37 Weeks Pregnant

At 37 weeks of gestation from fertilization takes place 35 weeks. By the end of 37 weeks is considered full-term fetus and birth - urgent.  The weight of the fetus at 37 weeks of pregnancy - 2, 8-3, 1 kg

Changes in the fetus

The fetus at 37 weeks of pregnancy is like a newborn baby. Its length is 48 - 49 cm, weight 2800 - 3100, the child is ready to to be born, his body is sufficiently prepared for this.

The body of the fetus at 37 weeks of pregnancy has nice rounded shape because of accumulated fat under the skin, the skin itself pale pink. The accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue has led to the fact that the blood vessels are not so clearly visible through the skin.

Easy enough formed to breathe independently, the fetus in the abdomen at 37 weeks of pregnancy makes regular breathing movements, swallowing amniotic fluid.

Already well-developed nervous system of the future child, formed almost all unconditioned reflexes:

  • Security;
  • Sucking;
  • Grasping;
  • Crawl;
  • Support and other.

Between the cells of the cerebral cortex of the fetus continues to establish new connections, this process will last and after childbirth.

The fetus at 37 weeks of pregnancy is good to hear, see, smell and taste. His work has become more diverse and more complex, despite the fact that most of the time he spends in his sleep.

As a result of ultrasound at 37 weeks of pregnancy, you can find out the sex of the child.

Changes in women at 37 weeks of pregnancy

The belly at 37 weeks of pregnancy may, in some senses decrease in size and fall. In women who will give birth for the first time, it feels like the first time appear in 2 - 3 weeks before childbirth, multiparous lowering abdomen occurs just prior to birth themselves. The reason for the lowering of the abdomen on the 37th week of pregnancy, is the fact that the fetal head when the head is lowered into its breech pelvis. Once this event occurs, the woman will feel much better as the uterus stops so hard to put pressure on the diaphragm and lungs prim. There is an opportunity to breathe easily and deeply.

By 37 weeks pregnant woman usually comes up in weight 10 - 11 kg. It should often control their weight in order not to miss it pathological increase. The bulk of the gain consists of the weight of the child, placenta, amniotic fluid and uterus, but for pregnant women, and adds a few kilos due to fat deposits.

 The belly at 37 weeks of pregnancy may fall
 Quite often, excessive weight gain is due to water retention in the body. First of all, a visual swelling will be noticeable on the legs and the fingers. Then pregnant women usually complain that they became small shoes, and it is difficult to remove the ring finger. In late pregnancy, similar phenomena occur in almost all. If the morning swelling does not pass, the swelling may be one of the hallmarks of late gestosis. Preeclampsia at this time may be accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, the appearance of protein in the urine and headaches at 37 weeks of pregnancy. These symptoms should not be ignored, and all the more so without treatment.

Pain at 37 weeks of pregnancy in the abdomen, lower back may be the first symptoms of the onset of labor. After 37 weeks of pregnancy, childbirth should expect every day, and prepare for them in advance.

If the pain came on the background of heavy bleeding at 37 weeks of pregnancy, need urgent examination to rule out placental abruption. The process of childbirth - a relatively long, they sometimes drag on for more than 10 hours. All the while, the placenta should perform their previous functions to ensure the fetus with oxygen and nutrients.

Examination at 37 weeks of pregnancy

Since a woman can give birth at any time after 37 weeks, then at this point all the examinations and consultations should already be made. Ultrasound at 37 weeks of pregnancy is not routinely prescribed. Visits to a gynecologist should continue with the same frequency - 1 time per week.