29 Weeks Pregnant

At 29 weeks of pregnancy the unborn baby for 27 weeks from the moment of conception, the eighth lunar month of pregnancy.  The length of the fetus at 29 weeks' gestation - 37 cm

Changes in the fetus

The child in the womb has reached a level of maturity in the case of premature birth at 29 weeks of pregnancy is high probability of survival. However, it may need special conditions for nursing - a warm incubator, supplemental oxygen or ventilator, tube feeding.

There is an active accumulation of normal adipose tissue of the fetus at 29 weeks of pregnancy, it rapidly increases in size. First of all, the fat layer is formed on the cheek, and the arms and legs for a long time will look thin. As a result of ultrasound at 29 weeks of gestation long future baby is about 37 cm, and weighs up to 1300

Over the period of 29 weeks gestation future baby often takes the correct position in the uterus - upside down.

Fetal lungs continue to mature for spontaneous breathing, they accumulate surfactant. Already fairly well developed digestive, excretory, endocrine system.

Increasing the mass of the brain, it produces a lot of nerve connections. The eyes of the fetus can already distinguish the main colors. The structure of the eyeball at this stage is that he sees a good distance and bad - close. Iris is just beginning to accumulate pigment.

It improves the cardiovascular system of the fetus. Her work is very different from the functioning of the body of the child after birth. At 29 weeks of pregnancy is not working pulmonary circulation, organs future baby supplies the predominantly mixed blood. At the heart of the open communication between the atria and ventricles. Fetal blood at 29 weeks of gestation have a constant composition, in contrast to adult blood, the erythrocytes contained fetal hemoglobin having a greater affinity for oxygen.

Changes in women 29 weeks' gestation

Belly 29 weeks of pregnancy appears noticeable height of uterine fundus symphysis pubis of about 29 cm above the navel - about 9 cm. The uterus inside backs and presses overlying bodies decreases the amount of abdominal and thoracic cavity, which appears next to the unwanted symptoms. So, a woman can be confusing:

  • Shortness of breath;
  • Nausea;
  • Heartburn;
  • Constipation;
  • Flatulence.

Due to the compression of the enlarged uterus of the inferior vena cava can appear leg swelling, pain at 29 weeks' gestation in the lower extremities may be a manifestation of varicose veins or thrombophlebitis.  Kids in the 29th week of pregnancy is the correct way

At 29 weeks of pregnancy can sometimes pull in the abdomen, most often training bout in which the uterus is preparing to leave. Pain at 29 weeks of pregnancy, as well as a feeling of stone belly should alert a woman - normally they do not happen.

Isolation of 29 weeks of pregnancy from the breast yellowish drops of colostrum - a sign that the breasts ready to feed the baby. It increased significantly in size, became severe under the skin of the breast clearly visible blue mesh of the surface veins.

A survey of 29 weeks of pregnancy

Usually, if the pregnancy is good, then ultrasound at 29 weeks of pregnancy is not routinely administered. The doctor recommended an ultrasound in cases of suspected any trouble. Last screening test using ultrasound is yet to come.

The woman continued to once every 2 weeks to visit his doctor, who at the reception:

  • Asked about complaints;
  • Measures weight, abdominal circumference and height of standing uterus;
  • Measures blood pressure and pulse;
  • Checks leg swelling.

From laboratory tests on the testimony of 29 weeks of pregnancy may need a common blood test, blood glucose, urinalysis.