fetus at 31 weeks of pregnancy often takes its permanent position in the womb - head down. If he is still in feet down (breech at or foot previa), it is not too late to do special exercises to the fetus turned head down.

For a period of 31 weeks of pregnancy when the fetus can survive premature birth, and it is likely that he will be able to breathe alone, without the support of the ventilator, as in the lungs has been minimally sufficient amount of surfactant. Surfactant is a mixture of phospholipids is produced by cells in the lung. It promotes the expanded lungs during breathing and prevents them from subsiding. The boys behind the formation of the surfactant for 1-2 weeks as compared to girls.

In utero at 31 weeks' gestation future baby makes training respiratory movements, but they can not compare with the real - fetal lungs at the commission does not straighten out, and the glottis is in polusomknutom condition.

Changes in women at 31 weeks' gestation

The bottom of the uterus is determined at 31 cm above the symphysis pubis, and at 10-11 cm above the navel. Increasing the size of the stomach at 31 weeks' gestation, and, consequently, an increase in weight leads to the fact that the woman is now tired and get tired quickly, it is inconvenient to perform the same movement in the rhythm. Since that period, weekly weight gain pregnant should not exceed 300 g

The growing belly at 31 weeks of pregnancy is increasingly running out from inside the stomach and intestines, because of what may be intensified:

  • Heartburn;
  • Constipation;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Nausea.

Pain at 31 weeks of pregnancy a woman concerned in the lumbar and sacral spine. Their occurrence is aided as an offset center of gravity of the body and periarticular ligaments soften under the influence of pregnancy hormones.  The weight of the baby at 31 weeks' gestation - 1500 grams

Now the uterus periodically tightens and relaxes - so manifest themselves training bout. Her muscles are gradually preparing for labor.

Quite often, pain at 31 weeks of pregnancy in the legs combined with its swelling. Due to the compression of the veins uterus some swelling in the legs by the end of the day, and there is normal, but if in the morning it does not pass - it is an occasion for a visit to a doctor.

The white cheesy discharge at 31 weeks of pregnancy - a sign of Candida vaginal lesions. Thrush is often exacerbated by lowered immunity, including during pregnancy. Without treatment, this process can not leave, because it not only gives a woman the discomfort, but it can also infect the fetus. Fight vulvovaginal secretions at 31 weeks of pregnancy can not by all means, since some medications adversely affect the unborn child.

A survey of 31 weeks of pregnancy

The third screening ultrasound at 31 weeks of pregnancy is carried out in the event that it did not do a week earlier. Ultrasound helps to monitor compliance with the size of the fruit of his term, the degree of maturation of the placenta and the place of its attachment, structural features of the internal organs of the fetus. In this period you can find some heart defects, kidney and intestines, as well as determine the tactics of the upcoming delivery.