34 Weeks Pregnant

For a period of 34 weeks of pregnancy the baby in the stomach turns 32 weeks, according to the lunar calendar, it is the middle of the ninth month of pregnancy. He had quite viable in the case of premature births can breathe independently.  The weight of the fetus at 34 weeks of pregnancy - more than 2 kg

Changes in the fetus

At 34 weeks gestation main changes affect the development of the central nervous system of the fetus. Accelerates growth and development of the cerebellum - part of the brain responsible for motor coordination and body position in space. Ongoing myelination of nerve fibers - they are covered with a special membrane, which made the drive over them faster. Because of the mass of new neural connections of the brain of the fetus at 34 weeks of pregnancy increases.

There are new unconditioned reflexes, they help the baby to adjust to extrauterine life after birth. The newborn, who was born at 34 weeks of pregnancy term, be able to independently breastfeed or bottle.

Fetal movement at 34 weeks of pregnancy the expectant mother feels less, as the fetus is already getting crowded in the uterus. By this time, he usually takes his permanent position in the uterus.

On ultrasound at 34 weeks of pregnancy fetal growth ranges from 40 to 43 cm, it weighs 2-2, 2 kg. On the whole, his body in this period adapted to life outside the uterus.

Changes in women at 34 weeks of pregnancy

The height of standing uterus in the abdomen at 34 weeks of pregnancy over the bosom of 33-34 cm, the amount of amniotic fluid is gradually reduced, and now holds the bulk of the uterine fetus. Stomach at this stage of pregnancy looks great, some stomach begins to protrude above the surface. The skin of the abdomen is stretched and becomes thin, quite often it itches.

If the bones of the pelvis of pregnant widely separated from nature, then outwardly belly at 34 weeks of pregnancy may seem small. This is due to the fact that the uterus with the fetus inside the pelvic bone fit ring in which a lot of space for them. The size of the abdomen to judge the proportions of the fetus is not entirely true, ultrasound helps determine the weight and growth performance more accurately future baby.

 The growth of the fetus at 34 weeks of pregnancy - 40-43 cm
 Women increasingly feel Braxton Hicks contractions, they appear irregular voltage abdominal pain at 34 weeks of pregnancy if there are no such battles. Voltage abdomen often appears after the load and runs independently if the woman lie down to rest. Pain at 34 weeks of pregnancy can be regarded as the beginning of labor.

Breast cancer continues to prepare to leave, so the selection at 34 weeks of pregnancy are yellowish drops of colostrum - variant of the norm. Chest increased in size, and through the surface of her skin shines venous network. These changes are caused by the hormone prolactin in the formation of which is now partially involved and the placenta.

Calves in a pregnant woman at 34 weeks of pregnancy can reduce cramps, often it happens at night and alone.

Examination at 34 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnant should visit those specialists who recommended inspection obstetrician if you have not had time to do it. Ultrasound at 34 weeks of pregnancy is carried out only if there is evidence or suspicion of trouble fetus. This research helps to assess the condition of the placenta, umbilical cord (including its wound around the body of the fetus), amniotic fluid and the fetus itself. Sometimes the result of ultrasound at 34 weeks of pregnancy may affect the method of delivery.

If a provider suspects that the future child in utero is suffering, he recommends a CTG.